How to Add Volatility Index on MT5

Deriv which is a leading metatrader 5 (MT5) trading platform, successfully presented a new feature for trading on the website which is known as the HF volatility index (High-Frequency Volatility Indices). Compared to the frequency of current volatility indices at Review, the HF volatility index runs at four times that frequency.

If this jargon is too complicated and difficult for you, then we cut a long story short for you: the HF volatility index can generate two ticks per second, and we compared this to current volatility indices that generate only one tick every two seconds. The HF volatility index has made trading possible for traders at high speeds and it also raises the odds of making a profit.

Deriv is providing all three indices for the HF volatility index 10, 50, and 100 on their MT5 trading platform. If a trader has not accessed the MT5 account, it is very simple for the trader to get access or sign up for one and get a chance to multi-asset trading.

The big question for a trader is how to use HF volatility indices. Traders can pinpoint all-new high-frequency volatility assets in MT5 using Market Watch. Just click on add, search for the asset by typing the name of the asset type, add each of them to the Symbol List, and just double click to place an order.

Deriv Trading also added a supplementary index for those traders who are looking for variability in the volatility indices market, and that index is the volatility 10 index. For both binary options and Meta-Trader 5 platforms, the volatility 10 index maintains 10% of the volatility of simulated markets. Trading volatility indexes on all types of contracts can be possible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, with touch/no-touch, up/down, and also spreads.

Volatility 75 Index Metatrader 5

Synthetic indices can be traded 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and these indices are simulated markets. provides synthetic indices on the platform of Meta-Trader5, which is also known as MT5. is rebranding and Deriv is the new name of the broker, a user-friendly interface is introduced in Deriv, and all platforms of are included in the Deriv platform.

Deriv traders can also be logged in for or vice versa, enabling traders to sign in on both platforms with a single account. Deriv is the main focus of, traders will mostly see the Deriv logo and branding in many places instead of Synthetic indices account can be opened from the MT5 tab.

The volatility 75 index is also referred to as VIX. Volatility 75 index is used to measure the volatility of the Standard and Poor’s 500 index. It measures the fear in the market and is also called “Fear Gauge”. Readings above 30 indicate that the market is in fear mode, on the other hand, reading below 30 indicates the level of complacency in the market. 

The high values of VIX denote that fear is high in the market. Meanwhile, the low values of the volatility index denote a high level of complacency. A trader can short term hedge by the volatility 75 index during the chaos in the market, it is also a good instrument for trading market volatility.

You can trade VIX from many strategies but the simplest one is to follow the news. When things get unpredictable and out of control, buy the VIX and short the VIX, when volatility touches the higher levels than the historical standards. High volatility only lasts for a short period and there is a chance that it will go down a little when it is higher.

How To Trade Volatility 75 Index On MT5

Market volatility is important for trader profitability, it is compulsory to understand how to trade it and how it has relevance to trading. Volatility indices are synthetic indices from and synthetic indices are simulated markets. Randomly generated numbers are used in volatility indices to make it look like real financial market behavior. These numbers are generated by the computer program and the broker cannot project or influence the numbers.

The volatility indices are offered by the in 10, 25, 50, 75, and 100 indices. These index numbers denote the rate of volatility in different indices markets. The volatility 100 index is highly volatile and the volatility 10 index is the lowest. 

You will need an account to trade volatility 75 index on or Deriv. You will also need an MT5 account after opening a general account for the trading of volatility 75 index. MT5 is the latest version of the MT4 and there is a chance that MT4 will be obsolete soon. offers many indices and volatility 75 index is one of them and you can trade it for 24/7. Volatility 75 index trading is a double edge sword for many traders because they try to trade it for the long-term.

When there is a global instability the VIX gains, it is also reflected by other markets. For instance, the yield curve. The yield curve has proved it worth it to VIX traders, with growing short term yields and dropping long term yields equally with an increasing fear in the market. This is pushing investors towards investing in long-term returns other than assigning their assets to the bond markets. Market sell-offs are more volatile in nature and an upturned yield curve can be used for the search of lower stocks and higher VIX.

HF Volatility 100 Index MT5

We know that volatility is a measurement of price changes over a certain period of time. If prices are changing quickly in a short period then it means markets are volatile. Traders who trade volatility do not care about price movements because volatility trading is about the trading volatility of an instrument.

To trade volatility, options are popular to trade. In terms of the value of options, projected future volatility plays an important role. Options with high projected future volatility are more valuable than low projected future volatility.

Volatility is important for the financial markets, huge changes in the price on even a daily or monthly basis can make the market volatile. There is no chance of profit potential in the markets without volatility. However, volatility can increase the risk in trading and high returns as well if a trader trades them well.

The broader class of simulated markets is synthetic indices, which also contain HF volatility indices. MT5 has four kinds of synthetic indices: crash boom indices, range break indices, volatility indices, and the step-index. More types of synthetic indices on the MT5; HF volatility 10, volatility 25, volatility 50, volatility 75, and volatility 100 indices. 

The HF Volatility 100 index is more highly volatile than the other HF indices e.g. volatility 10, 25, and 75 index. MT5 provides many analysis tools for the trading of the HF volatility 100 index. Traders can trade this index through mobile phone applications, desktop applications, and web traders on their browsers. 

MT5 does not demand minimum deposits and traders can trade a lower minimum size on the chosen indices. This will reduce the exposure of the trader and limit the risk. The trader can make a demo account on the platform, practice trading, try different ideas or strategies, and get knowledge about the MT5 platform.

How To Add Volatility Index On MT5 Mobile is famous for binary options trading and few people have the knowledge that they also offer volatility indices and these indices are simulated markets. MT5 is the latest version of the MT4 and you can add a volatility index on MT5.

Volatility occurs in the market after the release of an important report, specifically when expected numbers do not match the published one, and volatility traders are only attentive to the volatility. Volatility only measures how much fluctuation is in a series. Fluctuation in the series means deviation from the average point. Volatility indices act like financial markets since they are not like currencies, which is why reports like the NFP and interest rate decisions do not affect them.

First of all, you have to open a binary account on or Deriv. Deriv is the new platform by in which all platforms are combined to make one platform. You can create a free account by entering your email address. Click on the link that was sent to your email through By confirming your country of residence and entering your password, you will complete the sign up process.

After opening a binary account, you will need an MT5 account which enables you to trade volatility indices. Take note of your credentials when you get registered to the MT5 account. You will need those credentials to access the platform in the future.

To add a volatility index on MT5 to your mobile phone, you need an MT5 platform on your mobile phone so, open the Google Play Store on your mobile phone, install the MT5 platform application, and after that use MT5 credentials to sign up for your account. For the volatility index, go add them to the MT5 platform, search for them, add them to the symbol list, and start trading.

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