The Calloway Software: A Legit App or Just Another Scam?

The Calloway Software: A Legit App or Just Another Scam?

This review is for all our South African readers who are sick of falling victims of scam apps that falsely claim to be able to change their lives by making them rich overnight. The Calloway Software allegedly can make you more than $3,000 per day. This is an absurd amount and anyone reading should stay away and avoid making a deposit to these fraudsters.

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Read on to find out all about this scam bot.

What is The Calloway Software about?

This app claims to generate accurate signals based on popular indicators like the Fibonacci, Bollinger and many more. Traders will then be able to use these signals to place successful trades depending on their asset of choice. This app does not automatically place the trades for the traders like other auto trading bots. South African traders should know that this is a complete scam and there is not a single chance that you will be making the amount of money stated here. Frustration is the only thing that The Calloway Software can generate so steer clear. Moreover, as can be seen from the screenshot above, this fraudster claims to offer a job to the first 200 users of The Calloway Software. If that was so accurate and able to make so much money to you why would you ever need a job? This scam has so many flaws that it is a wonder that people can fall for it. South African traders should always be very skeptical when it comes to making a deposit. Apps that freely offer to make you rich can be nothing more than a scam.

Why should I stay away from The Calloway Software?

By now, you should know why you should steer clear from fake apps like the Calloway Software. Just to understand what kind of fraudsters you will have to deal check out the screenshot below. The current price of Bitcoin is a little over of $4,000, nevertheless, these fraudsters don’t even bother to update their website video where they falsely advertise that the Bitcoin’s price is somewhere between $6,000 and $9,000. This is a totally false statement which proves that all they want is to receive a deposit from you. So, stay away at all cost and do not even think that there is even the slightest chance that you will make a fortune by investing in this app or in any other app that claims to be able to make you rich overnight. There is not a single software in this world that can make that and especially the ones who are completely free. Even the greatest apps will not generate accurate results 100%. Furthermore, The Calloway Software is supposed to stay free to use for the next 3 months. Don’t be fooled by this artificial urgency. This is only to make you feel that you will miss out if you don’t make a deposit now. Verdict Serious traders should already know that they need to stay away from bogus apps like The Colloway Software.