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FX Robot Review: A Profitable App or Another Fraud?

FX Robot Review: A Profitable App or Another Fraud?

Do you want to live the life you’ve always wanted? These are questions used by scammers all the time. Who wouldn’t want to live the life of their dreams? These unethical people try to use the emotional part of the brain in order to lure South African traders into making a deposit and losing their hard-earned money. Always, steer clear from pitch lines who promise you easy fortunes. Nothing comes easy so if you want to avoid frustration, trade with a real software like FXMasterBot which connects you to trusted brokers with a low minimum deposit.

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What is FX Robot?

FX Robot is just another scam auto trading software that wishes easy profits. They want you to believe that you can simply use their robot and create a passive income for yourself. Make no mistake, trading can never be 100% profitable no matter the software. Whenever you see anyone promising that or even close to that, simply go away with whatever they are trying to offer.

Once you go into the landing page of this trading robot you will see that they have a nice background, a promising pitch line, and a short video explaining how you can sit back relax and let the money grow as can be seen from the screenshot below. This is merely an attempt to scam South African traders by luring them to make a deposit which is usually $250. Your funds not only they won’t grow but they will vanish instead and there is nothing you can do about it if you fall into their trap. Don’t be the next victim and always trade with honest robots like FXMasterBot.

Why should I stay away from FX Robot?

If you are not convinced that FX Robot will not make you any money but will try to steal it from you instead, then keep reading. Frustration is on your way if you fall into the trap of these fraudsters. They simply claim that their robot is the best and that they have already built 100s of other robots to get to the best one.

Moreover, they claim that all you have to do is simply keep your computer on and the rest will be taken care of. You will allegedly see your account grow by earning huge amounts of money without doing anything so that you can have the opportunity to do whatever you want. This is a complete lie. Imagine if someone had such a software at his disposal why would he ever give it away for free? Why would someone even bother selling it too?

Profit trades of 95% is another lie that they try to throw at you in order to make you believe that you can be successful with this auto trading software. All they do is making you sign up with a broker and then they will provide an Expert Advisor. The software itself can never be smarter than their creator. These people who create the auto trading robots are simply looking for easy ways to make a quick large sum of money.

Be aware of the fake testimonials used on the site as shown below. This is just another false attempt to make you deposit money with FX Robot. People shown on the fake testimonials are probably paid actors who usually do similar testimonials for several other products. Whenever you see people claiming how easy it is to make money effortlessly, then think again and steer clear from scam apps and their false promises.


Anyone who knows and understands the Forex market, knows that it is impossible to make correct predictions all the time as illegitimate apps like FX Robot claims to do. Avoid making a deposit with scam robots and always trade with real software like FXMasterBot which connects you to trusted brokers with a low minimum deposit.

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