Best Trading Robots in South Africa

Trading Robots are famous for being the best and easiest way to trade. They are a good solution for complete beginners trading binary options. You can trade forex and binary via sophisticated algorithms, that will scan and analyse the market movement for you and suggest trades for you. This meant fast and immediate results, with no forex robot training needed.

Check out our list below with the best alternative to auto trading robots South Africa. The best part is that these auto trading robots are completely free and require no downloads or installations.

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Usually, traders in South Africa review binary, forex or cryptocurrency strategies and place trades themselves according to market news or fundamentals. This way they try and assess the market changes or fluctuations and act accordingly.

Nowadays, thanks to the development of technology, South African traders no longer have to do the research themselves, but can use binary options robots, forex robots or cryptocurrency auto trading robots. Make sure to find out is forex trading taxable in South Africa before you start trading. We do want to warn traders from using binary robots and auto trading robots blindly. You need to be able to trust that the developer of your binary robot software has your best interest at heart.

Forex Robot Price South Africa

Binary options trading is widespread on South African market for the past couple of years.

Many South African traders have decided to participate in this industry and trade binary options with goal to maximize profit in an popular online investment.

Since technology shows great improvements, binary options industry follows these steps. This is how binary auto trading became a whole new field in binary options trading, thanks to its many useful features.

In binary auto trading, traders are able to earn money while binary robots/software place trades on their behalf. It actually means how South Africans don’t have to invest their time and still profit from binary options.

Let us introduce our South African readers to Binary Options Robot, an automated signal trading app for trading binary options.

What is Binary Options Robot?

Binary Options Robot is a free automated signal trading app that helps in getting best trading opportunities on the market.

Unlike other software, Binary Options Robot is totally free automated signal trading app.

Traders do not need to download it as app plays its role from server. To start using this automated signal trading app, traders should be connected to the internet.

How to Register with Binary Options Robot?

Registration on Binary Options Robot is free to all interested traders in South Africa. The entire registration process can be done in just few steps.Binary Options Robot Registration

South Africans should provide just some information in order to complete the process by clicking on “Get started now” button. They need to provide their first and last name, phone number, email address and password. Once done, traders will get full access to Binary Options Robot.

One of the benefits that Binary Options Robot has, when compared to other robots, is the fact that traders can use their existing broker account. At this moment, and traders can log in using their existing credentials.

Binary Options Robot Minimum Deposit

Binary options robot is absolutely free, but binary trading requires a minimum deposit to be paid directly to the broker you are connected to through your Binary Options Robot account.

Binary Options Robot minimum deposit is just $10. Binary Options Robot minimum deposit amount and available currencies may be different based on the traders’ geolocation too.

Binary Options Robot brokers offer different payment options. Banking methods such as card payment, bank wire transfer and e-wallets are all on disposal. Majority of brokers offer a wide range of available cards, from debit to credit (Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, Visa Electron, Diners Club…).

E-wallets are becoming very powerful and popular deposit mode in the binary options industry, especially PayPal, Skrill & Neteller South Africa, WebMoney South Africa and many more.

It is visible how South African traders have on their disposal a wide selection of deposit methods which they can use to process their Binary Options Robot minimum deposit. It is important to emphasize that the deposit process is conducted in a way to comply with the highest security and safety payment processing standards.

Binary Options Robot Features

Binary Options Robot FeaturesThere is a diversity of trading options so that traders can select the one that suits their requirements. Moreover, traders are capable to select a certain amount for each trade according to their experience or budget.

One of the notable features of Binary Options Robot is selection of trading assets. Traders can select among 60+ assets to increase chances of a successful trade.

All settings are configurable on the user friendly dashboard which is located under Broker settings tab in the menu.

Traders can select assets that they want to trade, as well as one of the seven trading strategies. Depending on these settings, Binary Options Robot generates trading signals. Whole process is automated and it is very easy for each trader to have a full overview of the signals that are currently available.

All signals are displayed under the Trading Signals menu.

Binary Options Robot Trading Signals

Trading strategies are advanced trading algorithms that are used to generate trading signals.

