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FX Advisor South Africa is a special service that helps traders find a broker that will fit their trading needs. It is very common that traders start enthusiastically looking for a broker, only to get exhausted very quickly and then make bad decisions. Considering all those scams that are luring after traders, it is not uncommon for beginners to deposit with fraudulent brokers. FX-Advisor makes the research process more straightforward as it connects the trader only with reputable brokers.

FX-Advisor works on a simple principle – it connects you to a regulated broker that is the best for your country. Before connecting you to the broker, FX-Advisor made sure that the broker has a modern and reliable online trading platform, reasonable terms and conditions, good reputation, regulated status, and education section. The main mission of FX-Advisor is to help you get started with a regulated broker as soon as possible.

Find out more about this interesting service in our FX-Advisor review.

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Having a trading account you can afford is the first requirement of every trader. It is followed by the desire to have an account that fits you, your trading style, level-of knowledge and experience. Brokers are aware of that, and sometimes they offer a wide range of accounts, while others decide to offer “one size fits all” accounts. Nonetheless, traders can be overwhelmed by the prices and everything different accounts have to offer.

With FX-Advisor you will find a broker that requires no more than $250 deposit. This way, you will avoid brokers who require the same amount only to offer you a few basic assets and tools. Remember, FX advisor reviewed all brokers offered before they suggested them to you. By making a small deposit, you have the opportunity to trade invest smaller amounts before you are completely familiar with the trading interface, which is always a wise thing to do.

Of course, FX-Advisor made sure that all these regulated brokers offer a good variety of account types, so it doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or a beginner. Every account type has certain benefits attached to it, like leverage limits, tools, features, and additional educational materials. Even though it may seem that it is completely impossible to find a good broker, with FX-Advisor it is only a few clicks away.

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FX-Advisor Demo Account

Demo accounts are trading accounts that contain only virtual money (you can compare that money with coins in a game). The demo trading interface allows traders to learn more about the trading platform and find out how to place trades. Professionals can test their strategies and apply different methods of analysis. However, considering that the money on the demo account is not real, it is also impossible to make or lose any money. The demo account is the best learning tool forex broker can give to you, and FX-Advisor made sure that all brokers included in this service, offer this great feature.

Traders should never underestimate the power of a good demo account. It is the most versatile and useful learning tool that allows you to have a first-hand trading experience without trading real money. Make sure to use the demo and reach your full potential.

FX-Advisor made sure that all demo accounts available with brokers it connects you to are free of charge, so you won’t spend any extra money.

FX-Advisor Trading Software

FX-Advisor made sure that traders get access to trading platforms that offer a great variety of financial markets like:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Cryptocurrencies

The trading platform is the interface where you place trades. No wonder that traders wish to have a reliable and modern platform that is easy to use and streams live market data, without any delays. Luckily, these platforms are all very user-friendly, and come equipped with all tools and features a trader might need in a process of trading. Also, brokers available via FX-Advisor offer a variety of platforms, as they understand that every trader has a specific set of needs. Some prefer to trade on a specific device, others wish to execute trades with a single click, and some want to be able to execute an in-depth analysis – FX-Advisor has got it all covered.

It offers only the best trading platforms available with popular regulated brokers. Traders can place their trades on a

  • Webtrading platform
  • MetaTrader 4 platform
  • Mobile platform

Web Trader

Web trader, as the name suggest, is the type of online platform that is accessed via your favourite internet browser. You don’t have to download and install anything, which makes this platform perfect choice for beginners. All you have to know is your login data, and you can access your trading account from any device connected to the internet.

Web Trader platforms are straightforward, simple, and intuitive. They allow trading simply by clicking desired categories and you will place your trades without wasting your time on trying to figure out where to find, for example, the trading amount. They are created so that every trader can easily follow the trading process.


Metatrader4 is a very popular desktop-based platform. It is really equipped with a great variety of trading and charting tools, strategies and features for in-depth analysis. All this makes it the top choice of professional and more advanced traders.

MT4 platform needs to be downloaded and installed on your personal computer. This is done in the same way as any other installation – you download the pack, start it, and there you have it – it is installed on your computer. We recommend you create a shortcut on your desktop so you can access the trading platform with a single click.

Mobile App

Let’s face it, mobile trading is the future of trading, and traders who decide to use FX-Advisor can be sure they will be assigned with a broker that offers a mobile platform. The mobile phone is always there for you, and so are your trades. You can trade anytime and anyplace. With mobile apps, you can enjoy your vacation or commute to work and still follow those trades you placed a few days or hours ago!

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FX-Advisor Education and Customer Support

The times when everyone believed how online trading is just gambling under another name, are behind us. Good brokers and serious traders understand that without proper education, there can’t be any results. FX-Advisor decided to offer only brokers that take education seriously and deliver everything that is necessary for this field.

FX-Advisor brokers are offering you exclusive access to the best and most reliable educational materials. Learning materials are divided into categories, so traders can find everything they need. You can attend webinars, read eBooks, read articles, follow market news and economic calendar, as well as watch videos completely free of charge.

FX-Advisor will also keep you updated by sending emails with important market news and trends. This way, you will be able to utilize all market conditions for your own benefit.

FX-Advisor Customer Support

Most traders don’t even think about customer support until they get stuck. Professionals know that customer support can make or break a deal. After all, you want to have a professional and well-educated team on your side, right? Good customer support never gives trading advice, but they will assist you in all potential problems. Not sure how to deposit? Want to know what is the status of your withdrawal request? The mobile platform is causing trouble because you are on a secluded island with limited access to the internet? Customer support will help you.

FX-Advisor offers brokers that have professional, polite and easily accessible customer support.

FX-Advisor Deposit and Withdrawal

Depositing and withdrawing is a quite essential part of online forex trading. It is when money is handled, and traders should always look for a confident, reliable and professional broker, just like those of FX-Advisor. Also, the withdrawing process should be properly explained, with all terms and conditions transparently presented.

FX-Advisor made sure to offer brokers who process withdrawals in a reasonable time and who offer the best terms and conditions without leaving any place for manipulations and misinterpretations.

Verdict: Is FX-Advisor A Scam?

IT seems that FX-Advisor is something we have long been waiting for. This unique service helps traders find reliable and trustworthy brokers, operated by regulated companies. That means that a trader can be sure they won’t make a deposit with a scam. So, FX-Advisor is a service that will make life easier for those who want to trade in real market conditions and have a long term trading career and who are not there just for easy money.

Your capital is at risk