Deriv Signals (Deriv MT5 Trading Signals / Copy trading)

Deriv Signals
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An Introduction to Deriv MT5 Signals

Simple trading signals work on the principle that you utilize technology to mimic other live investors’ real-time forex transactions.

These live investors are known as “forex trading signal providers.” By doing this, you may automatically duplicate (copy) their transactions in your brokerage account each time they make a transaction.

Furthermore, the Deriv MT5 trading signals service enables you to mimic the trades of more seasoned traders to your DMT5 account.

Read more about the DMT5 account in our Deriv review.

After subscribing to a signal, the provider’s trades will be reproduced immediately on your Deriv MT5 trading account whenever they execute a transaction.

In addition, The MT5 trading signals service enables skilled traders to provide their ideas to other investors for free or a membership cost that they choose. Therefore, when other investors follow your signals, their accounts will mirror your trades exactly.

If you want the signals to be generated and executed as trades automatically, you should look into the DBot, the Deriv’s robot solution.

Why should traders use Deriv MT5 Trading Signals?

Traders can easily improve their capital and risk management strategies using trading signals, which include Take-profit (TP) and Stop Loss (SL) orders.

Since a trader uses a standardized approach to trading in financial markets through a Deriv MT5 trading signal, this should allow for more profit generation.

One of the main reasons why traders use trading signals is to improve the reliability and accuracy of their forecasts for financial markets. Deriv’s MT5 trading signals are another tool for helping traders understand the market by keeping them abreast of unfolding developments.

By providing you with a heads-up on market conditions, trading signals put you in a position to profit from competitive markets.

What to look for in a Deriv Signal Provider

Finding the best Forex signal provider can be challenging; here are some things to look out for:

  • The numbers – MT5 will provide a range of metrics, including the provider’s growth, profit, equity, balance, initial deposit, withdrawals, and deposits.
  • The Account Statistics – This information can be found on MT5 and will give insight into the provider’s number of trading days, their latest trades, their average trades per week, how long they hold a position, the number of subscribers to their signals, the number of weeks since the provider opened their account, and the date the account was created.
  • The Visual Table on Account Statistics – The MetaQuotes Reliability Index (MQRI) is a fast and easy way to evaluate the dependability of a trading system or an individual trader. The amount of money in the provider’s accounts measures how many people watch and mimic a provider’s transactions.
  • Reputation and Reliability – You can easily evaluate the reputation and reliability of a signal provider by looking at unbiased reviews from existing or previous subscribers.
  • Trading Statistics – This metric is offered by MT5. It indicates the provider’s algo trading, percentage success rate, percentage loss rate, overall trading activity, maximum deposit amount, and maximum drawdown.
  • Best and Worst Trades – The worst trade will help you determine the amount and percentage of the deposit the signal provider is willing to lose in a losing position.

MetaTrader 5 offers traders a comprehensive filter where traders can easily set certain parameters like leverage, percentage profits per month, percentage profitable trades, minimum initial deposit, trading time in weeks, trades per week, etc.

How to Receive Deriv MT5 Signals Step-by-Step

With Deriv and MT5, you can easily start receiving trading signals by following these easy steps:

  1. Make sure that you already have an MQL5 community account.
  2. Make sure that your MQL5 Account has funds if you want to choose paid signals.
  3. Log into the Deriv MT5 platform and click on “Signals.”
  4. View the list of signal providers and view their performance history.
  5. Select a signal provider by clicking on “Subscribe.”
  6. Configure the parameters and how you want to receive trading signals.
  7. Furthermore, configure the risk management and trading parameters before selecting “OK” to complete the process and confirm your subscription.

Traders must note that they can only subscribe to a single signal provider per Deriv MT5 Account. However, they can use their signal on up to three laptops or computers.

Furthermore, once subscribed to a signal, traders shouldn’t trade manually on the Deriv MT5 account they used to subscribe to a trading signal.

Deriv MT5 MQL signals

Deriv Synthetic Indices and MT5 Signals

The Deriv Synthetic account can access trading signals on MT5 when trading synthetic instruments. This is made possible because the Synthetic Account is provided unlimited access to the MT5 trading platform.

Deriv Synthetic Accounts can follow the same process indicated above to connect to various signal providers on Deriv MT5.

Dont forget you still have to consider spreads and fees on Deriv when placing trades based on signals!

Deriv Signals on Telegram and WhatsApp – can you trust them?

Traders are urged to be cautious in subscribing to trading signals via WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messaging platforms. This is because the success rate of these signals cannot be verified before traders subscribe, and the only goal is to convince traders to sign-up.

Pros and Cons of Using Trading Signals / Copy trading

Pros of Using Trading Signals Copy trading

  • Profiting from the expertise of others is the primary benefit of employing trading signals generated by other individuals. And whatever else they may have spent to study the market.
  • Though they cannot guarantee financial success, advice from an expert with a history of success is worth considering.
  • If you are interested in trading, trading signals might be a great resource.
  • Your signal provider could send you frequent updates on the newest market information.
  • It is extremely easy, and you do not need installation or setup.
  • When you use the Deriv MT5 Signals, you receive legitimate signals.
  • There are no hidden fees or commissions involved with Deriv MT5 signals.

Cons of Using Trading Signals / Copy trading

  • You should be aware that using trading signals does not guarantee a profit. On the contrary, if you act on their advice, you risk losing capital.
  • The profits you get from trading might not be enough to cover the cost of the signal service you are using if you are trading with a small investment amount.
  • When you subscribe to a trading signal, you are placing your trust in the signal provider. This can be risky, especially if you do not follow a verified, legitimate provider or know how to spot fraud.
  • You do not develop any skills or gain experience in trading when you use trading signals.


Are Deriv Signals Free?

Yes. Deriv Signals are free of charge. However, some signals on MetaTrader 5 are paid signals.

Does Deriv allow Copy Trading?

Yes. Deriv allows copy trading via MetaTrader 5 via the Deriv MT5 Account.

Are Deriv Signals available on MT5?

Deriv Signals can be accessed on MetaTrader 5 via the Deriv Account.

Can anyone become a Deriv Signal Provider?

Anyone who can share their trading tips, advice, and strategies can become a signal provider on Deriv.

How do you use MT5 Signals with Deriv?

You can use your Deriv MT5 Account to connect to MT5 signals on your trading platform. For example, you can go to the Signals tab, view signal providers, and select a provider you wish to follow.

Once you have configured the parameters, you are all set to go, and all their trades will automatically be copied to your Deriv MT5 account.

Your capital is at risk