IQ Bot Review 2022

As one of the most popular binary brokers on the binary options market, IQ Option is prompt and efficient when it comes to implementing innovations. They have proved this with their new 4.0 trading platform.

However, another novelty came in the form of the IQ Option robot or, as is better known, IQ Robots.

What South African traders got when selecting to trade with IQ Option robot was sophisticated software in the form of an algorithm. The algorithm made use of mathematical and other relevant data in order to make cold calculations devoid of usual emotional factors.

With IQ Option, the robot was free as IQ Option did not charge any fees for registration, creation or usage. If traders already had an IQ Option account, they could use it to create the account for IQ Option Robot as well.

As is the case with their regular trading platform, South Africans could also opt to first use an IQ Option demo account.

The benefit of opting to use IQ Option Robot was not just in the fact that traders are free to either create a completely new robot, but they can use the one already created by other traders which is an option used for binary options copy trading.

If they choose to create their own, the level of their experience was taken into account and they could either use a Wizard (for beginners) or Constructor (for professionals) in order to create a robot according to their own specifications.

Binary traders in South Africa also had the opportunity to test the robot they have created and change it if they were not happy with something and that can greatly improve the trading performance.

IQ Option Robot Review

It hardly comes as a surprise that the IQ Option bot was a simple and straightforward onboarding that could be done in a matter of minutes.
In order to initialize the process, South African traders had to first sign up.

A simple window would appear the moment they click on the sign-up icon where they will be asked to submit their first and last name, email, and password.

They would also have to accept the terms and conditions in order to complete IQ Option Robot registration.

Once this was finalized traders were able to proceed and make a deposit, which with IQ Option is set at only $10, and start binary trading options.

Is IQ Bot Legit?

After careful consideration, IQ Option decided to cease the operation of IQ Robots in 2017. Binary options traders can still find find IQ Bot and wonder if it is legal and legit to use?

Traders need to be aware that the IQ Option does not have any robots that are related to their brand. IQ Bot, as auto trading robot is not tested by IQ Option and it is working as a Chrome extension. Chrome extensions can be unstable and there is always a risk of them crashing and interrupting your trading session.

Therefore, we would advise all traders to trade directly on the great IQ Option trading platform. You can read more about it in our IQ Option review South Africa.

With a fantastic blend of WebGL technology and efficiency, IQ Option’s new version of the trading platform allows traders to experience the most of binary trading.

Fantastic tools such as Fibonacci lines and Trend lines as well as sophisticated indicators like Parabolic Sar, Stochastic Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator are now available to be used in order to secure better trades.

Together with some of the lowest minimum deposits in the industry which is set at only $10, IQ Option is a binary option broker which keeps getting better and better. South African traders can truly experience a whole new level of trading.

IQ Bot Mobile Trading Robot

The most profitable automated software for trading, Binary Options Robot just announced how they released a mobile app, available for Android users. Investing in binary options via this robot is an excellent opportunity for beginner traders in South Africa to achieve high payouts and see in action how binary auto trading works in their favor. South African traders should know how the Binary Options Robot mobile app can be downloaded for Android from Google Play and is free of charge.

To use this mobile application, South African traders can experience an easy login process just as on the desktop platform. If you have any complaints about the software, feel free to get in touch with their customer support.

When traders open IQ option Robot mobile app, they need to provide a username and password in order to get access to this amazing automated software.

With the option to trade on the go, traders are able to experience trading from anywhere and anytime. This can be pretty handy nowadays since a lot of traders are busy and want to have access to trading platforms from their smartphones and tablets as well.

By using sophisticated algorithms to perform trades, Binary Options Robot is the best software in binary auto trading. By implementing mobile app for Android users, Binary Options Robot made an additional step in providing the best from binary options to their registered traders in South Africa.