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Binary News

Binary options trading has become a secondary source of earning for South African traders and also traders across the globe.

With binary options, it is possible to maximize profit when binary strategies are properly used. Use of training sessions, webinars, demo accounts, trading signals, software support and live chat are some of the supportive measures to know about movement of underlying assets.

Binary Options News feature is getting popular day by day as it is one of the simplest ways to read the latest market news and predict asset’s price movement for binary options trading.

  • Can You Trade CFDs on Opteck Platform?
    CFD Trading South Africa When trading CFDs, traders don’t own any specific asset but instead they speculate on a difference in price between its opening price and closing price. When trading on Opteck platform, South African traders can deposit amount lower that contract size that shows how a contract is leveraged. This however, enables traders to have an opportunity to maximize profit and boost their income. What we find to…
  • Trade and Fly with AnyOption Broker
    How to Qualify for AnyOption Trade and Fly Promotion? All trades done within Promo period will be considered as qualified for this AnyOption promotion. Also, only trades placed in binary options will be taken into consideration (excluding Bubbles, Dynamics, Option+, One Touch and Long Term). Check AnyOption terms and conditions for more detailed information. Trade requirements are: Registration for AnyOption promo - 150 topbonus miles For each trade - 5…
  • How to Achieve Great Results on Binary Options Robot Software?
    Binary Options Robot VIP Account – the Ultimate Tool for Achieving Great Results   However, even with all these great features marking Binary Options Robot it is its VIP account which is the crowning glory of this amazing trading software. And it is the VIP account which may help the most when it comes to how to achieve great results on Binary Options Robot software. Ready to be used by…
  • 24option Broker Offers MT4 Trading platform
    New 24option Trading Experience on MT4 Platform Just few days ago, 24option released a statement how they are no longer TechFinancials client as they were for years now due their plans of trading activity at proprietary in-house system. Currently, 24option is working on connecting their clients to MetaTrader platform with option to keep existing contacts. 24option brand is operated by the Rodeler Ltd and present on global financial market as…
  • Why is IQ Robots Shutting Down? - South Africa As an important information, traders should know how all trading balances will be transferred to IQ Option broker trading account. Ever since they designed IQ Robots, it seemed as an excellent option to satisfy those traders who prefer automated trading in order to profit from binary options. However, it seems how IQ Robots was facing with a lot of difficulties and…
  • Win Free Trip to Venice Carnival by Joining AnyOption!
    AnyOption Prize Details - QE Challenge Weekly winners will be chosen by the management team of Ouroboros Derivates Trading Limited. Only legitimate trades will be considered and accordingly, weekly bonus is about to be delivered to trader winner’s account. By accepting the bonus, winner agrees for the company to interview them as part of public relation purposes. For accepting the prize, winner should provide first and last name and their…
  • Binary Options Robot Presents a New Trading Strategy
    Key Settings for Binary Options Robot Order Flow Strategy Up til now, Robot’s registered traders were able to select a strategy from 4 offered one. From this point on, a new strategy is available and traders will have opportunity to achieve better trading results which might results with higher profits. In case traders have any questions, they can reach for Binary Options Robot customer support via live chat and get…
  • Banc de Binary Launches an Attractive Christmas Promotion
    Banc de Binary - The Gift of Trading Power For the Christmas time of the year, this popular binary broker offer excellent option for traders to navigate over tailor-made platform which is consisted of various magical characters for increasing holiday spirit. These characters guide registered traders through the holiday promotion which can result in having new Christmas gifts. Presents are hidden into Christmas boxes and they differ by the boxes…
  • Benefits of Trading with Daweda Exchange – South Africa
    The main difference from Daweda Exchange broker and others is the fact traders are able to trade between themselves, without Daweda to take a role in the trading process. As one of the main benefits of trading with Daweda Exchange broker in South Africa is the fact they enable traders to train trading binary options on demo account without any risk involved. This feature shows how Daweda platform is fully…
  • Are You Ready for AnyOption Amazing Christmas Challenge?
    AnyOption Christmas Shopping Craze 2016 To be able to participate in AnyOption Christmas 2016 promotion, South African traders have to fulfill several trading rules. Necessary requirements: Traders need to register until December 16th, 2016 (GMT time) Accepted traders: South Africa and European Economic Area At the end of X-mas promotion, traders need to redeem their points for any prize combination All prizes can be collected according to AnyOption terms &…

Whenever a company launches new product, traders predict the reaction of product on asset value. Whether the price will upward or remains constant? Trading based on current news is recommended for professional traders as they have experience what kind of news effect on price.

