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Profitcoins Promises South Africans First Profits in 5 Minutes

Profitcoins Promises South Africans First Profits in 5 Minutes

Profitcoins is a new cryptocurrency trading software that has become increasingly popular among South African investors during the last few months.

Why? Because Profitcoins promises instant profits from the first 5 minutes of registering with their software. Sounds great, right? Actually, this claim is impossible and our team is here to explain to you why.

Most importantly, we are here to prove once and for all that Profitcoins is a massive scam that South African traders would do well to stay away from.

Read our full post on what this crypto trading software really is and 3 signs that prove they are a big crypto scam.

First thing’s first: What is Profitcoins and how do they work?

version 4 picture

What is Profitcoins?

As mentioned in the beginning of this post, Profitcoins is a crypto trading software. Specifically, they are an automated crypto trading software, which means they automatically place trades on cryptocurrencies on your behalf.

If you don’t happen to have any cryptocurrencies, Profitcoins can give you access to crypto exchanges to buy them.

Warning: Always be careful when it comes to complete auto-trading software. Such systems are never advisable according to regulators. In fact, most of them are scams, preying on complete beginners and promising “massive returns”.  

Tip: Instead, go for automated signals software like FXMasterBot, that give you all the information you need to easily place your own trades.

How does Profitcoins work?

It is unclear how this system really works, and this is a huge problem. Throughout their entire website, only generic information can be found about cryptocurrencies, but absolutely no substantial information on the company and the system they are selling – but more on that later.

When registering with Profitcoins, you can use their demo mode to see how the system “generates money”.

Check out the screenshot below.

As you can see, it seems to analyze profit potential and make the trades automatically. The demo mode is full of “congratulations” and a gradually increasing balance, but in reality, this is far from the truth.  

Check out the 3 reasons that Profitcoins is a huge scam and not only will you not make your first profit in 5 minutes, but you will never see that money again.

3 Reasons That Prove Profitcoins is a Scam

1: Profitcoins Has a Vague Website with No Substantial Information

The first red flag we noticed is that the entire Profitcoins website offers no real information on basic questions like who this company is and how the software even works. Instead, they hide behind a professional-looking design and ridiculous claims to be able to magically generate profits in 5 minutes.

In fact, the only information found on the entire website is generic information about cryptocurrencies and their profit potential. The video provided on the homepage explains absolutely nothing about Profitcoins or the system, but once again gives vague cryptocurrency information.

This has managed to fool many South African investors, which is why we warn our readers to stay away from such companies.

Warning: Lack of transparency and explanation of how the software they are selling even works is a huge red flag and a sign that a company is trying to hide something. Don’t fall for it.

2: Profitcoins: “Earn your First Profits in 5 Minutes” Tactic

profitcoins 5 minute profit

This statement is an immediate red flag and in fact, if you see anything similar to it again, stay away.

Profitcoins seems to have based their entire “pitch” on generating instant profits. They even have a section on the website that gives South African investors the percentages of daily profit they will be making depending on the amount they decide to invest.

profitcoins scam

A magic system that automatically generates daily profit without you having to even lift a finger may sound ideal (and believe me, I wish it was), but unfortunately it is entirely unrealistic and a huge investment scam.

No trading software can ever guarantee or even predict profits to South African investors. Trading always comes with some risk and the best systems let you know that upfront and never make empty promises of huge sums of money dropping daily into bank accounts.

3: Profitcoins Uses Different URLs

Last but not least, our team discovered that Profitcoins is using different URLs with identical websites to drive traffic from different sources under a different name.

As you can see from the screenshots below, one URL is and another is Both lead to identical pages.

profitcoins site

profitcoins website

Conclusion: Profitcoins is a Huge Scam

Due to all the reasons listed above, our team has confidently concluded that Profitcoins is a huge investment scam and South African traders should stay away at all costs.

It is not the “revolutionary software” it claims to be but part of a croud of many similar scam software out there that use the profit potential of trading to lure unsuspecting South African investors.

Which Companies Can I Trust?

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