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Crypto Trend: Get Rich Quick or Lose Money Fast?

Crypto Trend: Get Rich Quick or Lose Money Fast?

Crypto Trend is a new crypto bot in the market that promises investors profit from 26.1% to 44.1% per month. Their main motto “Be Better – Be Richer” automatically raises red flags and was the main reason our team decided to take a closer look at what this crypto bot is really about. Following the recent crypto-boom, hundreds of programs were created that claim to give their customers a “ride on the Bitcoin train of success” when in reality, they are all scams that use cryptocurrency success stories to trick people into investing all their money. When working on this review, our key mission was to discover whether or not Crypto Trend is yet another scam South African traders should stay away from. Don’t waste your time on yet another scam bot. Instead, choose to trade forex and cryptocurrencies with a truly professional robot like FXMasterBot! version 4 picture

What is Crypto Trend?

Crypto Trend is a new cryptocurrency robot based in Moscow where investors can trade exclusively with cryptocurrencies. Registration to Crypto Trend is by invitation only, which means in order to create an account with this crypto bot, you must visit their site by a special member ref-link or specify the login.

Why Should I Stay Away from Crypto Trend?

Upon carefully, reviewing this new bot, our team would definitely advise South African users against investing any money with Crypto Trend. We have created a list of all the red flags we noticed, and all the reasons Crypto Trend should not be trusted.

1: Get-Rich-Quick Tactics

It is increasingly common that companies try to persuade South African users to invest money by making false money-making statements. Whether this be empty promises of outrageously large sums of money or hiding behind get-rich language that is essentially all a lie, these companies are undoubtedly scamming South Africans everywhere.

Crypto Trend uses this tactic across their whole site, from their motto “Be Better – Be Richer”, to their investment plan based on exact percentages that promises higher returns with larger deposits. They offer five different investment plans, from the “Start” gradually moving up to “VIP” with exact profit percentages under every plan depending, of course, on the deposit a South African trader makes. Overall, they claim that South African investors will be making a profit from 26.1% – 44.1% a month.

The problem here is that there is no way any trading company can know the exact profit percentages. Trading in itself always entails risk and no promises of profit can be made. South African investors should always be careful whenever they notice money-making statements like these because they are all lies.

This also brings to question what type of crypto bot this really is and how is it making this money, which will be properly addressed in the following section.

Crypto Trend Robot
2: Unclear Business

Another red flag we noticed when reviewing Crypto Trend was that there was no clear explanation of what this crypto bot really does. In fact, according to the vague language they use to describe the business and the investment plans they offer, they make it sound like a money-generating machine where users simply make deposits and their profits are magically guaranteed over time. This is not crypto trading though nor is it possible, as we explained above. In fact, they intentionally remain vague and use complicated language on their site so South African users never fully understand what this company is actually doing.

In addition, they do not state anywhere on the site what company owns and operates Crypto Trend. They only mention it is Russian.

version 3 picture

3: Unlicensed

Crypto Trend is not regulated and would be impossible to be licensed when looking through their site and the two points made above. Regulated companies never mention exact profits and they always make it clear what their company is doing and who operates and owns the company.


Upon careful review of Crypto Trend, we can officially state that this company is a scam and South African investors would do well to stay away from it. Whether this be false money-making promises, vague business descriptions or unlicensed status, one thing is certain: Crypto Trend is not “dominating the field of the crypto trading” but scamming South Africans into investing all their money.

Instead of losing money on scams like this, choose to trade forex and cryptocurrencies with professionals like FXMasterBot, a robot software that provides fast, reliable trading signals!

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