IQ Option Affiliate Program

iq option affiliate program

Affiliate marketing is gradually becoming a very popular marketing method in South Africa due to its simple nature and high earning potential. Finding the best affiliate program to join can be a frustrating process though, when coming across so many choices. One of the many benefits of being an online marketeer or IQ option affiliate is that you get to work from home.

IQ Option is known to have one of the top affiliate programs in online trading. If you’re looking into affiliate marketing and searching for a well-established affiliate program to join, IQ Option should definitely be on your radar.

Before we get ahead of ourselves though, let’s get down to the basics. What is affiliate marketing and why is IQ Option affiliate program the “go-to” program when it comes to online trading?

What is an IQ Option Affiliate?

An affiliate program is a type of partnership with a brand where you earn a commission by promoting them. This is also known as affiliate marketing.

If you become an IQ Option affiliate, you will be promoting IQ Option on your blog or website through what is known as an affiliate link. When a user then clicks on that link and starts trading with IQ Option, you automatically earn profit.

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IQ Option Affiliates

IQ Option is not only one of the top brokers for South African traders, but a global brand with millions of customers from 175 countries and 13 different languages. Joining IQ Option affiliate program means you will be partnering with a highly reputable brand and earning up to 70% of overall profit.

IQ Option will be doing most of the work for you by detecting a user’s location, language and device and then automatically sending them to the appropriate landing page. All you need to do from your side is promote them.

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IQ Option Affiliate Rules

IQ Option has two different affiliate offers for you to choose from.

– 50% profit for all traders

You will receive half (50%) of IQ Option’s profit for all the traders you send them collectively.

– 40% profit for each trader

You will receive 40% of IQ Option’s profit for each separate trader. This means that any negative turnover from a single client will not affect the profit you will be getting from a different client.

Once you have chosen the IQ Option’s affiliate program offer you prefer, there are six simple steps to getting started and making your first profit as an IQ affiliate.

How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing in South Africa

Step 1: Join the IQ Option Affiliate Program and get your personal affiliate link

Step 2: Post that IQ Option affiliate link on your blog or website through an ad.

Step 3: A user clicks on that link and IQ Options tags them with your unique ID

Step 4: That user opens an account with IQ Option and starts trading

Step 5: You will receive up to 70% of the broker’s profit, based on that user’s trading activity

Step 6: IQ Option will pay you all your earnings through your preferred payment method twice a month.

The process is simple and can be used on both web-based and mobile-based devices. You will also be able to analyze all your results in real-time using the broker’s reports and filters.

There is also no way you can have a negative balance from IQ Option’s affiliate program. Your revenue every two weeks can only ever consist of profits.

So, whether you’re new to affiliate marketing or simply looking for a good affiliate program to join in South Africa, we would highly recommend partnering with IQ Option.

Don’t take our word for it? Become and IQ Option affiliate and see for yourself.