  • Supply and Demand zones
  • MACD Divergence
  • Fibonacci Clusters
  • Open Interest
  • Detrended Price Oscillator
  • Elliott Wave
  • Swing Index

Traders can place a trade with a single click on the Trade button. once clicked, confirmation prompt will pop up with all trade details displayed.

After confirming the signal, trade will be placed.

Binary Options Robot Mobile
Trade amount, as we already mentioned is set up on the main dashboard so there is no need for traders to enter the trade amount every time they want to place a trade. This is definitely something that speeds up trading.

Full overview of trades is available under Opened Positions and Closed Positions sections in the menu.

Binary Options Robot Mobile Trading

Traders are able to trade automated signals with Binary Options Robot on their mobile phones. Both Android and Apple iPhone mobile phones are supported by Binary Options Robot.

Professional trading is usually done in front of multiple screens and expensive computer equipment. Thanks to Binary Options Robot mobile trading support, it is very convenient for each trader to benefit from automated trading signals provided by Binary Options Robot.

Auto Trading Robots

Based on advanced tech, auto trading industry combines two powerful trading elements; the accuracy of mathematical calculation received by auto trading robots and its performance when investing in instruments on traders’ behalf.

Auto trading robots can either rely on trading algorithms and execute high percentage of successful trades or via human elements, such as expert signal providers.

With auto trading, traders can participate in the financial market with only a minimum investment and achieve success. It’s no wonder why auto trading has grown so popular among investors worldwide, as well as traders in South Africa.

How Do Auto Trading Robots Work?

Auto trading robots are basically automated software that automatically places trades on the user’s behalf. This, of course, requires South African traders to set up their preferences that auto trading robots will later use when trading with numerous underlying assets.

auto trading robotIn most cases, auto trading robots provide free trading signals so there are no requirements for paying additional fees.  Most of the auto trading robots are free, while deposits are directly done with connected binary options brokers. Usually, auto trading robots require the registered traders to be online when trading binary options so they could have more control over their trading portfolio.

Nowadays on the financial market, there are plenty of different auto trading robots and for newbies choosing the right one can be challenging. Auto trading robots are divided into three categories:

  • Binary Options Robots
  • Forex Trading Robots
  • Cryptocurrency Robots

Of course, software exists (like the ones above) that combines forex and cryptocurrency, for example, into one auto trading robot.

For new traders, auto trading software like binary robots can present a valuable and useful tool which makes trading direct and easy. All you need to do is:

  1. Set your preferred amount to invest
  2. Choose the number of trades each day, trade options and time limit
  3. Choose whether to accept or decline a signal

The Advantages of Auto Trading Robots in South Africa

No Experience Necessary  – One of the most appealing advantages of auto trading robots in South African is the fact that traders need very little or even no trading experience at all. They need to get acquainted with the software and know how to properly set it up, but the markets and trading knowledge comes with the auto trading robot.

Time-Saving Benefits of Auto Trading – Everybody, including South African traders, is always trying to squeeze the day for extra minutes. By using auto trading robots in South Africa, that fanciful wish becomes a reality. The binary auto trading robots do most of the difficult work of following the trading news and scanning the markets on behalf of the traders. That way, traders get to experience the time-saving benefits of auto trading.

Free Auto Trading Signals – Next in line of auto trading robots advantages is most certainly that they are free. Meaning, South African traders do not have to pay extra fees to use the software or to use the auto trading signals. Usually, all they need to do is register an account in a few short steps, choose a broker and deposit into their account. Once you set up your trading preferences, you are ready to place your first trade, based on a free auto-trading signal.

No Human Factor – A human factor can be a risk greater than the market volatility. A simple human error in their assessment or a wrong decision and investment can turn from a profitable one to a loss in a split second.  This is another one of auto trading robots advantages – they are completely stripped or human factor. The risks are still present and traders have to be aware of them, but they are lower and the issue of human error or excessive emotions is removed.

