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BinBot Pro was established in 2016. It offers trading robots that work on the concept of trading algorithms. It is one of the rare robot platforms in South Africa that trades both cryptocurrencies and fiat currency pairs. BinBot Pro is a web-based trading software that works on behalf of the traders. 

The BinBot Pro website is available in many languages, and traders from different countries are welcome, including South Africa. The platform also offers many facilities from the live account manager to customer support. BinBot Pro is one of the latest and innovative trading softwares in the trading market of South Africa.

BinBot Pro offers automated binary that can be customized according to your requirements, but you have to set rules to enter and exit the trades, leverage, as well as risk levels. Every robot follows a different technique, and you have to choose a method that you think would be best for you. You do not have to monitor the trades. You can easily check their outcomes at the end.

South African traders can take many benefits of the market at tremendous speed by using the specially designed servers and connection technology of BinBot Pro. The platform offers demo accounts as well, and traders can test the robot with the demo account. BinBot Pro also offers risk management facilities to some extent.

How does BinBot Pro work?

BinBot Pro works with three brokers. All three brokers – Race Option, Binary Cent, and Vide Forex – are combined into one platform, and the platform is known as BinBot Pro. All three brokers require a minimum deposit of $250 in their accounts, and you can invest a minimum of $0.1 per trade.

You can customize the robots according to your personal preferences, create your auto trading robot, change their names, and settings as well. You can take advantage of features by accessing the website of BinBot Pro with your smartphone, iPad, or PC. 

BinBot Pro works with currency pairs and cryptocurrencies. They offer eight currency pairs; EUR/USD, EUR/AUD, EUR/GBP, USB/CAD, USD/CHF, GBP/USD, AUD/USD, and BTC/USD. They offer cryptocurrencies as well, such as Litecoin, Etherium, and Bitcoin. The BinBot Pro platform is easy to use and offers many trading indicators like RVI, AROON, RSI, ADM INDEX, and COMMODITY CHANNEL INDEX. The platform also offers privacy settings to either the private or public.

Opening an account with the BinBot Pro is simple and easy. There are three steps; registration, deposit, and auto-trading. The first step is free registration. You will fill out your name, phone number, email address, and set a password. A confirmation email will be sent to your email address to verify your account.The second step is all about the deposit in the broker account where various payment methods are accepted.

After the funds are deposited into your account, the website will take you to the dashboard of the platform where you will perform auto-trading. You need to choose the trade settings, including risk management as well. Before you decide to withdraw your profits you have to verify your account and go through KYC procedure.

BinBot Pro Best Robot South Africa

BinBot Pro is one of the most popular trading platforms in the South African market. It offers three kinds of accounts or robots.

Bronze robots

These are ready to use robots, and the required deposit amount is $250.

  • Blade-Runner

Blade-Runner monitors the support levels and resistance in the pivot points and candlesticks. 

  • Neuro-Scanner v3.0

It needs a three-core processor to analyze over twenty million trades. This robot can respond quickly to any market change.

  • RVI and MA

This robot uses both SMA and RVI to start and end the trades very effectively.

  • Bolly Band Bounce

Bollinger Bands are famous trading techniques. Practice in timing makes this technique very effective. A robot can pinpoint the right moment to trade it.

  • HP Cycles

HP Cycles is a complex robot that uses the technique of spot currency trading.

  • Strong US V2

There are chances of falling back from the market in the opposite direction when it goes high. The robot can pinpoint the exact moment of change and make profits.

  • Strong ADX v.2

This robot uses moving averages to project when a strong price trend breaks. Strong ADX v.2 uses the ADX index to trade.

Silver robots

These robots are ready to use, and a minimum of $1000 deposit is required.

  • Rising East V1.2

This robot reacts only to the positive signals from the Asian markets and starts trading on behalf of the trader. 

Gold robots

Gold robots are ready to use trading robots as well, and a minimum of $3000 deposit is a requirement.

  • xProfit

This robot responds to signals from the SRSI or the CCI.

BinBot Pro App South Africa

BinBot Pro has a great demand in the market, and it is one of the most innovative and modern products. It has a simple trading interface and dashboard that includes currency pairs, trading history and real time charts.

