Binary Options Botswana

Binary Options Trading in Botswana

Resourcefulness has always been the hallmark of Internet and the endless possibilities it presents 24/7 to humanity as a whole.

When such immense force is joined by another, which has been present in human life since its very beginnings – trade – all sorts of by-products are possible.

Binary options trading is one such by-product, and one that has made a huge impact all around the world when it first appeared in 2008.

As a simple but effective way of trading it opened the doors for large number of people to enter the domain of trading.

That new and exciting possibility is now open to perspective traders from Botswana, hence the reason behind putting together this article. It will be a lengthy piece of writing but in doing so, we hope to present Botswana traders with a comprehensive, all-in-one guide of the sort in order to find their way in the world in binary options trading.

Besides, by reading articles such as these, traders get a helpful overview of what it entails to trade binary options which can, later, save their valuable time. Once traders understand the governing principle behind binary options trading it is much easier to investigate and check a particular binary options brokers which captured their interest. And bearing in mind that the number of binary options brokers is not low, finding the one (or more) that will meet all the requirements of a particular trader are that much higher.

Bursting into the global market in 2008 and becoming legal due to US Securities and Exchange Commission, it was Chicago Board of Exchange which really made the deciding step when it made binary options internationally accessible.

And while it is true that binary options existed long before 2008, trading binary options wasn’t possible for regular people but rather only for those traders which were both big as well as regulated. Or, alternatively, for individuals with considerable wealth. The binary options trading itself was done via over-the-counter-market, but without any possibility for ordinary folk to participate.

However, once it finally became accessible to large population it left and is still leaving a permanent trace on the global market.

Combination of affordable investment, numerous trading options and expiry times as well as being rather simple and straightforward, has propelled binary options at the very forefront of a trading business in the 21st century.

Binary Options in Botswana

guides-Assets-in-Binary-Options-TradingIn its simplicity so very much like the trading process of times long gone, binary options trading seem far less daunting than some other forms of trading.

There are some key ingredients a trader has to juggle with but that is basically it. A directions of price which can either go up or down, the asset (underlying asset itself), expiry time and a trading option is all that is necessary, with the underlying asset, trading options and expiry time all being set by the traders themselves. This also means that Botswana traders have plenty of freedom in when it comes how, what and when they wish to trade which certainly adds to such long-range appeal of binary trading options.

Flexibility which is present in binary options trading goes beyond trading options, numerous underlying asset and expiry times and it extends to the very nature of binary options trading which is done entirely online. That fact alone is an added bonus since traders can, literally, execute trading while sitting in their armchair in the peace and quiet of their own home.

And, being a civilization heavily dependent on various technological devices and gadgets, binary options trading can also be done via mobile phones and tablets.

Having a minimum deposit which ranges, on average, between $200-$300 places binary options firmly on the shelf of affordable trading. In fact, while there are plenty of binary options brokers who are moving within the mentioned price range, Botswana traders will be able to find those brokers which are also well below this range when it comes to the minimum deposit sum required.

Lastly, the time needed to fully research, understand and use binary options trading is considerably shortened in comparison to some prior manners of market trading.

While it is still necessary to conduct research (reading articles such as this one falls with research), gather information and take time to learn about options, strategies and how to navigate trading platforms it still doesn’t come nowhere near the amount of time that was necessary decades before.

With binary options trading being an exclusively online based venture, all the information necessary is also available online and as such, available around the clock.

Expensive universities and business schools are cut out of the picture entirely and perspective traders are free to gather information at will, observe the trading process, actively follow already successful traders via social trading and explore binary options trading platforms.

With all that in the mix, the enigma of binary options trading success becomes less of a surprise and more a fact built on strong foundation.

Binary Trading in Botswana

Binary options trading platforms are buzzing entities where Botswana traders can gather all kinds of interesting info vital to binary options trading process. investment

Scrutinizing the asset index section is an important step in that process. While asset lists, or better yet, underlying asset lists do largely do resemble each other no matter the broker Botswana traders have picked, comparing and contrasting is still a good idea since there are always changes, no matter how small, present.

In general, assets available for binary options trading are sorted into four sections and are as follows: currencies, stocks, commodities and indices. Each type of asset is embedded with certain features and we will briefly touch upon those further below ion the asset section.

