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IQ Option Free Demo Account

IQ Option
Min. Deposit: $ 10
Min. Investment: $ 1
Max Returns: up to 91%
Rating: Rated with 5 stars
Regulated Broker: Available
Signals: No
  1. On binary options scene, IQ Option brokerage is present since 2013.

    For traders, residing in South Africa, IQ Option is available from 2015. While reviewing this brokerage company, we noticed how they use user friendly interface which is simple to use. They are one of rare brokers who offer South African traders its own proprietary software.

    Below, you can find out more on:

    IQ Option broker no longer provides binary options bonuses!


    IQ Option Demo Account

    IQ Option demo is offered to traders in South Africa as a great trading feature.

    IQ Option demo account is free and often used among many traders who join their platform.

    When entering IQ Option site, traders will be asked to open a free IQ Option demo or real account. The first thing traders have to do to get access on IQ Option demo is to sign in on trading platform. This is possible through Facebook or Google+.

    IQ Option demo account is designed keeping in mind traders who can improve trading skills and start trading like a pro. On demo, South Africans have possibility to trade in a trading  at no risk. Risk free environment means there can be no money loss since traders do not invest real money, instead they are offered with virtual money.

    To start using IQ Option demo, this broker offers traders in South Africa amount of $1000 virtual money.

    Traders are able to see how trading binary options actually looks like and get a feeling of it. They can use different trading instruments and techniques to try and determine the right price movement of an asset.

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    IQ Option demo serves as great way for traders who are new to binary options trading thanks to its many benefits. Traders can place trades in different assets with the help of useful educational materials, provided by IQ Option.

    Demo accounts are actually very popular among traders because it provides them to start their binary trading journey in a trading environment at no risk of losing funds. Also, it is important to note that there are no fees regarding use of IQ Option demo.

    In case of any assistance regarding trading on IQ Option demo, South African traders can contact their customer support agents, in total 35 specialists. IQ Option agents are available for traders 24/7.

    IQ Option App

    logo-iqoptionIQ Option presents traders in South Africa an additional feature; a mobile app. Mobile trading is considered as great way to trade binary options on the go. To stay on the top list of best binary brokers, IQ Option app is implemented on proprietary platform.

    Their goal is to enable traders to place trades from anywhere.

    IQ Option app is available not only on computers, but on smartphones and tablets as well.

    South Africans can download IQ Option app in both Google Play and App Store. This shows how they developed mobile app that is fully compatible with Android and Apple devices.

    Traders are enabled to trade with different assets and use a variety of trade options to increase chances of success in binary options trading. On IQ Option app is possible to trade the same way as on regular web based platform.

    Only difference is that mobile app is more convenient for traders in South Africa who prefer trading on the go and IQ Option app provides just that.

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    How to Earn Money with IQ Option?

    Due to its many advantages, binary trading is widespread among traders in South Africa. To be certain you have chosen a good broker, our advice would be to always read broker reviews and gather valuable info, such as IQ Option review.

    Traders who invest in binary options want to profit from it, which is reasonable. It is possible to earn money with IQ Option thanks to their first-rate trading platform. This broker offers traders to invest in options, such as High/Low and 60 Seconds.

    South Africans have on disposal to deposit in multiple currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, RUB, NZD, JPY, CAD and AUD.

    They offer IQ Option demo and many other features that can help traders to earn money with IQ Option. In case of any queries, they can reach customer support over phone, live chat, web form or email

    With the help of different educational tutorials and guides, there is plenty room for traders to improve binary trading skills to be better and achieve high payouts. If available trading features are used properly, there is no reason why not to earn money with IQ Option.

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