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What are the Best Binary Trading Platforms?

What are the Best Binary Trading Platforms?

Trading binary options records an increasing number of interested people across South Africa. Traders in South Africa find binary options as a great alternative for investing and maximizing profit in this industry.

There are many features and trading instruments that when used properly, can greatly contribute to better trading results.

Safe trading platform is definitely one of these important steps.

For that reason, we decided to write an article that will contain all relevant information about the best and most popular trading platforms in binary options industry.

The Most Successful Binary Trading Platforms

Since binary options trading is a dynamic online investment, we have compiled a list of well-known and safe trading platforms, used by trustworthy brokers who operate on South African and global market.

Below you can see the best binary trading platforms:

  • SpotOption
  • TechFinancials
  • Proprietary
  • Tradologic
  • PandaTS
  • Leverate

How to Trade on SpotOption Trading Platform?

spotoption-logo-150x44SpotOption is known as global platform provider in binary options. SpotOption is established in 2010 and in the past six years, they became very successful thanks to providing high standards on its platform combined with top security level.

Their services are used by more than 250 brands globally and hold even 70% of binary options market.

Binary brokers who operate on SpotOption platform are:

To their clients, SpotOption offers excellent features and customized platform, which is a great way for traders to get the most from binary options trading. For South Africans to be able to use SpotOption platform, download is not required.

With SpotOption software, traders can experience following trading features:

  • Double Up – tool used to double the trade if you are certain you are going in a right direction (under same conditions as the previous trade)
  • Rollover – when switched on, traders can delay time of expiry if they aren’t sure about the price direction
  • SpotFollow – provides traders a possibility to copy the trades done by por traders
  • OptionBuilder – feature that can enable to make a new option in an exact way they want (personalized trade)


Trade with TechFinancials Platform

techfinancials-logo-150x54This platform provider appeared in binary industry back in 2009. It is one of the first binary platform providers and is also widespread among many brokers we have listed on our site.

24option-white2To traders in South Africa, TechFinancials platform offers customized software with a variety of different tools and features which can be easily used.

So far, on TechFinancials platform, there are more than 100 000 trades executed per day. Traders can also use mobile application, for simple trading process.

Available trade options with TechFinancials are: One Touch, High/Low and Boundary options. Tools such as Spot, Ladder and Option Pricing are also available with this platform provider.

Proprietary Platform in Binary Options Industry

stockpairIn recent years, more and more brokers turn to own proprietary platform, which is clearly visible on South African binary market. There are several respectful brokers, who offer proprietary platforms for trading binary brokers. They are:

anyoptionn logoIdea behind own proprietary platform is to create a custom-made platform, especially designed with its own tools and features available. Such platforms are completely designed according to traders’ preferences, which contributes to better trading results and greater success.

Above mentioned brokers are regulated and licenced by the CySec authority, that shows how they are committed into ensuring high safety standards.

Each proprietary platform is different from another, however all four of them are simple to use. This is definitely the most important element of proprietary platforms in binary options trading. There are different trading features, such as IQ Option mobile app and StockPair kiko options; a novelty in binary options trading.

For more details regarding best binary trading platforms, we recommend to read their reviews and get better insight.

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How to Use Tradologic Platform in Binary Options Trading?

tradologic-logo-150x37Tradologic is another one of the best binary trading platforms.

They are established early, in 2008, together with appearance of binary options industry. RBinary is one of the popular brand who operate on Tradologic platform.

Traders who use this platform provider will have on disposal customized user-friendly interface. They also offer mobile app that is now very popular and often used by many South Africans who invest in binary options.

RBinary offers registered traders a selection of different trade options, such as HIgh/Low, Touch/No Touch, Boundary, Binary 100, Touch Up/Down, Matrix MultiX and Turbo Options. Another available features are: Rollover, Double Up, Re-Strike, Close and Insurance.

PandaTS for Trading Binary Options

panda-logo-150x76PandaTS is online since 2007 with a goal to offer traders modern and easy to use trading platform. They are preferred choice of reliable binary brokers, and Tropical Trade.

While reviewing them, we discovered they offer mobile version of the platform, compatible with iOS and Android systems. Also, they offer following trade options that can be used to maximize profit: Touch Options, High/Low, Turbo Options and Range Options.

Leverate Binary Trading Platform

leverate-logo-sLeverate platform is another one from the best binary trading platforms that is presented on South African market. They have more than 100 brands who rely on Leverate platform and 100 000 traders who use it.

TradeThunder is a popular binary broker, available in South Africa who operate on Leverate platform. With BX8 platform, traders can experience modern and easy to use design that simplifies trading process for registered traders.

On this platform, it is possible to use 60 Seconds and High/Low trade options. Another thing worth mentioning on Leverate platform is One Click feature – when activated, gives possibility to execute trades immediately.

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What are the Best Binary Trading Platforms?