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Is IQ Option a Scam?

IQ Option
Min. Deposit: $ 10
Min. Investment: $ 1
Max Returns: up to 91%
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
Signals: No
  1. IQ Option broker no longer provides binary options bonuses!

    Due to popularity of binary industry, a large number of brokers appeared on financial markets by enabling traders to invest in binary options. Unfortunately, not all binary brokers are reliable and traders have to be careful while selecting a preferred broker.

    IQ Option brokerage company is listed as one of the best brokers for traders in South Africa. This broker offers traders own proprietary platform which is easy to use for both traders beginners and professional traders.

    Below, you can find out more is IQ Option broker or if there is any IQ Option scam activity.

    Online since 2013, IQ Option is present on financial market and offers South Africans a wide range of trading instruments and services for a possible profitable binary options journey.

    They have started their business initially in Russia and very quickly expanded to European countries and other countries across the world, including South Africa.

    Their proprietary platform is protected with the latest security systems that ensures traders in South Africa to trade binary options.

    In terms of regulation, IQ Option is a regulated binary broker with an extensive list of different regulatory authorities.

     IQ Option obtains licenses for following regulatory authorities:

    • CONSOB – stands for The Commissione Nazionale per le Societa e la Borsa, a regulatory body in Italy. Their purpose is to protect investing public on financial market in Italy.
    • FCA – FCA (The Financial Conduct Authority) in financial regulatory authority in the United Kingdom, that operates separately from UK government.
    • Thomson Reuters – world-known and recognized media company which provides information regarding a variety of different assets on financial market across the world.
    • Regafi – The Financial Agents Register is a regulatory body in France that gives access to operate in France.
    • FMRRC – stands for the Financial Market relations Regulation Center. Their purpose is to regulate the quality of financial trading services and tools, provided by brokers.



    This amazing list shows how this broker pays a lot of attention to ensure South Africans to have an exciting binary trading experience. For years now, we haven’t received reports of any IQ Option scam activity. This is an indicator of non-existing IQ Option scam.

    It is also important to mention how IQ Option has a very informative site with well explained regulation status, terms & conditions and banking services.

    Deposit and withdrawal process are secure and executed in short period of time and traders shouldn’t have any difficulties when doing payments with IQ Option. This also proves there is no IQ Option scam. For more on how to deposit and withdraw, funds, read in our IQ Option review.

    IQ Option Terms & Conditions

    Transparency in binary options industry is very important for traders in South Africa who want to invest their money on an innovative trading platform. IQ Option pays a lot of attention to providing a transparent business for traders to have a possibility of a profitable trading journey.

    IQ Option Terms & Conditions are a part of broker’s proprietary software where traders can find a valuable information regarding binary options trading.

    Under Regulations tab, South Africans can find IQ Option Terms & Conditions, divided in several categories:

    • Risk Disclosure
    • Privacy Policy
    • Payment Policy
    • Cashback
    • Anti Money Laundering and Know Your Customer policy
    • Bonus policy
    • Complaints policy


    iq option banner2 new

    In IQ Option terms & conditions, they explained in details about different policies how to invest in binary options with this broker and on what to be careful. Traders often deposit first and later start to read terms and conditions. We always recommend our readers to first gather all necessary information and then to invest their money.

    In example of IQ Option terms & conditions, South Africans can learn more on bonus policy and what are bonus requirements to be eligible for bonus withdrawals. Also, this broker provides details regarding anti money laundering and traders can read all that before they begin binary options trading experience.

    As seen during our review, transparent IQ Option terms & conditions show how this broker plays by the book and follows all rules and laws. For this reason there is no IQ Option scam since traders and their safety while trading is their primary goal.