Nota bene, while binary options trading is an online trading those Botswana traders who prefer to trade currencies have to keep different time zones in mind.

Popular Assets in Binary Trading


Probably among best known trading assets around the world, stocks have long been favoured by professional traders. That, however, does not mean that those traders who have less experience or no experience at all cannot trade stocks. On the contrary, due to the fact that stocks have are of immense interest to traders around the world plenty of information is available online about it which makes following what is happening with stocks which are of interest to a particular trader much easier.

And bearing in mind that most popular stocks include Microsoft, Google, Twitter, Toyota, Apple etc. it is easy to understand the ready availability of such information and even more so, to understand the popular interest in stocks.

Currency Pairs

Currency pairs still hold the coveted position of the most popular type of assets for trading in binary options. Mostly, traders of binary options traders hold the so called “strong currency pairs” in high regard: GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, USD/EUR etc.

However, there are plenty of other currency pairs options available for trading and those include the Japanese Yen, Canadian Dollar as well as Australian etc.


Oil, coffee, sugar, gas, gold, silver, corn are all assets, due to their nature, heavily dependent on weather circumstances, political situations, demographics…

Yet, they are also among most stable assets as well and still very much popular when it comes to trading.


When it comes to this type of asset, what Botswana traders have to note is that indices’ value is not usually something that typically experiences sudden changes.

Dow Jones 30 Features, FTSE 100, Nasdaq, S&P 500, Hang Seng, France 40 are all popular indices which Botswana traders will be able to find on the asset list/index. Owning to the fact that huge changes usually do not happen when it comes to indices, figuring out which direction their price might take is made that much harder.

Expiry Times Available

In binary options trading standard expiry times, much lie assets, can be placed into specific sections which are then subdivided into smaller parts. In the broad sense, we can talk about short, medium and long expiry times.

Botswana traders can find these options included in the short expiry times: 15sec, 30sec, 60sec, 2min, 5min, 15min and 30min.

expiry-time-small1h, 10h, 24h+ and End of the Day are most commonly found in the medium expiry times range.

End of the Week, End of the Month, 30 Days, 150 Days and End of the Year are usually found in the long expiry times.

Flexibility and adaptability expiry times offer to binary options traders is of great importance since traders around the world have different needs, different preference and different trading stiles and find expiry times which will meet those needs can aid a lot in the way trading process can turn out in the end.

Some trader might find that short expiry times, even slightly riskier, fit perfectly with their trading style while others may go for long expiry times since those are less risky and it is, generally, easier to gauge which way the price of an underlying asset might go.

Popular Trading Options in Botswana

Word “flexibility” will feature heavily throughout this article, and hopefully, Botswana traders will be able to recognize the importance of it. Word abundance is closely behind, and a simple glance at the longish list of trading options listed below shall serve as proof for both.

60 Seconds, Pair Options, Boundary Options, Range Options, No Touch, One Touch, High/Low, Ladder Options, Kiko Options… All available for Botswana traders to explore, test and use in binary options trading.

Yet, this too demands careful scrutiny and planning before traders settle for this or that option. Certainly, the basis is the same, yet various different aspects and nuances made available with each option can make a huge difference for traders and their success in profit making.

Newbie Botswana traders might, like so many before them, go for High/Low option at the very beginning of their binary option trading journey. Since the basis of binary options trading is the main focus here, picking an underlying asset and making an educated, informed guess about the direction of the price. And that decision can either be up (Call option) or down (Put option). 

Many traders also like 60 Seconds options since, as the name points, the binary options trade is done in a minute which means the traders can do many trades in a short time span and thus increase their profit.

The risk in trading in short periods of time is higher to some degree and that is something to take note of when interested in this option.

On the other hand, there are also plenty of those who also like Long Term option since, despite of the period of time which involves waiting, this option is safer since the general attitude is that it is easier to predict what shall happen with the price in a longer period of time rather than in short trades.

Another interesting options Botswana traders can explore is called Boundary Option, and it involves dealing with two target prices, each situated at opposite sides of the market value. Traders make profit when and if both prices have manged to be triggered.

