Crypto Genius Reviews

Crypto Genius Reviews

For those who want a short and honest answer, The Crypto Genius is nothing but another crypto robot scam. For all those who want to find out all about this Crypto Genius app then keep reading to see how you can avoid losing money and be the next victim of fake products like The Crypto Genius. Stay away from fake software and only invest in real robots like FXMasterBot.

The Crypto Genius Scam South Africa

The Crypto Genius is a cryptocurrency auto-trading software that allegedly can make you earn $5,900 per day by searching for the most profitable trades on cryptos like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin. Then, it places a trade 0.39 faster than any other solution on the market. This is a complete lie and all our readers should steer clear from this scam.

South African traders should stay away from Crypto Genius since this robot links users to unregulated and blacklisted brokers. Thus, if you make the mistake to deposit the minimum deposit required by Crypto Genius, which usually is $250, you will lose your hard-earned money. There are several fake users who falsely claim that they won enormous amounts of money. Becoming a millionaire is definitely not possible with this software since it is only used as a bait to attract more buyers.

The fake user testimonials shown are probably from actors or normal people from who would appear in a short video making a fake testimonial for just $5. Sometimes, a simple voice over would be enough to bait enough victims into making a deposit. Forged Facebook ads, dodgy emails or whatever it takes will be used in order to make people make a deposit with this scammer. Nothing comes for free or easy, especially millions from scammers. If anything, these people want your hard-earned money, so keep that in mind next time you see a phoney email or an ad promising easy money.

The Crypto Genius Review Conclusion

South African traders, if you are still not convinced that The Crypto Genius is anything but a fraudster, then keep reading to avoid frustration. A lot of people try to promote scammers like this and many more simply because they make money by doing so. Earning a commission is possible even through unethical software like The Crypto Genius. As a result, be cautious when any kind of software or product promises easy money. Nothing comes for free and especially enormous fortunes.

Fake actors, like Chris Petersen, are usually used as proof that these scam products are to be trusted. Whenever you see testimonials from other traders saying how easy it is to make massive profits, know that they are completely false and do not believe a word they say.

It is even possible for scammers like The Crypto Genius to change websites or even names just to attract even more victims. Steer clear from anything that urges you to make a deposit without being crystal clear what they offer and especially when a free demo account is not present so that traders can get familiar with the trading platform.

As you must have figured out by now, The Crypto Genius is nothing more than a crypto scam trying to deceive people into making a deposit so that they can confiscate their money. Make no mistake as to believe that there is even the slightest possibility of making any profit with this software. South African traders should avoid this fraud at all cost and invest in real software like IQ Option.