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With nearly half a million active traders across more than 100 countries, is renowned for offering a diverse range of trading services. brokerage trading platform is built upon a state of the art web-based and automatic platforms/ trading systems, allowing all the latest technical, analytical, and robotic trading tools at a single place.

It means may be suitable for both types of traders, those who prefer to base their trades upon technical analysis as well as those who wish to use automatic trading robots for their trades. But does this feature alone make Deriv the most desirable trading platform? Of course, it may not be enough! Let’s look at various aspects of the trading perform to have an in-depth review.

Deriv Real Account Registration MT5

The history of a brokerage firm is among the most useful indicators of its performance. Even though the brand name Deriv is rather new in the market, the team and the whole structure behind this platform has over 21 years of experience. The platform was first established back in 1999 with the brand name “Regent Markets” which was soon rebranded as “Bet on Markets”, and then as “” in 2013. is a continuation of what otherwise was known as

You can register a free real account and use it to trade via MT5 short for Metatrader5.

The constant rebranding has been made to take constant evolution and enhancement into account. Hence, it may be argued that represents the best version of all of the previous brands. Overall, the team behind seems well-established, fairly experienced, highly professional, trustworthy, and stronger than ever before.

The technical and professional expertise of Deriv can be ascertained from the fact that the brokerage’s founder and the Chief Executive Officer Jean-Yves Sireau has multiple financial system patents in his name. These patents pertain to various financial systems, including binary options trading systems. offers trading of various financial products, including forex options, CFD spreads, and binary options. Flexibility and user-experience of the platform are enhanced due to the integration of the MT5 trading platform. It is no secret that MT5 allows individual traders to configure the platform as per specific trading preferences. Users can access multiple trading windows, and set up trading charts and areas according to flexible parameters.

Along with the latest MT5 trading platform, Deriv also offers a web-based trading platform named DTrader, an automated trading system called DBot, and an in-house tool SmartTrader to enhance the user experience.

Is Deriv Regulated in South Africa

The answer to whether Deriv Broker is regulated in South Africa is no. It will not affect your ability to trade there or receive your winnings and profit either. Deriv.Com holds an operational license for over 100 jurisdictions inside and outside the EU. However, some of its services may not be available in few popular jurisdictions, such as Malaysia, France, UAE, USA, Canada, Hong Kong, and Israel at present. It is because of the fact that Deriv’s registration with few regulatory agencies, such as the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) UK, the Australian Securities and Investments Commission, and lastly with MFSA and MGA on Malta. Demo brokerage offers a number of desirable features that make it competitive with other top brokerage firms in the market. Before trying your skills and luck in the financial markets, you can start with a Deriv demo account. On successful registration, users get a demo trading account with $10,000. This is where novice traders may use their trading knowledge and raw skills to familiarize themselves with a range of trading techniques and tools available at Deriv, without having to worry about losing real money.  Among other benefits, it can be a useful way of understanding one’s risk appetite.

When a user sign-ups at, he or she has the option to trade on DBot, DTrader, or SmartTrader trading platforms. This is the standard account type offered at Deriv and is flexible in terms of the availability of trading platforms. Similarly, there is another class of accounts related to the MetaTrader 5 trading platform. Traders who wish to trade on the MT5 platform may choose one of the three available account types: 1) Synthetic, 2) Financial, or 3) Financial STP.

Deriv Login

The registration process is comparatively easier, and a user can register with just an email ID to access a demo account without any sort of hidden fees or minimum deposit requirement. Once users start real trading with real money, they get to access all the markets and platforms as well as all the desired technical support and analytical tools.

Trading support is available 24*7. Deriv has put special effort into ensuring sharp prices and tight spreads for more than 100 tradable assets, including forex, stock indices, synthetic indices, and all the popular commodities. The use of the latest technology and premium quality of support structure has been one of the defining features for Deriv.

Similar to, the minimum deposit for real trading at is $10 only for Debit/ Credit Card payments, while $5 for E-wallets. Similarly, a minimum deposit for bank wire transfer may range from $5 to $500, depending upon the specific method. However, there is no minimum deposit for cryptocurrencies’ payment method.

As per prevalent rules and regulations by all the major financial regulatory bodies, the minimum age for trading at Deriv remains to be 18 years. Building upon’s strict privacy and security parameters, Deriv is likely to be a highly secure trading platform. Standard financial protocols are in place to segregate clients’ money from the firm’s own money and are kept in top financial institutions. This is crucial as it allows instant processing of money withdrawal requests by the clients. Trading App

One of the exciting features of trading with is the availability and flexibility of using a range of trading platforms, to suit individual preferences and needs. These platforms are briefly discussed below.

DTrader is a web-based trading platform that allows trading in over 50 financial assets, including digital, multiples, and lookback options of forex, commodities, synthetic indices, and stock indices. This advanced trading platform offers three different types of contracts, which are Digits, Ups/ Downs, and Highs/ Lows.