The BinBot Pro platform offers a binary demo account for traders who are new to the platform. You can get a demo account as soon as you register for the BinBot Pro account. The demo account lasts for a minute, and it has simulated balance, which helps you become familiar with the platform and its settings. The primary purpose of simulated balance is to help you set up the robot according to your instructions. The main drawback is you have only one minute to test all the settings of the platform.

BinBot Pro currently does not offer any binary trading apps, but traders can experience an excellent website based platform with different exciting features. Brokers that are integrated with BinBot Pro, Race Options and Binary Cent are offering the mobile trading app to their clients and the trading app is available on both the iOS store and Google Play store.

BinBot Pro Settings South Africa

There is no official training offered to the traders on how to trade on the BinBot Pro platform. BinBot Pro offers only a dedicated account manager to the account holders. Traders can get customer service by BinBot Pro, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. The platform helps the traders by using popups and prompts so that they can select and customize their bots according to their needs.

Many people may face difficulties in making profits through the BinBot Pro platform. One of the main reasons is the settings they chose for the BinBot Pro platform. The platform offers customization, and you can gain profits by selecting the best settings. Traders can make their trading robots and customize them by changing their settings.

  • ADM index

The ADM index is also known as an average directional movement index. It measures the strength of the trend. Strength can be high or low. 

  • Commodity channel index

This index is used to highlight new upcoming trends.

  • RSI

This indicator is used to analyze the financial market. It measures the current and historical strength or weakness of an asset. It will be based on the closing prices of a period. 

  • RVI

This index measures the trend’s strength by comparing the closing price of an asset to its trading range. The RVI is referred to as a relative vigor index.


AROON is a technical indicator that determines the change in the price of an asset in trend.

BinBot Pro Withdrawal South Africa

Deposits and BinBot Pro withdrawals are done on the BinBot Pro website. As we already mentioned, all brokers at BinBot Pro have required a minimum deposit of $250. However, the deposit requirement can vary from region to region, and it can be $500. BinBot Pro offers various deposit methods in South Africa like MasterCard or Visa, WebMoney, Perfect Money, PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, wire transfer, and Crypto wallets. 

You can withdraw your funds by pressing the withdrawal button on the funding tab. When you click the button, it will take you to different payment methods like PayPal, Skrill & Neteller South Africa, Perfect Money, WebMoney South Africa, etc. By entering the preferred amount, this will start the process of withdrawal. 

The platform’s deposits and withdrawals will be dependent upon the registered broker. All connected binary brokers have similar deposits and withdrawal methods. Keep in mind that the deposit and withdrawal methods usually have to be the same.

The broker charges a 5% transfer fee on credit card transactions. BinBot Pro claims that the withdrawal will take 2-7 business days to reach into your account in South Africa.

BinBot Pro Scam or Legit

BinBot Pro does not claim that you will become one of the binary options millionaires in South Africa in a certain period. They do not promise a sure profit on any asset, unlike Trevor Noah trading platform app. It is just a solution for the traders to make things easier for them. 

The BinBot Pro platform only offers popular eight currency pairs and some cryptocurrencies to South African traders that can be verified easily. These cryptocurrency pairs are very common thing and it has no relation to the scams like Bitcoin Loophole South Africa. Therefore there is less possibility to manipulate the traders. BinBot Pro is offering customization to the accounts and nothing is pre-set. Therefore, traders can customize robots according to their preferences. 

BinBot Pro has three leading brokers, and traders can choose the broker of their wish. The brokers are just as transparent as the BinBot Pro. Traders can select different robots to use for trading. Each account or robot has a demo account for traders to become familiar with. 

Eight currency pairs and some cryptocurrencies are more crystal clear than other assets offered by some robots. Traders can easily verify the currency rates, which leaves no room for the broker to influence trades. The trader should not forecast a 100% return on the investment because levels of risk are always there. Traders should always be ready for the loss. To overcome loss, they should get knowledge about the trading and choose the best settings of the bots. They should not invest all funds in one go and save some funds for rainy days.