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Tired of Trading Alone? Meet Trader’s Buddy Software

Tired of Trading Alone? Meet Trader’s Buddy Software

2017 brings new innovative ways to trade binary options in South Africa, such as Trader’s Buddy!

Trader’s Buddy is a simple to use trading software which offers South African traders a completely different approach to binary options with emphasis on social trading and semi automated binary trading.

To traders in South Africa, Trader’s Buddy delivers a selection od new and useful trading instruments, which can assist traders to achieve better trading results and have more successful trades.

This new trading software has been reviewed by us and offers full and detailed information can be seen in our Trader’s Buddy software review.

What Does Trader’s Buddy Deliver to South African Traders?

Trader’s Buddy presents itself as an excellent choice for all traders who are interested in social trading with opportunity to increase chances to reach high profits by following expert traders.

The secret of profitable trading journey lies in the fact to reduce risk exposure while trading binary options.

Regardless if traders are beginners or professionals, Trader’s Buddy software is easy to handle and trade on, which shows traders how binary options trading doesn’t have to be so hard.

Is Trader’s Buddy free? Yes, it is. To start trading with various trade types, South Africans have to register for free, by providing their first and last name, email and phone number.

Choose Preferred Trading Style with Trader’s Buddy

With Trader’s Buddy, South African traders can try semi-automatic and social trading as exceptional features to have better trading results which might lead traders to higher profits.

Social trading recently gets more attention which is fantastic since it allows traders to follow professionals and place trades according to their trading advices.

This software will list best performing pro traders to enable voting on best advices which traders novice can use afterwards.

However, another trading type is available on Trader’s Buddy platform which is option to use semi-automatic trading.

With this feature activated, traders can see what Trader’s Buddy experts created by allowing them to experience easy to use software and minimize risk level.

Semi-automatic trading feature enables South African trades to continuously receive binary trading signals which are actually alerts from current situation on financial market.

As novelties on Trader’s Buddy software, traders can choose between three trade options, such as Rush Options, Basers and Investo.

Trader’s Buddy Connected Brokers in South Africa

As a new binary trading software, Trader’s Buddy accept traders around the world and South Africa is no exception.

Available brokers on Trader’s Buddy software are:

For more details about how to perform trades and how to have a successful trading journey, South Africans can check their Education tab or directly reach customer support agents which are on disposal 24/7.

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