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 How do I begin trading?

To start trading binary options, we recommend you a list of binary brokers recommended by us who offer trading services on South African market. Here you can find a list of brokers in order to read their reviews and trade with them.

You can also choose to invest with free binary automated software, such as Binary Options Robot.

We advise you to check our Guide section to find answers on relevant questions when trading binary options.

How do I start trading with binary broker?

When you click on a specific broker, you can read broker review and click on button Trade with. Brokers listed on our website have been reviewed by us. Once you choose preferred broker to trade with, all you have to do is to register and then you will get access to their trading platform.

How do I start trading with Binary Options Robot?

When you click on Trade with Binary Options Robot, you will go directly to a new window where you can open an account. After you provide your first and last name, email address, password and phone number, the registration process is finished. Then you can start trading binary options with automated software.

Where Can I Register?

You can select a broker listed on our website and click on Trade with button. You will be redirected to a specific broker you have chosen and there you can fill in details for registration process to be completed.

What are Binary Options?

Binary options are also called digital options and are based on an estimation of an underlying asset in a given time frame. Traders need to predict will an asset price rise or fall in a predetermined period of time.

What is an Underlying Asset?

An underlying asset is an asset used for trading binary options on the financial market. It can be a currency, stock, commodity or index.

What is a Call Option?

Call option is a type of option selected when you predict that the asset price will rise.

What is a Put Option?

Put option is a type of option selected when you predict that the asset price will fall.

How to avoid scam in binary options industry?

There are several ways how you can avoid scam in binary options trading. In our scam article, you can learn how to distinguish a serious broker from scam and how to trade successfully.

What is minimum deposit?

Minimum deposit amount depends on the chosen binary options broker. Some brokers offer low deposit amount, such as $5 with Ayrex and $10 with IQ Option. Other brokers have usual deposit amount of $250 that is an average deposit amount in binary industry.

What Currencies Can be Used for Trading?

Selection of currencies depend on a particular broker you choose. Upon registration on broker’s platform, you can select a preferred currency to trade in.

Can I use demo account?

Of course, demo account is one of the most popular and often used features in binary options trading. The only broker to currently offer a demo account is IQoption who offer $10,000 Free Demo account

On demo, you can practice trading in risk free environment, without possibility to lose money.

Do brokers on your website accept traders from South Africa?

Yes, all brokers listed on our Binary Options South Africa accept traders from South Africa.

What is the first thing I need to know before I start trading?

Before you invest your money, we recommend you to read tips on how to trade successfully. In our Guide section, we have a list of different topics on what you should know before you start trading binary options.

Are Any Documents Necessary to Deposit / Withdraw Funds?

Yes, before making any payments, it is necessary to provide several documents to the chosen broker. Usually, these documents are: copy of photo ID, proof of address and credit card copy (if it will be used when trading). It is necessary due to anti-money laundering.

We advise you to check banking policy on broker’s platform to get exact information.

What deposit methods are available?

Each broker has its own list of available deposit and withdrawal methods. Here you can read more about it.

If you want to know how exactly and detailed explained, you can deposit with the best brokers in the industry, reviewed by us. 

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Funds?

Time frame for withdrawing funds depends on a binary broker. Each broker has its own banking policy. We recommend you to read our broker reviews, such as IQ Option, Banc de Binary, 24option etc. and check withdrawal terms in order to get needed information.

What is binary auto trading software?

Binary auto trading is a new revolutionary way how you can achieve high payouts if you don’t have trading knowledge. Automated software, such as Binary Options Robot is an advanced and innovative software that places trades on behalf the trader.

How to become a successful trader?

Binary options trading has many advantages and South African traders have great opportunity to read different broker reviews and related trading topics in order to get better understanding on how to be a successful trader and earn money.

Can I earn money if I don’t have experience in binary options trading?

Yes, you can. You can select if you want to trade with the top performed brokers in binary industry recommended by us is IQoption

If you are a beginning trader, we recommend you to start trading with Binary Options Robot, which is a great solution for newbies. For more details, read our Binary Options Robot review.