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IQ Option Broker Review

IQ Option
Min. Deposit: $ 10
Min. Investment: $ 1
Max Returns: up to 91%
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
Signals: No
  1. IQ Option is binary broker, present on financial market since 2013.

    Operated by IQ Option Europe Ltd., for years now they provide traders worldwide excellent trading platform, with a wide range of trading features.  

    Unlike many other brokers in binary industry, trading with IQ Option is slightly different. While reviewing this broker, we came across plenty useful information and significant elements which our readers in South Africa can read in our IQ Option review.

    Below, you can find out more on:

    IQ Option broker no longer provides binary options bonuses!

    IQ Option Trading Platform

    Unlike so many other brokers in the industry, IQ Option uses its own software that encounters with great response from traders in South Africa, as well as with traders across the globe.

    With quality of their services and up to date customer support, it shouldn’t come as a surprise why this broker is popular among traders worldwide.

    IQ Option review provides our readers information that IQ Option is a regulated broker.

    IQ Option requires minimum deposit of just $10, while highest possible return can reach 91%. Minimum and maximum investments are $1 and $5000.

    Traders in South Africa have possibility to place trades with several different currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, AUD, CAD, NZD and Yuan.

    For more important information, check in our IQ Option review.

    IQ Option Trading Features and Services

    South African traders can choose among many different trading options, such as very popular 60 Seconds and High/Low. Available expiration times are: 60 seconds, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, 1 hr and trading by the end of day.

    IQ Option platform is highly developed and all traders should be able easily navigate over the site and trading room. Platform is multilingual and available on English, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Portuguese and Indonesian.

    With IQ Option, traders can place trade in numerous stocks, currencies, commodities and indices. There are more than 70 underlying assets to be exact.

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    One of the reasons why IQ Option is popular among binary options traders for years now is because of the wide selection of trading services and tools which can serve as great way to achieve success while trading binary options.

    During our IQ Option review, we found out how IQ Option offers traders in South Africa and worldwide possibility to use demo account. IQ Option is free of charge.

    Demo version of trading platform is excellent for skill improvement in trading process to be able to maximize profit. Demo enables traders to exercise to be better in the trading world and to become more experienced.

    IQ Option offers traders free demo account and possibility to trade with 13 underlying assets. Demo is very valuable for new traders beginner they get a chance to see how binary trading process looks like but there is no risk involved since in demo trading all is based on virtual money.

    Our IQ Option review has shown that IQ Option enables traders to use mobile app.

    This is a great way to continue trading binary options through mobile trading, which is possible on smartphones and tablets also. Mobile app comes as novelty in binary industry due to technology development and fact how people are always on the move. Traders can use IQ Option trading platform on Android and Apple devices, thanks to their compatibility.

    While reviewing IQ Option, we saw their Education section and were surprised how much data is available for all traders. Both new traders and professional ones can use a variety of trading strategies to be more profitable and also can check FAQ for any detail regarding trading process.


    IQ Option Trading Accounts

    Besides demo account, IQ Option offers traders two account types: Real Account and VIP Account. More through info you can get below in IQ Option review.

    Real Account

    To start binary options trading process, traders have to deposit minimum amount of $10 and get a full access to all trading instruments and services. Available number of assets is 70.

    Traders have option to participate in different trading competitions and access numerous trading tools. Regarding withdrawals, usually it takes 3 business days.

    VIP Account

    Minimum deposit is $3000 and traders in return get a variety of useful and profitable trading instruments and features, such as full access to all information and opportunity to trade with more than 70 assets.

    Withdrawal process is quicker than in Real account and it is available in 1 business day. IQ Option traders get monthly trading analysis and are able to participate in trading competitions.

    IQ Option Customer Support

    Customer support with IQ Option is available on several different ways, through email on, telephone and web form.

    in IQ Option review, we found out how customer support is available 24/7.

    They do not offer live chat communication channel, that majority of traders are used to. Because of its own software, everything is little bit different. For example, if traders who use demo account, want to contact this broker, they have to upgrade to the Real account first.

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    IQ Option Banking Info

    IQ Option takes care of security for their traders in South Africa and other world countries. Deposit and withdrawal process presents no difficulties for traders, whether they are beginners or experienced traders. IQ Option offers possibility to trade with many different currencies which is excellent.

    For depositing and withdrawing, traders can use different payment options, including debit (Maestro) and credit cards (Mastercard and Visa), bank wire and e-wallets (Skrill Moneybookers, QIWI, WebMoney, iDeal, Neteller, FasaPay, Boleto and CashU).

    Depending on the chosen account type, withdrawal time varies from 1 to 3 business days. Also, minimum withdrawal is $10, which is among the lowest in binary options industry. Entire payment procedure is detailed explained on their site, which is important because it is an indicator of transparent business.