Speed and Accuracy Advantages of Auto Trading Robots – No matter how experienced or swift a trader might be he or she will never be able to compete with an advanced trading algorithm. Nor should they. The technology is here to be used and to benefit from it. Which leads us to yet another one of the advantages of auto trading robots in South Africa – speed and accuracy. The advanced trading algorithms used by the auto binary trading software are fast and can scan and analyse the market within a much shorter time span. That immediately means that traders using this solution to trade binaries stand more chances of making profitable trades.

Additionally, sophisticated trading algorithms also have a higher accuracy rate than traders simply because the software has the capacity to take more parameters into account. Then, it will generate a trading signal which has the highest probability of being successful and securing monetary gain.

24 option Auto Trading

Due to the increasing popularity of the binary options industry and especially auto trading robots, more reliable brokers decided to work with auto trading software.

Binary auto trading is widespread among new traders, interested in trading binary options in a safe and profitable way.

This software is free and requires no download.  For that reason, 24 option decided to join forces with several auto trading robots. This brokerage company is established in 2010 and operated by Rodeler Limited. All you have to do is open a free account and make a deposit with 24 option. With a minimum deposit of $250, traders can get access to their trading platform and fully enjoy the benefits of the 24 option auto trading. They can choose among several account types and invest in stocks, currencies, commodities or indices. On top, you can use the free signals to make the most of each placed trade. The trader has to acknowledge every signal and can trade only the ones that suit their trading plan or signals they believe will be profitable for them.


One of the most popular among the binary options robots is AutoBinaryRobots – a forerunner product based on algorithms that deliver trades with great profit potential. This software relies entirely on the mathematical analysis to find potentially profitable trades at every moment of every day. Traders no longer have to dwell on educational materials, their own trading experience or their own analysis to conduct the trades, but can simply activate the BinaryRobot.

From our AutoBinaryRobot Review readers’ feedback, one of the main benefits of BinaryRobot is that it is far more precise and faster than any human specialist can be, not to mention an average trader. The algorithms never get tired or nervous, and thanks to their analytical nature, all trades are delivered objectively, without any sentiment. This advanced and very sophisticated algorithm is unique on the market.

Preparing our BinaryRobot Review, we learned that this is a highly customizable auto trading robot.  It is connected to a selected list of brokers to choose from, whose availability varies based on your geolocation. The binary registration is quick and easy and if you need any assistance, Customer support will give you a helping hand at any time.

OptionRobot Review

OptionRobot is a relatively new auto trading robot on the market. As you can read from our OptionRobot Review, this software allows traders to set their trades at any time. Previous training, technical analysis, and knowledge are not required to use this software. This auto trading robot works with tablets and mobile phones adapted to Android and iOS systems. This is very useful because at any time you can monitor your trades and track everything that is happening in the financial market every step you make.

There is a variety of interesting features offered by the OptionRobot software. From our Optionrobot Review readers’ feedback, one of the most valued features is certainly the Optionrobot Demo account that allows traders to test all the tools and features that this software provides to their users. The OptionRobot Registration is free, quick and easy. This trading robot makes 3 leading OptionRobot Trading Strategies available and the traders also have the opportunity to use 6 Trading Indicators to help them deal with specific market circumstances.

Unfortunately, OptionRobot South Africa Customer support service can be reached via email only at the moment.


Forex Trading Robots in South Africa

Deriv and has a legit possibility to use trading robots. You can use their best forex EA to obtain higher winnings and better results than trading entirely on your own. minimum deposit and Deriv minimum deposit is $5 so you can start trading with a low amount but if you want to build a proper strategy you naturally have deposit significant amounts. To trade with Forex EA robots you need to use their Metatrader4 or MetaTrader5 platform and not the binary options demo account.

Basically, automated software analyses price movement and gives indications, known as signals, of whether pairs of instruments will move up or down in the market. They are highly advanced and result-oriented trading robots that are available for worldwide binary options, forex and cryptocurrency traders.

Let’s take binary option robots for example.

Note: We will be using binary option robots as examples to illustrate how auto trading works. The same applies for forex and cryptocurrency robots.

Binary Robots are automatically set to follow current market trends and see if there are any changes regarding trading assets. These robots use financial graphs and other financial tools and market analysis in order to be as precise as possible when making trades.