Range Options is another option, a bit more complex, but also interesting to explore. Traders make profit in this option when the price, predictably, moves within the range set. Ergo, the price cannot move outside the price range.

Ladder Options, somewhat new in the binary trading, involves dealing with three different prices and equal number of expiry times. Generally, traders are allowed to choose both the prices as well as expiry times. Prices and expiry times are so ordered to look like ladders and if the asset climbs the “ladder” aka touches on the set prices in the set time the trader will have had a profitable binary options trade.

Pairs Options, another popular option, is fairly simple since the traders are asked to make an educated guess as to which of the two underlying assets shall fair better in comparison to the other.

With some brokers, Botswana traders will be able to find options which are not as common, like KIKO options which can be found on the StockPair trading platform. This option is set in a way that the asset ought to touch the higher or lower price first while the time frame does not play part in this case.

Bottom line is, no matter what option Botswana traders go for, they need to understand it first so they have to make sure they have all the facts before starting the trade. Going for some of the more simple options and then slowly progressing to more complex one is usually how new traders usually do it. But is not necessarily the best way for all newbie traders.

Not all options will be interesting to all traders which only works in favour of so many options being available to binary options traders since with a healthy selection is always easier to find the solutions which will suit better.

Binary Trading Strategies

Using binary options trading strategy is another avenue trader can use to their benefit and we encourage to explore strategies which are used.

We will briefly touch upon three strategies which are frequently used in binary options trading. Some are favoured more by novice traders while some get used more frequently by those traders who have garnered more trading experience.

At any rate, information can prove to be helpful to Botswana binary options traders.

Trend Strategy

A strategy often employed by new traders, trend strategy is, in essence, rather simple. It is centered around keen observation of the trend line – basically, traders pay attention to current trends and make their trades based on what they see in the trend line.trend

Pinocchio Strategy

The analogy is rather obvious in this strategy which is focused on deceit, and a wick in the candle bar getting longer thus lying more.

Since traders are dealing with the so called candle bars, the candle bar which has a very long wick and a rather small body is called the Pin or Pinocchio bar. As stated, the longer the wick gets the more candle lies. Therefore, traders using this strategy know that there is great likelihood that despite the bar showing the price moving in one direction it will actually head the other way sooner rather than later.

Reversal Strategy

Strategy, more advanced in a sense, which points that the price of the asset is unlikely to stay at its peak for a prolonged period of time. In fact, is more likely that after peaking at a certain point the price will return back to its original position, or at least somewhere close to that value. The key point is to recognize the peak value.

Types of Accounts Available to Botswana Traders

Abundance of various trading accounts is another attractive feature of binary options trading and one that has, once again, put the trader in the centre. By offering different types of trading accounts, brokers give traders the opportunity to find the one which will give them all or at least, close to all features desired.

While we cannot offer a list of trading account types as such since every broker has the freedom to create and name their own specific accounts to their registered traders, what is a common feature is that the type of the trading account depends on the amount of minimum deposit.

The higher the deposit, the more traders can get with the account.

Botswana traders ought to study account types available with the binary options broker of their choice and find the one which will suit both their needs and their pocket.

In most cases, traders will face anything from three up top seven or even more types of trading accounts.

Rarely is there only one basic account available but those cases are possible too. Lately, brokers are also taking into account Muslim trades and their requirements so it is possible to find Islamic accounts as well which are so put together as to respect the Sharia Law.

IQ Option Botswana

Tools are necessary for any sort of work to be done, binary options trading is not an exception to this. However, tools in binary options trading are specific and especially designed to enable a smoother, more successful and efficient manner of trading.

Two of the most commonly discussed tools in binary options trading are the option to use demo account and a mobile trading app. Both of these tools are available with the IQ Option Botswana broker. Both will be discussed in the section below.

IQ Option Demo Account Botswana

People are, understandably, uneasy at the thought of losing their heard-earned money and this is part of the reason why demo account came into existence. Other reason is that binary options brokers want to help their registered traders to find their ground in this trading process and experience trading as an exciting way of making profit rather than a stressful one.