Novice traders should not only use trading based on news feature as it is perfect for skilled traders. Price of asset is actually the most inconstant value when news about certain event is discussed in market.

Why are Binary News Important for South African Traders?

Events and news are valuable for medium and highly professional traders in South Africa. Newcomers must follow simple trading strategies to get high returns. Movement of price sometimes can be challenging to predict in right direction if traders are not aware of market changes, if they exist of course. When an event is announced concerning specific asset, market movement can only be understood by experienced traders.

Binary Options News can affect on asset in striking way. Before and after such events, price of assets fluctuate strongly. In such situations, even highly expert traders are not confident what will be direction of movement; however after seeing reaction of market, trading based on news becomes valuable.

Binary Options Strategies to Trade With

Here are some rules for binary options traders to follow while trading binary options in South Africa,  based on events and market news. For an experienced South African traders, it is good to skip binary options trade 15 minutes before and after an event. These are highly unpredictable moments. During 15 minutes time period, sudden changes take place in value for short time frame.

To avoid risky situations, try to avoid binary options trading during that time period.Traders who use 30 Minutes before & after strategy, have some experience in binary options trading but are not professional, have patience and do not take part in trade for thirty minutes before and after an event. Reason is same as described for 15 minutes strategy. If you are not confident enough, take some time to understand change in asset value.

Effective binary options trading, based on quality binary news can greatly assist professional and medium experts in binary industry. There is guarantee of winning trade when value of asset is predicted before and after half an hour of an event launch.

When news about upcoming events is discussed in market, there is general consensus about concerning event. For instance, when Apple announces to launch latest product within few hours, most of customers suppose that product will be useful and of great quality.

As a result, the asset value will rise; however situation becomes fanatical when 30 minutes are left to launch this product. On the other hand, thirty minutes after launch of product are unpredictable. Price of asset keeps on increasing for the first 30 minutes but it gets a stable position after half an hour. After half an hour, people get some idea of product quality, whether it has capability to attract new customers or not. If the product is inferior in quality, there will be sudden fall in price.

Binary Options News on Currencies

Binary Options News based on currencies give predictions in form of Up or Down movement. For instance, U.S has announced some new jobs that have directly influenced  USD value. Investors will start buying USD which makes the currency stronger than before. On the other hand, economic downfall results as decrease in currency value.

Traders in South Africa can place trades on several available currencies, depending on what particular binary broker offers on its trading platform. News regarding currency pairs are often received and they reflect the current state of the market.

Binary Options News on Stocks

According to JSE, traders can see a complete list of available stocks to trade with. Release of product affects directly on value of connected assets. If market considers that upcoming product will grab the attention of customers, it is expected that stocks rates will move higher and higher. If product is admired by customers even after release, traders get chance to predict movement after an hour.

Avoid binary options trading before 30 minutes of launch and after 30 minutes of launch as this hour is impulsive and can bring unexpected changes any moment. Traders usually have on their disposal a variety of stocks so trading stocks is very popular and often used in binary options trading South Africa.

Binary Options News on Commodities

Besides trading stocks and currencies, trading commodities is very common in binary industry. Commodities such as gold, gas, oil and wheat are among popular ones and they also vary on the market. For example, it is important to monitor market reaction regarding oil prices due to situation in Saudi Arabia and other OPEC countries. For this reason, traders who invest in commodities are able to make accurate prediction on price movement if they follow market trends and react accordingly with their investment.

Binary News Conclusion

Binary option trading is simple as it does not require great amount of funds for investment. We try to provide our readers with the latest news and updates available on the financial market, regarding binary industry and underlying assets. Together with Binary Strategy and Binary Guide sections, traders in South Africa can get detailed information on how to trade with binary options and what tools can assist you while trading.

Binary options brokers offer tutorials, videos and customer support to guide traders while developing new strategies. Polish your skills and understand binary options market before predicting values based on events and news.