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IQ Option
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Binary Option Programs Award
Min. Deposit
$ 10
Min. Investment
$ 1
Regulated Broker

IQ Option Robot

  1. IQ Robots is closed. Try trading manually on IQ Option platform instead.

    As one of the most popular binary options on the binary options market, IQ Option is prompt and efficient when it comes implementing innovations.

    They have proved this with their new 4.0 trading platform.

    However, another novelty comes in the form of IQ Option robot or, as is better known, IQ Robots.

    What South African traders get when selecting to trade with IQ Option robot is a sophisticated software in the form of an algorithm.

    The algorithm makes use of mathematical and other relevant data in order to make cold calculations devoid of usual emotional factors.

    With IQ Option, robot is free as IQ Option does not charge any fees for registration, creating or usage. If traders already have an IQ Option account, they can use it to create the account for IQ Option Robot as well.

    As is the case with their regular trading platform, South Africans can also opt to first use IQ Robots demo account.

    The benefit of opting to use IQ Option Robot is not just in the fact that traders are free to either create a completely new robot, but they can use the one already created by other traders which is an option used for copy trading.

    If they choose to create their own, level of their experience is taken into account and they can either use a Wizard (for beginners) or Constructor (for professionals) in order to create a robot according to their own specifications.

    South African traders also have the opportunity to test the robot they have created and change it if there are not happy with something and that can greatly improve the trading performance.

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    IQ Option Login Process  

    iq option logoIt hardly comes as a surprise that IQ Option login is a simple and straightforward matter which can be done in a matter of minutes.

    In order to initialize the process, South African traders have to first sign up.

    A simple window will appear the moment they click the sign up icon where they will be asked to submit their first and last name, email and password.

    They will also have accept the terms and conditions in order to complete IQ Option login.

    Once this is finalized traders will be able to proceed and make deposit, which with IQ Option is set at only $10, and start trading.

    For every consequent IQ Option login, all they need to do is select the log in button and then type in their email and password which will provide them access to their account.

    This simple registration and login process points that their innovative platform, though modern, provides a simple but at the same time advanced and efficient trading journey.

    With various tools such as mobile trading app and various support lines as well as superb indicators, traders are given the best of modern technology and trading-savvy approach.

    Bearing in mind, IQ Option uses SSL technology to protect the privacy of their traders, all info given seem legit.

    IQ Option Download Options

    With a fantastic blend of WebGL technology and efficiency, IQ Option’s new version of trading platform allows traders to experience the most of binary options trading.

    IQ Option download is not necessary as all those South African traders who wish to trade with this regulated broker can do so online. Their enhanced 4.0 trading platform can simply be opened in a web browser and IQ Option download is not needed.

    The new platform allows traders to open up to 9 charts at once, they can resize them and move them around.

    The speed of the platform is 5x what it used to be, and the smallest price changes are visible in charts in seconds!

    On the other hand, South African traders can also opt to use the added benefit of trading with this broker and actually execute the IQ Option download and install it on their computers if that adds to their feeling of safety.

    With the changes introduced on their new platform, they have also optimized trading terminals for Mac and Windows which now work seamlessly thanks to the OpenGI technology which is implemented on their unique cross-platform architecture.

    IQ Options download is also applicable when it comes to their mobile trading app as well, for those South Africans who wish to trade on the go.

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    IQ Option Tips for Successful Trading

    IQ Option, which is a regulated broker, could prove to be an interesting trading choice for millions of people around the world which includes South African traders as well.

    IQ Option tips and tricks for successful trading include following market news and understanding the nature of assets South Africans wish to trade. Knowing these two factors can make a huge difference in trading choices being made.

    Since this broker is known for keeping up with novelties concerning binary options trading, another one of IQ Options tips for trading is also to use their fantastic demo account in order to practice and gain more experience before the actual trade on real account takes place. logo-iqoption

    IQ Option tips  most definitely include South African traders using the benefit of their mobile app which is easy to download and use.

    This provides traders with an opportunity to trade no matter what their location is.

    Considering the advanced WebGL and OpenGI technologies which have been incorporated on their platform, South African traders can truly experience a whole new level of trading.

    Fantastic tools such as Fibonacci lines and Trend lines as well as with sophisticated indicators like Parabolic Sar, Stochastic Oscillator and Awesome Oscillator are now available to be used in order to secure better trades.

    Together with some of the lowest minimum deposits in the industry which is set at only $10, IQ Option is a broker which keeps getting better and better.

    “General Risk Warning: The financial products offered by the company carry a high level of risk and can result in the loss of all your funds. You should never invest money that you cannot afford to lose.”