DBot is a web-based automatic trading system that allows trading in digital options. Traders can program the trading bot according to their individual preferences. Under the block menu, traders have the option to choose desired blocks for trading. A detailed guide related to trading with DBot is available on the company’s website.

SmartTrader platform is built in-house by and is preferable because of its reliable user experience and ease of conducting the trading business.

Last but definitely not the least, DMT5 (based upon MetaTrader 5) is one of the most trading platforms in recent years. MT5 is a third-party trading platform that allows trading in a wide range of financial assets across various mainstream financial markets. With advanced trading tools and professional data set, DMT5 may be the most desirable platform for seasoned traders.

Overall, it depends entirely upon the traders to choose one of the above-mentioned trading platforms, to suit their specific needs and trading requirements. South Africa Support

When trading on a brokerage platform with a track record of over two decades, you’d expect live chat as one of the most obvious support functions. Unfortunately, this isn’t available at It’s a bit shocking since a majority of competitors in this market have a live chat option.

This button acts as the first response to visitors and novice traders’ questions. More importantly, it may improve the overall level of comfort for visitors, since they know they have someone to directly ask anything and everything about the platform. (previously is a big name and the reason for the non-availability of the live chat option is uncertain. Apart from that, however, the platform has a very reasonable support system in place to help visitors and traders.

Under the “resource” tab, you’d find the “How can we help” page, which includes all the FAQs pertaining to and trading services offered by the platform. All the common questions, ranging from very basic information to highly technical stuff, are adequately answered here. Similarly, answers to various common questions are available in the “Account” page, which can be accessed from the “Help” page.

For more specific queries and questions related to the trading platform or the trading itself, clients have the option to get in touch with Deriv’s support staff via the official helpline, 24 hours from Mon – Fri, and from 08:00 to 17:00 GMT (+8) during the weekend. If you are not in a hurry to get your queries answered, you may write to the firm’s support staff at [email protected]

Deriv Minimum Deposit in ZAR

In order for an online trading broker to be trader-friendly, it needs to be flexible with the payment methods for both deposit and withdrawal. definitely ticks this box, as a range of payment options are available. It is important to mention here that the minimum and maximum limits for both withdrawal and deposit may largely depend on a particular payment method chosen by traders. It is, therefore, important for traders at to carefully analyze various available options, and choose one according to their specific needs. Just to give an example, there is no minimum limit for deposits via cryptocurrencies, while the minimum limit for bank wire may be anywhere between $5 and $500 depending upon a particular wire transfer method. Similarly, bank deposits may take up to 2 working days.

Talking about currencies, you may use either of USD, EUR, GBP, or AUD for bank wire. If you are using Help2Pay or Paytrust, only USD currency may be deposited. Debit/ Credit cards remain the most preferred mode of deposit and withdrawal due to several benefits these cards may have to offer. The deposits with these cards are reflected instantaneously in the Deriv account, while withdrawal usually takes one working day.

For both sorts of transactions, the limit is set between $10 and $10,000. Remember when using a credit card to deposit money into your trader account, authorize the transaction beforehand by placing a request at your bank in order to avoid deposit request denial. E-wallets, such as Skrill and FasaPay are also popular for these payments.

Moreover, traders may also use any of the mainstream cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Ethereum, to deposit or withdraw the money. While there is no minimum limit for depositing funds via digital currencies, the withdrawal limit varies and depends upon the ongoing exchange rate between the underlying digital currency and the United States Dollar. has modern protocols in place to ensure secure financial transactions. Every time a trader places a withdrawal request, a verification link is mailed to the registered E-mail address, which needs to be verified within an hour for successful withdrawal.

Remember that a dormant fee is charged on each account that remains completely idle for twelve months, i.e. no buy or sell transaction for a continuous period of 12 months or more. So, if you decide to conduct your trades with, you need to be fairly active in your trading endeavor. Conclusion

Online trading is the primary source of active income for millions of traders. An even greater number of traders use it for passive income. Overall, online trading of all the mainstream financial instruments and commodities is regarded as a reliable career choice.

The availability of a diverse range of products to trade, technical/ analytical tools, and user-friendly trading platforms provides a unique opportunity to get yourself tailor-made trading set up.

Forex is the biggest international market that runs 24/7. At, Forex is one of the dozens of financial assets that can be traded. As per the officially available data, has over 1.2 million trading accounts, and the financial value of the total trade from this platform has been just over seven billion dollars. So, is a reliable online trading brokerage?

Based on the information provided above, definitely yes! And is it the best trading platform? We don’t know this, as it is up to each individual trader to decide who’s the best. However, the bottom line is that as per everything learned in this thorough review, it is safe to say that has all the essential ingredients to make it one of the most desirable trading platform for both newbies and professional traders.

Your capital is at risk