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TradeInvest90 Broker Review

  1. TradeInvest90 is an unlicensed online trading provider that offers over 1,000 financial assets traded in CFDs and FX as well as Crypto trading. Crypto trading is quickly becoming the next big thing in financial markets and TradeInvest90 managed to create an exciting trading platform where traders can execute trades with cryptocurrencies as their underlying asset, without having to own Bitcoin, Litecoin or any other currency.

    The Financial Markets Authority (FMA) of Austria has issued a warning against trading with TradeInvest90, which all South African investors should take into consideration. 

    Make sure that you read the whole review that follows in order to find out more about TradeInvest90. 

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    TradeInvest90 Account Features

    TradeInvest90 is an innovative broker that supports cryptocurrencies trading. There is not an option to choose between different account types. All traders trade with the same account type which gives them an equal starting point. Of course, traders should always try to increase their knowledge of financial trading and market trends to make progress. Moreover, there is no mention of any bonuses when depositing funds. Minimum deposit is set at $250 with a minimum trade of around $30 depending on the trade. For example, if you want to trade Gold then the minimum trade is $38 whereas the minimum trade for Silver is $30. Always, make sure that you read the terms and conditions of any broker before you make any deposit.

    The registration is straightforward and only takes a few minutes. You simply click on the open account icon on the right top corner and fill in your details. Then, you need to make a deposit if you wish to use the platform to trade or witch to the demo account in order to practice before switching back to trading with real money. If you are inexperienced it would be wise to use the demo account before using your own funds otherwise you risk losing most or even all your capital; hence, become frustrated. All this frustration can be avoided by educating yourself on the subject matter and by practicing without risking your own funds. Once you feel confident enough you can then, make a deposit and start trading with real money.

    Tip: Consider IQ Option instead – the best regulated broker for South African traders with a minimum deposit of only $10!

    TradeInvest90 Trading Software

    TradeInvest90 is using their own platform that is quite easy to use. It is pretty straightforward and even traders who have little or no experience in trading with this broker won’t find it difficult to use. TradeInvest90 offers over 1,000 financial assets traded in CFDs and FX as well as Crypto trading. Furthermore, there is an option to download the mobile version of the platform on your iPhone or android so that you can trade anytime and anywhere since the mobile app allows you direct account access, investment management capabilities and continuous connection to the market with only a touch of a finger.

    As already stated, traders do not need to own the actual cryptocurrency or USD, as they are trading on contracts that they can sell or buy, depending on the market situation and their desires. Moreover, traders can customize their trading, as there are several helpful tools available and thus, improve their trading experience and make the most out of their money. TradeInvest90 tools available on the platform are:

    • Take profit: Closes a position automatically after a certain level of profit has been reached
    • Stop loss: The position is automatically closed if it goes in unwanted direction
    • Price alerts: The platform alerts you when an asset reaches a specified price
    • Reports: You can create several reports through the system

    What is more, Tradeinvest90 offers an all-inclusive educational centre where traders can reach the highest level of online trading thanks to their extensive learning tutorials which are fit for all levels of expertise. The centre includes more than 150 video courses, a comprehensive eBook library, Novice, advanced and Expert live daily webinars and much more.

    TradeInvest90 Support Information

    TradeInvest90 provides its traders with professional assistance around the clock and across the globe. TradeInvest90 can be reached 24/6 via live chat, email or phone. You can even fill out an online contact form and drop them a message or even request a call back. Traders who wish to call directly they can do so by calling the following numbers depending on their location.

    • UK +44 2080685120
    • Canada +1 613 6996819
    • Australia +61 261450126
    • Switzerland +41 315280314
    • Austria +43 720881712
    • Germany +49 32221094651
    • Netherlands +31 858880635

    Besides English, the website can be translated into Dutch or German by the click of a button. Simply, choose between the languages and automatically the website is translated into the chosen language. This is very good for those traders that prefer to trade in their mother language. Traders who wish to enhance their learning on trading can do so by reading all the available educational material that is available on the website, as already mentioned, in their preferred language so that they can make the most out of it. For instance, they can learn not only the basics but find out more about the most popular cryptocurrencies offered as well as trading strategies in order to be able to not only sustain their capital but be able to increase it as well. In addition, there is an explanation on how to get started, as well as several guides that explain basic principles of trading and even more advanced ones. Traders can also follow news, market analysis, watch videos etc.

    TradeInvest90 Payment Methods

    As already mentioned, the minimum deposit with TradeInvest90 is $250 which is in the normal range. This means that inexperienced traders should always make sure that they know what they are doing before risking their own funds. Using a demo account to practice is always advisable before switching to trading with real money. TradeInvest90 only accepts payments through a credit card. Tradeinvest90 customers can withdraw their funds and benefits whenever they need to when they pass the compliance procedures.

    According to TradeInvest90’s withdrawal policy, to request a partial or complete withdrawal of funds from your account, click on “Withdrawal request” in your account. Please consider that they take 5-7 business days to process your withdrawal request. In addition, withdrawals must be performed only through the same bank account or credit/debit card that you used to deposit the funds. Furthermore, when it comes to withdrawals, clients may be required to present additional information and documents.

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