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Workers’ Day 2017 in South Africa

Workers’ Day 2017 in South Africa

Binary Options South Africa salutes all the workers in South Africa on the international annual celebration of Workers’ Day (also known as May Day). Workers’ Day is celebrated by workers in over 80 countries worldwide by honouring the date and what this day presents.

In South Africa, Workers’ Day or May Day is a symbol of what workers had to overcome and and how long was the path to the workers’ rights in the past decades.

It comes as a reminder of many challenges that South Africans had to face and which obstacles have they managed to overcome to be among developing countries in terms of their rights as a worker.

Workers Day in South Africa is a public national holiday since 1994, whereas the government continued to maintain over the years a good conditions for working population. It includes a lot of effort into establishing workers rights and as well as human rights, which are aligned to the International Labour Organization, whose member is also South Africa.

For many years, working class in South Africa struggled to become a part of democratic environment, prosperous and a united nation where economic justice will be possible due to presence of national South African liberation.

On May 1, South African people pay tribute to all the workers who sacrificed a lot so that other generations could live in a democratic South Africa and enjoy all the workers’ right and benefits as a citizens in South Africa.

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