Binary Options Trading Guide

In our binary options trading guide, you can find information related to various topics within the binary options trading arena. We continuously work on expanding our section to maintain a solid binary trading guide in South Africa and adding more articles on relevant topics for binary options trading and what you need to know to start your online binary trading journey in South Africa.

Binary options are type of options with a fixed payout and fixed deadline for expiry time. The key in trading process is to determine will the price of an underlying asset be above or below a target price.

For you to be able to accurately predict will the price go up or down is a specific time frame, it is advised to have some trading knowledge. This element isn’t too hard or even impossible, it just requires patience from trader’s side and invested effort.

Basically, trading binary options in South Africa isn’t complicated, otherwise it wouldn’t be so popular like it is for years now. The concept is to make a complex investment tool like CFDs simplified but securing that traders can’t lose more money that they invest. There is no leverage on trading so if you place a trade for $10.00 then $10.00 is the maximum you are going to lose. With only two possible outcomes, we can say that binary options are popular thanks to its simplicity of the instrument. Another advantage for traders is that they know possible financial gain, even before trade is made. You will typically be paid between 65-95% in return when placing a trade and winning. Keep in min the higher return you get the lower amount of trades you have to win to have a positive Return of Investment (ROI).

Binary Options Guide in South Africa

With our Binary Option Guide, we try to cover all significant aspects of binary options trading in individual articles going into greater debt of the topics we are covering. You will learn what time it is best to trade, where to trade and how to trade. You can also find more about how to deposit and withdraw your funds and which sites are scam and where you safely can make a deposit. To find our more check out the binary options brokers section or see how to deposit and withdraw with WebMoney withdrawal South Africa, Skrill & Neteller South Africa

We also have an entire section detailing the best trading robots in South Africa. The popularity of binary robots peaked among traders worldwide between 2014-2017. With less effort and activity from the trader’s side, auto trading became very popular and with it, having a possibly profitable trading journey passively.

Free binary options signals is an important tool in online trading as experts who are dedicating their time either via fundamental or technical analysis are able to give you signals on what assets to trade.

In our Binary Trading Guide you can find all useful information and tips regarding how to improve trading skills and become more of an expert in trading binary options. We strive to towards improving your knowledge and that it hopefully can lead to profitability in your binary trading process. There are different types of binary traders in South Africa, some who have just entered the binary world and others who are experts in this industry.

Binary Trading Guide: Select The Underlying Assets

Binary options trading couldn’t be possible to conduct in South Africa without one extremely significant element: the underlying assets. As mentioned above, a lot of binary brokers offer traders worldwide numerous different binary options assets and we can sort them in four basic categories: stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. Combined with plenty other features available on trading platform, traders from South Africa can have a profitable binary options journey thanks to a wide range of assets and trading strategies. The Assets are considered to be the core of each binary trading process. To start trading, traders have to first select preferred asset type and then choose the amount to invest and trade option, short term or long term.

The online trading world is based on prognosis of will the price of an asset in predetermined period of time rise or will it fall compared with target price of the same asset. For traders with years of trading experience, price prediction can be easier because they are able to react quickly, based on market novelties and respond on any change in the market.

Binary Option Guide: The Four Assets

Trading with some underlying assets is more riskier than with other, depending on how volatile the market is. For example, if you are place trade in oil commodity, currently this falls under volatile market and it is unstable precisely predict what will happen. We saw during the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 that the price on oil futures dropped below $0.00!

Trading Stocks in South Africa

Stocks are the second most popular type of underlying binary options assets, used by traders from South Africa while trading binary options. Companies across the globe issue own shares in order to raise a capital. When you buy a stock you are considering an investor. You believe in the long term value of the share over 5-10 years. With binary options you only have to choose only will the price of let’s say Apple, go higher or lower than it was within a short term timespan say one hour, one week or one month.

Trading Currencies in South Africa

The most very popular type in binary options industry is trading currencies. Currencies are also referred to as forex (Foreign Exchange) or Currency Pairs and FX pairs. The binary brokers such as IQ option offers give traders possibility to use a wide range of different currencies, from EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, JPY and many others. When trading currencies as a type of binary options asset, it is possible to use several different trade options with different expiry times. Read more about the best forex brokers in South Africa.

Trading Commodities in South Africa

Commodities are very much affected by world events and economic events in different markets across the world. You can trade juice, wheat, pork and many other items that can be affected by mother nature. Trading in gold, oil and gas are the most common commodities offered via various binary options trading platforms.

Trading Indices in South Africa

Indices are considered to be the most stable asset to trade online.  Indices move less dramatically as it is the sum of all stocks listed on a given Stock Exchange. Example Apple stocks might drop due to a bad financial quarter but for the entire Nasdaq or NYSE to drop 5% in one day is less likely to happen. Indices are also frequently traded as ETFs (Electronic Traded Funds) and some ETFs are constructed by a sector or stocks from a certain geographical market.