The task of the demo account is to enable Botswana traders the feeling of actual binary options trading but with the risk factor absent from the whole picture. That means that the demo account has the appearance of the real trading account but the funds are virtual hence – traders are free of worrying, but they are also free to explore and take advantage demo account offers. In using the demo account, they can experiment with various expiry times and trading options which can point them in the right direction when it comes to choosing which option suits them and which does not.

But, even those Botswana traders which have perhaps already begun trading binary options can put demo account to good use should they wish to do so since this can be a great way to test some strategies they would like to use but lacked courage so far.

At any rate, demo account can serve as a first aid kit and boost traders’ confidence. In most cases, the use of the demo account is not unlimited so traders should use the designated period fully.

Sadly, demo account is not an option with every binary options broker, so Botswana traders who find this possibility to be appealing can easily contact customer support prior to registering (which is free with most brokers) and ask about demo account.

Binary Mobile Trading app Botswana

Mobile stock tradingAs a civilization which finds it very hard if not impossible, to function without a mobile device of some sort the popularity of mobile trading app is not a surprise but rather something which is expected in this business venture.

Recognizing the need for such useful, practical tool, there are very few brokers who have not made the mobile trading app available on their trading platforms.

In most cases, Botswana traders will find a trading app for both iOS and Android devices available and easy to download from either App Store or Google play.

In using mobile trading app, Botswana traders save time since there is no need to be seated behind the computer and they can perform trading on the go. But, more importantly, by utilizing the mobile trading app they needn’t miss another great profit-making opportunity ever again.

 Educational Materials

Nowadays, educational materials are made available with every binary options broker. It is there to be of use to traders and it is generally comprised of various tutorials, e-books, lessons, economic calendar and, sometime, virtual demo tours.

Browsing through the selection of educational materials can help traders gain insight into the binary options trading process but it can also give advice how to deal with, undoubtedly, one of the trickiest parts of any trading process – how to stay in control when it comes to ones’ emotions.

Broker Bonuses in Botswana

Bonuses are, generally, something brokers offer to their registered traders. The important thing is that traders, before accepting the bonus, have to know terms & conditions connected to it. Because, in order to withdraw the accepted bonus, traders have to fulfill the terms.

Payment Methods Available to Botswana Traders

credit cardsAs is expected, bearing in mind both the technically advanced age we live in and the number of traders trading binary options, a selection of different payment methods is available for traders to choose from.

Bank wire is available method with all brokers as are credit/debit cards like Visa, Maestro, MasterCard, Diners and often American Express.

Plenty of e-wallet options are also made available, especially in recent times. Those usually include PayPal, Neteller, CashU and Skrill as option open to binary options traders.

FBN eWallet is also an option available in Botswana but if this is not specifically listed with the broker of their choice, Botswana traders can always contact customer support service and enquire if those payments methods available in their country of origin might also be used for financial transfer with the binary options brokers. Some binary options brokers are willing to consider alternative payment methods which are outside of the ones listed on their platform.

Automated Binary Options Trading – Binary Options Robot in Botswana

Robot settings1With all the advanced technology at disposal, the fact that automated trading or auto-trading is becoming more and more popular does not really surprise anyone.

Because automated binary options trading or binary options robots use trading signals received from reliable binary trading brokers, Botswana traders hardly need to provide any input.

Mathematical calculations and algorithms used in obtaining trading signals provide a fairly objective prediction of what might happen with the price of an underlying asset.

Should Botswana traders opt to use this trading solution prior to having a go at manual binary options trading some research is necessary since scam is always a possibility.

Binary Options Robot is an auto-trading binary options solution which is not a scam so interested traders might try using that.

It is also important to know that while some auto-trading robots and signals are free of additional charge some are not so that is also something that traders need to check beforehand.

At any rate, this could be a handy solution for those traders which, perhaps, lack courage to take the final step. In this way, they can observe the trading process first-hand and gather some more experience before the start doing traders personally.

Olymp Trade Botswana Reviews

One might say that there are several categories or types of binary options brokers. Those can be sorted according to trading software they use on their platforms, whether they are regulated or not and whether they accept US traders or not.

The last part does not really have any effect on Botswana binary options traders. The fact that some brokers accept traders from US and some do not is down to different regulation USA has when it comes to binary option trading. The end result is simply that US traders have a more restricted list of binary options brokers they can trade with.

