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Daweda Exchange
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Is Daweda Exchange a Regulated Broker?

  1. This broker is closed. 

    Is Daweda Exchange a Regulated Broker?

    Daweda Exchange is one of the latest binary brokers we had an opportunity to review. In this paragraph, we will answer the question is Daweda Exchange a regulated broker and if so, what does it mean to South African traders.

    This brokerage company is owned by Cypriot Companies Law and established in 2016. We want to inform our South African readers how Daweda Exchange is a regulated binary options broker. 

    Daweda Exchange is a serious binary broker who is present for all interested traders around the world, as well as those residing in South Africa.

    To prove how they are not a scam, they became regulated and offer trading platform which is modern and has SSL protection. 

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    How to Register with Daweda Exchange Broker?

    Unlike trading binaries on different platforms, with Daweda Exchange broker, South African traders get a slightly different opportunity to invest in binary options.

    Novelty on Daweda broker is that traders are able to trade one against the other.

    In this situation, Daweda Exchange serves as a “bridge” between competing traders, while broker charges a small fee for invested trades.

    So how to register with Daweda Exchange? It is very simple and straightforward actually.

    Once they enter the platform, they need to click on Sign Up button if they don’t have trading account already or Login button for those traders who are already registered with this broker. Traders who are already registered only need to provide their email and password to get access to this regulated platform.

    Once South Africans join the platform they can click on their account and choose Deposit option in order to fund trading account. Also, traders can see entire transaction history same as options to turn out autotrading or to choose Withdrawal button.

    As a new registered trader on Daweda Exchange platform, South Africans can begin their binary trading journey. We recommend traders to try out demo account which can be helpful to inexperienced traders who are planning to invest in binaries.

    This broker also offers binary auto trading experience with Daweda Exchange ATS.

    Is Daweda Exchange a Scam Broker?

    daweda-depositDue to increasing popularity of binary industry in recent years, there are unfortunatelyš more space for scam brokers who are entering the market and mislead traders into depositing with them.

    So as a trader registered on Daweda platform, a question imposes by itself: Are there any Daweda Exchange scam activity?

    Answer to that question is no, Daweda Exchange isn’t scam since there were no complaints about this broker as well as the fact how this brokerage company puts a lot of effort into safety of their platform and keeping traders’ funds secured and protected.

    Entire platform is easy to use and fulfilled with important details such as Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy, FAQ etc. all these sources of info are more than desirable when trading online such as in binary options industry.

    Also, it is necessary to mention how Daweda Exchange is a regulated binary options broker who offer its trading business in accordance with EU regulations and laws in terms of anti-money laundering and a set of other rules. This regulation licence shows how this broker is serious and definitely not a scam.

    Since we haven’t found any proof of possible Daweda Exchange scam we find them to a good trading choice for possible profit making. 

    Although a new broker, they have proven to be serious and not a scam, which is more than enough for South African traders to join this trading platform and deposit with them, without being worried about possible scam.

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