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DaxRobot started their business in 2018. As we know, the trading sector is filled with several types of trading platforms that claim to make your money double in a few moments. These trading platforms have some positive and negative effects on the trading industry. However, several trading platforms have proved their worth as capable and versatile for trading in South Africa; these robots help the investors in the identification of market movements and trade on behalf of traders.

Automated trading platforms are safe, fast, and reliable to gain trading experience. These robots have no fear, greed, emotions, or ego. DaxRobot is an automated trading platform that provides automated CFD trading in South Africa. They are offering a variety of trading bots that will trade on your behalf. This platform has made trading easier and more exciting for the traders. DaxRobot has gained a lot of popularity in the trading sector. 

DaxRobot offers an interactive and user-friendly interface, and you do not have to be an expert or gain outstanding training to run this platform. Traders in South Africa can start trading with the DaxRobot platform in just three steps: free registration, login process, and getting funds deposited with different payment methods.

What Is DaxRobot South Africa

DaxRobot is one of the CFD and Forex trading robots that provides the service of automated trading software. This platform uses different algorithms and pattern recognition systems to make signals. These algorithms and pattern recognition systems help the DaxRobot to identify accurate signals and place trades.

DaxRobot has gained popularity in a short time and grabbed a lot of attention from traders in South Africa. The platform has only one supported broker, known as DaxBase.

DaxRobot offers a variety of payment methods, including: Litecoin, Bitcoin, Ethereum, credit, and debit cards. No detailed information was provided by DaxRobot on their website about the platform’s success and historical data. 

DaxRobot offers services to serve all the needs of its traders in South Africa. For deposits and withdrawals, they direct traders to the DaxBase broker. To activate the robot, you will need to deposit funds into the DaxBase broker’s account, although the robot platform is free to use. There is a 5% fee on the deposits made by the credit cards. The trading platform is offering a demo account through which you can get familiar with the working of the robot and its interface.

How To Use DaxRobot

DaxRobot offers automated software that will trade on your behalf. They deal with CFDs and Forex in the trading industry and are linked to the DaxBase broker. You can register yourself without any charges; you will just need to just deposit some funds in your account to enable the robots and start trading. 

Forex and cryptocurrencies are getting famous day by day in South Africa, and their demand is increasing as well. But don’t get fooled by scams like Bitcoin Loophole South Africa. That’s why this market requires more companies like DaxRobot that are providing an automated and smart trading solution to the traders in making profits. These robots work on AI-focused strategies to make their traders profitable. 

DaxRobot is a web-based trading platform with easy registration and login procedures. They are also providing customer support and demo account for new traders. Traders can customize the bots according to their requirements and create a new robot as well. Creating a new robot is quite easy for new traders because the platform has a user-friendly interface. Just click on the “Create New Robot” button and add preferred asset pairs and indicators. The platform offers 12 different currency pairs. Don’t forget to check how is forex trading taxable in South Africa.

As we know, they offer a demo account for new traders, and demo accounts are necessary for every trader. These simulated accounts provide knowledge and skills to the traders. DaxRobot demo accounts last for a minute with a minimum of $1000 balance. 

DaxRobot Login South Africa

DaxRobot offers free registration to the traders, and you have to follow three steps to access the platform. The first step for the sign up is filling in the registration form as soon as you click the sign-up button. You have to add details about your name, last name, phone number, email address, and password to protect the account.

You need to select the preferred broker and verify the captcha that you are not a robot. You have to agree to the disclaimer of the platform that you are not a citizen of the USA and Canada. When you click on the “Register for Free” button, an email will be sent to your provided email address to verify your account. Once you complete the registration procedure, you will have access to your login.

If you wish to access your account, you can put your credentials on the login page and click the login button. After completing this process, you will have access to the DaxRobot platform’s dashboard. As we already mentioned, registration to the platform is free, but the robots on the platform are locked until you deposit some funds into your broker account

You can deposit funds through several methods, such as cryptocurrencies, Skrill & Neteller South Africa, and debit or credit cards. After the deposit process, robots will be unlocked, and you can start trading. You just need to allocate funds to the robots, and they will start trading on your behalf.

DaxRobot Legit South Africa

If you wish to trade on the platform in South Africa, then you have to take services from DaxBase, which is the parent company of DaxRobot. This may make traders suspicious about the auto-trading platform.

DaxRobot is targeting new traders and providing an easy way to trade with transparent returns. New traders may want to use the DaxRobot platform for a while. However, best trader in South Africa would use their service until he understand and gathers information about the platform. They will steer away from other platforms and select regulated broker like IQ Option South Africa to automate their trading without staying on one robot.

In this modern era, auto trading popularity is increasing day by day. All other platforms in South Africa attract traders by showing them a trailer video of their website and robots. 

However, not giving every detail does not make a platform scam. Scam platforms cannot survive for a long period. As we know, DaxRobot is getting more popular in a short period of time. It means they have something special to provide to the traders.

DaxRobot Trading South Africa

Your choice about the platform can make trading easy or tense for you; all of this depends upon your experience and knowledge. Every platform which is providing services in South Africa has its drawbacks, and you can lose money if you do not understand the trading platform. If you understand the platform, then you have an advantage over other traders, and you can make a handsome amount of money compared to them.

When you sign up for the DaxRobot platform, you will select a robot from the robots list, or you can create your robot according to your preferences. DaxRobot platform has some top robots, and you can select those robots as well, those top robots are located on the left side of the trading platform.

Traders have the option to create a new robot for trading, and you can create a robot by clicking the “create my robot” button that is located above the top robot list in the platform. If you create a new robot, then you have to select your favorite asset pairs and a minimum of three indicators to start a trade. DaxRobot offers three types of accounts/robot: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. 

While creating a new robot, you need to choose preferred asset pairs and indicators. Some of the available robots and indicators are: Crypto ADX 2.0, xProfit, RVI & MA, Cryptohunter1, RSIMA Cross, and Ichimoku Crypto v2.

DaxRobot Scam South Africa

DaxRobot generates signals that depend on the pattern recognition system and innovative algorithms. Pattern recognition systems and algorithms can identify the signals that create ITM signals. You can make better decisions through a strategy that depends on different technical analysis and multiple indicators. 

Other automated platforms deal in forex and binary options, while DaxRobot only deals with forex and CFD trading South Africa. DaxRobot is a simple platform compared to the other platforms. Complex platforms are hard to understand and use, and new traders do not want to get involved in complexities. 

DaxRobot provides a user-friendly interface, and new traders who know only basics can use this platform. They can make a minimum investment of $1 and a minimum deposit of $250 to their accounts. They can withdraw their money within an hour. You can customize the platform according to your requirements. DaxRobot offers a demo account as well, the demo account has a $100 simulated fund, and you can use it for a minute. 

Many platforms who claim big profits, like Cryptosoft scam, turn out to be scams so make sure to be careful and do your due diligence before you invest larger sums.

Your capital is at risk