Panda TS, HelloMarkets, Tradologic, TradeSmarter and a number of other trading software is available and used by binary options brokers.

TechFinancials is also rather popular and used by a number of brokers, among them 24option.

However, should Botswana traders go to Olymp Trade trading platform they will see that this broker uses their own proprietary platform. That means that none of the software available is used by these brokers but rather that they have their own software designed so as to suit and deliver their vision of binary options trading.

Lastly, regulated vs non-regulated the story isn’t as black and white as it might appear at the first glance.

Certainly, trading binary options with a regulated broker is always a plus since those brokers follow and respect the rules of the regulatory body whit which they are regulated. One of the better known ones are regulatory authority in Cyprus, CySEC or FSCA in South Africa. CySec-Wooden-Logo

However, there are also plenty of brokers which are not regulated but which are trustworthy brokers used for trading binary options by millions of satisfied traders around the world.

Hence, some independent research is again needed from the Botswana traders themselves.

If traders are completely new to binary options trading then the best approach would perhaps be to begin trading with a regulated broker and then later, with time and experience, find some other brokers which are not perhaps regulated but are just as reliable as the ones which are, like Banc de Binary.

Botswana Local Legislature  

There are no legal obstacles when it comes to binary options trading in Botswana, though those individuals from Botswana who are interested in treading binary options are free to ask further questions either with their local legislation body or they can also inquire about specifics with brokers’ customer support. Since we are not experts in this area procuring information from those who are is the best way to go about it.

Safest approach for those who are new to binary trading is to start doing so with a regulated broker such as IQ Option South Africa!

Botswana Tax Law

Tax is just one of those things which cannot be ignored, and while the essence of tax is rather simple – person makes profit, person pays certain percentage of tax – it often turns into a tangled mess. law-tax

Especially since every country has its own way of tax policy.

The reality is that we are not experts in this area and the best course would be for those Botswana individuals who would like to trade binary options to contact a professional person working in the tax department and speak with them.

The issue of iq option tax is also a bit dodgy in connection to binary options trading because different countries also qualify binary options in a different way.

Risk Involved in Binary Options Trading in Botswana

Being informed and having all the pertinent information has always been a way to go, regardless of the century or country.

That is why we keep stressing the importance of research and information gathering in this article.

This also means that those Botswana traders who are already trading binary options or are considering to do so, should also be very much aware of the risk involved in binary trading.

There has never been a business dealing which does not, to some extent, involve risk. It is simply a fact of life. But, brokers which are reliable and open toward their traders will make that fact known from the very beginning. In fact, with most brokers binary options traders will be able to find risk warning on their homepage, clearly visible and stating the risk of losing funds in the trade.

That will be further explained in terms & conditions which is why it is so important for traders to go through that section, to read it and understand what trading binary options entails.

But, perhaps, the most important thing is for traders to know their own limit. To know how much they can invest and how much they can, on occasion, lose without endangering their livelihood.

Helpful Advice for Beginner Botswana Traders

Every voyage starts with a first step, and when it comes to binary options trading that first stem is getting familiar with the whole process. Which can very well mean reading this article. Internet is a marvellous invention we are all lucky to have so it ought to be used for purposes of research and information harvesting.

Botswana traders will have to invest some of their time to read broker review articles as well as information which is available online in various business newspapers but also on broker platforms too.

One of the most important steps is to never forgo reading terms & conditions section which will explain, in detail, all traders have to bear in mind when they trade binary options. In a sense, it is a rule book or a manual. Next in line ought to be FAQ section where a wealth of simple abut useful info can all be found in one place.

Next, traders, if they have already set their sights on a particular broker, have to make sure they get familiar with the platform itself and all it offers.

Botswana traders can start with asset index and move on to different trading options and expire times available with the broker of their choice. Remember, the more choices one gets with a broker the easier it is to select what might or might not work for a particular trader.

Also, it would be useful to find out beforehand if the broker has an available mobile trading app and a demo account since both can be used to lift the binary options trading to a whole new level.

As already emphasized in the security section, traders have to make sure they are trading with a broker who has taken all the necessary steps in order to provide traders a secure trading environment where leaking of personal and financial information is not possible.