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IQ Option Introduces 2 New Trading Tools and Technical Indicators for South African Traders

IQ Option Introduces 2 New Trading Tools and Technical Indicators for South African Traders

IQ Option introduces 2 brand-new trading tools and expands their indicator selection up to a total of 79 technical indicators for South African traders. The award-winning broker never fails to impress South African investors, by continuously making additions and updating their trading platform so that their motto “the ultimate trading experience” never goes out of style.

Keep reading to find out all you need to know about each new IQ Option addition and elevate your trading experience.

IQ Option New Tools: Asset Profile & Market Analysis

The brand-new tools now available on the IQ Option platform are Asset profile and Market Analysis.

Originally known to South African investors as Assets section, the all-new Asset profile is now an extra feature on the IQ Option trading platform. By clicking on the info button shown below, South African traders will get a full overview and real-time trading conditions of each given asset available on the platform.

Take a look at how the new Asset profile works below.

iq option platform

Besides Asset profile, IQ Option has added a second tool to their platform for South African traders, known as Market Analysis. This brand-new tool will give South African investors a clear overview of the current financial market, which includes all the latest news (gathered only from trusted sources) sorted into four categories:

  • Smart newsfeed
  • Forex calendar
  • Crypto calendar
  • Earnings calendar

So, what do these features mean? Simply put, it means that South African traders will get all the latest industry opportunities they need to know directly from the IQ Option platform. No longer will you need to visit different sites looking for important information and tips based on market news. IQ Option now delivers all this information to South African traders straight from the comfort of their own trading platform and all through Market Analysis.

iq option platform

IQ Option New Technical Indicators

As if all-new tools were not enough, IQ Option has added brand-new technical indicators as well. With this latest addition, the IQ Option indicator collection has now expanded to 79 total indicators available for South African traders.

Don’t miss out on any of these news additions to the IQ Option platform. IQ Option continues to prove to be one of the best brokers for South African traders that our experts are always proud to recommend.  

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re not already an IQ Option trader, join South African investors and start trading with a minimum deposit of only $10!

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