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SnapCash Binary: Snap Profits or Lose Them All?

SnapCash Binary: Snap Profits or Lose Them All?

SnapCash Binary is an automated trading robot that promises major cash, right now. In fact, right off the bat they promise investors that by using their easy software, they will be earning at least $1,200 per day. To become a member of SnapCash Binary, a minimum deposit of $250 is required – which, as they confidently state, is nothing compared to the thousands of dollars that will be pouring into your bank account every day. Can this be true? Does such a money-making machine exist? The simple answer is no, and that SnapCash Binary is a complete scam that South African traders should stay away from at all costs. Read our full review below and discover the three main reasons you should stay away from SnapCash Binary. These can help you uncover scams like this in the future. Don’t waste your time on yet another scam bot. Instead, choose to trade forex and cryptocurrencies with a truly professional robot like FXMasterBot! version 4 picture

1: “Cash-Generating” Machine

First of all, there is no such thing as a magic machine that generates large sums of money every day with just a simple deposit. SnapCash Binary claims to be a trading software, when in reality, no trading software can guarantee any profits. Trading always comes with risk and statements like “change your life today” or “become richer than you ever imagined” are entirely misleading and false.

Now, if you visit SnapCash Binary’s official site, you will see their entire premise is built on this “cash-generating” machine. They promise instant profit and in merely 24 hours, claim you can make up to $4,000.

South African traders should never trust trading companies that promise you profits. This is without a doubt a huge scam.

SnapCash Binary robot

2: Who is Austin Ford?

The only thing really pushed and visible on the SnapCash Binary website is a video that introduces us to Austin Ford, the founder of SnapCash Binary. He claims he is worth $12 million and can help you reach the same results by registering with this software. The entire video is basically Austin Ford driving around in a flashy Aston Martin and going to “complete strangers” to test the software.

Now, this brings to question whether this man actually exists. When trying to research him, absolutely no results were found. This is very strange for a businessman claiming to be worth so much money and the face of such a “profitable business”. The most obvious scenario here is that Austin Ford is not a real person, but an actor that was paid to sell this software. In fact, everyone that appears in the video as “complete strangers” are all actors – and bad ones at that. In the end of the video, they even turned around in what could only be seen as a cheesy commercial and fully promoted SnapCash Binary.

SnaoCash Binary Austin Ford


version 3 picture

3: Non-regulated Brokers

 If you are still not convinced that SnapCash Binary is a huge scam, a third red flag we noticed is that no regulated brokers are associated with this company. Instead, once you register with SnapCash Binary, you are automatically connected to unlicensed, fraudulent companies.

The funny thing is they even try justifying this when “Austin Ford” speaks against huge companies by stating that it is better to be a lone wolf in the market than going through huge services that everyone else uses. This is obviously not the case and South African traders should only trust licensed companies.

SnapCash Binary robot


As you probably have realized by now, our research into SnapCash Binary left us with only one conclusion: SnapCash Binary is a huge scam and South African traders should stay away and not invest any money with this fraudulent company.

Instead, you should take a safer bet with FXMasterBot – a professional software that provides fast, automated signals to trade with the broker of YOUR choice!

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