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MaximusCryptoBot: Maximum Profit or Just Another Scam?

MaximusCryptoBot: Maximum Profit or Just Another Scam?

For South African traders who do not want to waste another second on scam robots, stay away from MaximusCryptoBot and only use legitimate software like FXMasterBot. For the rest of our readers who wish to learn all about this fraudster, then keep reading our full review below where we unveil the truth about this pseudo auto trading app.

What is MaximusCryptoBot about?

MaximusCryptoBot is created by the same guy who created Maximus Edge Autobot. That is another scam software created by Max and his team. The difference between this scam bot and other software on the market is that it supposedly combines popular indicators like the EMA, Bollinger, Fibonacci, CCI and Stochastics to generate 93% accurate signals on Forex and Cryptos as well.

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Moreover, Max says that this is the best auto trading software on the market since it can work as good on both Forex and Cryptocurrencies at the same time. When they tested it, they claim to have received correct predictions 937 times out of 1000. South African traders should be warned that this is a total lie and such an accuracy cannot exist.

If such an app existed why would it be given away for free you might ask. Fraudsters want you to believe that their software will do all the hard work for you while letting you enjoy the earnings. Make no mistake, the fake testimonials used on their site have nothing to do with reality. As you can see from the screenshot below, there is a member testimonial showing that they earned $1,084 in a single day. Several other fake testimonials are shown too along with a fake comment below the allegedly won amount.

As can be seen from the screenshot above, these fraudsters put up fake stats to lure even more victims to make a deposit with their scam bot. When tested, their website kept showing the exact same percentages. For example, the free members spots taken bar was always showing 98% which can’t be true since, as they claim, so many new traders join them daily.

In addition, the amount shown as the daily profit was stuck to $129,674. This too can’t be true since it is simply impossible to keep having the exact number day after day. South African traders should avoid this scam at all costs. Don’t even think for a split second that these numbers are real. Their sole purpose is to make you and as many innocent traders as possible to make a deposit, so they can make a quick buck.

Another false claim is that this app is profitable for everyone and is provided for free for the first three months and then it will automatically deduct 5% of all the profits made. The reason for them saying so is for you to think that this might be true since they will start charging you a small fee on your profits but, guess what, by the time that the three months period is over they will be long gone. If you do not want to feel frustrated and cheated, keep clear of this fraudster.

Why should I stay away from MaximusCryptoBot?

South African traders should be warned that this is a total scam. MaximusCryptoBot will not make you rich. All they want is to profit from the deposits of their victims. They ask you to not make any predictions or even try to understand how the market works. All they ask you to do is to make a deposit. This shows that all they need is your hard-earned cash.

Making any money with MaximusCryptoBot is not feasible and any serious trader should stay away from this software. Don’t be fooled by famous entrepreneurs on their website. They use their photos without their consent just to gain credibility and thus, lure more victims into their trap.


It is more than obvious that fake apps are all over the internet. Stay alert and educated when it comes to making a deposit and investing your hard-earned cash. As always, avoid trading with bogus robots like MaximusCryptoBot. Lastly, South African traders wishing to trade with a legitimate software should try FXMasterBot.

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