Binary options South Africa has many advantages and one of the main reasons for its massive popularity is the fact that there is no human factor, since it is all done automatically by the machine.

The most significant fact with auto trading robots is the fact that they use binary signals when placing trades.

forex trading robots in south africa

What are binary signals and how do they work?

Binary signals are alerts, received from experienced traders with years spent in the binary options industry. When received, these signals are sent to automatic software which then places trades in specific underlying assets. The importance of binary signals lies in the fact that they all work in real time, so the robot can use them effectively.

This is where auto trading comes into the picture with great possibility to achieve all of the above. Binary options trading itself isn’t difficult, but the truth is it does require a certain degree of financial knowledge.

Below you can find detailed information about features of the most popular binary robots in the industry.

Best Trading Robots in South Africa

It is important to note here that all trading entails some risk and no promises of profit can really be made. Your best bet is with the best automated software out there – which in our opinion is FX-Advisor. They offer YOU the choice of broker and provide world-class automated signals. Trading has never been easier.

With auto trading solutions, the risk level is instantly minimised because the software is more efficient in price movement predictions and following current market trends. It becomes possible to trade with a variety of underlying assets, from stocks and currencies, to commodities and indices.

How to choose the best trading robot in South Africa?

Considering just how many trading robots are present on the market a question of how to choose the best binary robot in South Africa is a crucial one. At the same time, the answer may not be that unanimous and may be subject to some very individual preferences. Despite that, we give you a short overview of key features we find important when assessing a trading robot to invest with:

Technology vs Human signal provider

The trading robots are based on the assessment and analysis of the market. With some, the signals are sent by trading experts, while others rely on signals generated by complex algorithms which scan the market and then make calculations. The choice here is absolutely individual – some traders might decide in favour of technology while others might trust more in the human experts.

Choice of brokers

Another important tip when it comes to how to choose the best binary robot in South Africa is to look for an established binary options broker. These two aspects are linked and without the right broker no matter how good the trading robot is – results will not be satisfactory.

Traders’ online presence

When choosing the best trading robot in South Africa,  look for those which will carry out trades only when the trader is online. This is the leverage that will provide you with more control over trades placement and your trading portfolio.

Reliable Customer Support Service

The customer support is there to provide just that – support, guidance and help and their quality, professionalism and friendly disposition are crucial. The best trading robot will ensure a customer support service that is reliable and reachable to South African traders.

Are South African Binary Robots a Time Saver?

Binary robots are a huge time saver. For South African traders who want to participate in the financial market but cannot find the time to keep checking the movement of all assets, these automated systems are the perfect solution. In fact, among several advanced techniques for binary option trading, automated software is considered to be the most convenient and easy to use solution.

What Trading Features Should I Use with Binary Robots?

best binary robots

Before trading with any auto trading robot, make sure to set your own limits:

  • Adjust the risk level
  • Set the amount you are not willing to cross in losses

This is a very important step, because if you start trading with the default settings and for some reason the robot’s predictions are wrong, you could lose a lot of money.

Do Binary Robots Connect Me to the Best Binary Options Brokers?

The way automated trading robots work is that they connect you to binary options brokers you can use their software through. Are these brokers really the best choice though?

IQ Option had a free robot shortly. Rumors were IQ Option Robot was not winning however the real issue was that CySEC, the regulator of IQ Option, was not a fan their IQ Option Robot software.

Back in 2014 – 2016 we could say yes. But today the best binary robots have closed down due to the fact that the regulated brokers stopped accepting robots that auto traded for people without giving consent to each trade. Many binary robots automatically connect you to a single binary broker they are working with and give you no choice in the matter, when in reality you should be able to choose which broker you prefer to use the software with.

Check out our list on the top of the page of the most reliable auto trading software for users in South Africa.

The best binary robot today is FX-Advisor, which gives you a $10,000 demo account for free. They have many instruments available for traders in South Africa, so the choice is ultimately up to you.

Either way, we took the time to research the best auto trading robots out there to stop you from trading with all the binary robot scams out there.