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Players often ask us if Deriv has any promotions running. They would like a no deposit bonus or some sort of a welcome bonus. The clear answer is that Deriv does not offer bonuses nor promotions. These are often not even allowed by the regulators. However, for those who want to trade without risk, they can use Deriv Demo account. It is not the same since there is not opportunity to win real money by trading, however there is also no risk of losing.

Forex Bonuses Overview

A forex bonus is a one-of-a-kind offer designed to introduce customers to a broker’s services, grab their attention, increase trading volume and volume, and encourage new customers to open accounts. We did not find any sign o promotions during our review.

These promotions could be time-limited and only available to a select few. There are often zero constraints placed on the trader. However, some brokers may need you to put money into your account before they would collaborate with you.

Considering this, the problems with forex bonuses and why regulators prohibit them are as follows:

  • It causes issues with account verification and distinguishing real traders from robots or fraudulent characters who want to exploit bonus structures.
  • It takes time and effort to weed out legitimate brokers from spammers.
  • Some brokers require an upfront deposit before you can access bonus funds (for instance, a Deriv deposit bonus). However, the minimum deposit is locked until you fulfill the trading volume requirements.
  • You are tied to stringent requirements to withdraw the bonus funds.
  • It promotes poor trading practices and uses excessive leverage because bonuses are not “real” funds.

Deriv Bonuses

Deriv does not currently offer any forex bonuses. In addition, when traders register for a live trading account, they will not receive a Deriv no-deposit bonus. A no-deposit bonus typically does not require a minimum deposit but requires the registered trader’s verified contact details.

Once the trader has registered, they receive a certain amount of trading credit that they can use to trade live markets without any risk to their capital.

There is no Deriv welcome bonus or Deriv sign-up bonus to welcome the registered trader to the platform. Furthermore, existing and new clients do not receive the option to sign up for a Deriv refer-a-friend bonus, where traders share their unique client code to invite friends and family to join Deriv.

Lastly, new and existing traders should not expect a Deriv broker bonus or trading bonus. These forex bonuses are often provided to motivate clients to trade larger volumes or more frequently by giving cashback, discounts, or rebates.

Deriv Promotions vs. Demo Account

A demo account is a risk-free option that Deriv provides for new and existing traders that do not require an upfront deposit. Instead, the demo account is funded by trading credit or virtual funds that can be reset but cannot be withdrawn by the user.

A Deriv demo account is a practice account where the user can explore live markets, practice their trading, or gain valuable experience in the live market environment.

In addition, the practice account can also be used by more advanced traders who wish to evaluate trading strategies before they employ them in live markets.

A demo account is a tool that can be used by all types of traders regardless of their trading experience, and there is typically no fine print involved.

Bonuses and promotions are risky and can be used by scammers to trick unsuspecting traders into signing up for an account and making an investment, which they might lose.

Deriv Promotions

There are currently no Deriv promotions or forex bonuses that could negatively impact the broker’s business or the trader’s funds.

However, Deriv provides a bug bounty program to existing clients. When users discover bugs in applications, they can report the issue to the respective Deriv department, after which they can receive any of the following rewards according to the impact and severity of the buy:

  • Critical – Between 2,500 to 10,000 USD.
  • High – Between 1,000 to 5,000 USD.
  • Medium – Between 100 to 500 USD.
  • Low – rewards will vary from one case to the next.


Does Deriv give bonus offerings to clients?

Deriv offers no trading bonuses or promotions to new or existing clients.

Does Deriv have any promotions?

Deriv does not offer conventional bonuses or promotions to its clients but offers cash rewards for those who participate in bug bounties to report issues on the platform.

Is a demo account a type of forex bonus?

A demo account is a tool and risk-free account, and not a type of forex bonus or promotion to attract more clients. There is no initial capital commitment involved with a demo account and no trading volume to fulfil to access virtual funds.



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