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CT Trade
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CT Trade Broker Review

  1. Founded in 2017, CT Trade is an unlicensed Forex broker offering binary options trading from $250, across 80 financial instruments on two distinct web platforms. Promotional incentives with large bonuses, run non-stop at CT Trade, with all clients offered the chance to benefit from lucrative bonus opportunities.  CT Trade is available in English and Russian, with 24/7 customer support. Read our review to discover more about trading conditions, trading account types, and payment methods at CT Trade.

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    CT Trade Special Features

    Four distinct types of trading account are available to customers at CT Trade, with all accounts maintained in the USD base currency. By choosing either the ‘Takeoff’, ‘Standard’, ‘Premium’ or ‘VIP’ account, clients get access to state-of-the-art trading in FX and cryptocurrency pairs, stocks, metals, indices and commodities.

    We were pleased to see all live accounts can be tested in practice mode, with virtual funds on the authentic trading platform. This can be done before making a real money deposit, giving customers the opportunity to begin real money trading with confidence and familiarity with the platform tools. Additionally, trading accounts have automatic negative balance protection, ensuring that traders can’t lose more money than is deposited in their trading account with CT Trade.

    It’s important to realise that trading signals are only provided to customers who deposit at least $2,000 when they open a trading account. Nevertheless, all clients at CT Trade, are eligible for bonuses irrespective of the opening balance. However, the bonuses are voluntary and must be accepted after reading the terms and conditions, which can be quite hard to fulfil in the time given. Subsequently, we recommend that readers consider the bonus terms carefully before accepting, as they may not be permitted to withdraw funds before the bonus conditions have been fulfilled.

    We saw that a 100% sticky bonus is awarded to customers who opt to open a ‘Take-Off’ account with CT Trade. Importantly, traders see the bonus amount awarded to them in the ‘Trading Zone’ box on the trading platform. The amount of sticky bonus grows with every trade made, potentially increasing the money available for investing from $250 to $460. Moreover, customers can track their sticky bonus and know immediately when the bonus terms have been completed, by watching the indicator in the trading zone.

    CT Trade Takeoff Account Features

    • Minimum first deposit $250
    • Minimum trade size $10
    • Maximum trade size $50
    • 1% added to payouts indicated on the trading platform
    • 100% sticky bonus on opening balance
    • Sticky bonus is tracked on the trading platform
    • Leverage up to 1:200
    • Personal account manager

    CT Trade Standard Account Features

    • Minimum initial deposit $1,000
    • 2 free trades
    • 3% added to payouts shown on the platform
    • 100% bonus on first deposit
    • Minimum trade size $10
    • Maximum trade size $100
    • Leverage up to 1:200
    • Personal account manager

    CT Trade Premium Account Features

    • Minimum first deposit $5,000
    • Free online trading signals
    • 150% bonus on opening balance
    • 50% bonus on re-deposits
    • 3 free trades
    • 5% payout added to amount indicated on the platform
    • Minimum trade size $10
    • Maximum investment per trade $200
    • Leverage up to 1:200
    • Personal account manager

    CT Trade VIP Account Features

    • Minimum initial deposit $10,000
    • Free online trading signals sent to the platform
    • Five free trades
    • 5% additional payout to amount indicated on the platform
    • 200% bonus on the opening balance
    • Pending bonus of 100%
    • Minimum trade size $10
    • Maximum trade size $5,000
    • Leverage up to 1:200
    • Personal account manager

    Tip: Consider IQ Option instead – the best regulated broker for South African traders with a minimum deposit of only $10!

    CT Trade Trading Software

    CT Trade provides a Basic and Forex platform for its customers to choose from, depending on their personal experience and trading goals. Both platforms are web-based which means they don’t need to download apps or software. The trading platforms are accessible through the browser of desktop and Mac computers as well as mobile phones and tablets.

    CT Trade Basic Platform Features

    Customers who choose to trade on the Basic trading platform get access to the complete product range offered by CT Trade. Currently these include 27 currency pairs, 41 stocks, 5 commodities, 9 global indices and 12 crypto currencies. To begin trading customers select an asset and an expiry time. Then they must decide whether they think that the price of the asset will rise or fall, before the time expires. Finally, traders choose the amount they want to invest on the trade, and click on the trade tab on the platform.

    We found the platform bright and user-friendly, with an emphasis on social trading, through the provision of sentiment indicators and a highlighted selection of popular assets. Importantly, training in social trading is conveniently available on the Basic platform interface. Subsequently, beginners can ‘get up to speed’ very quickly and trade confidently at CT Trade. By clicking on the white arrow in the left-hand column of the trading platform, traders can watch 5 short video tutorials starting with a simple platform introduction, which we found very useful.

    The introduction is followed by lessons on the entire trading process including, selecting assets on the platform through the asset manager box, opening positions and expiry times.  Anybody in South Africa, requiring some inspiration about what to invest in, doesn’t need to look further than the top picks made by the CT Trade community. They are shown above the CT Trade dashboard where traders simply click on the social icon, to follow the assets and profits being made in real time by traders on the platform.

    We were impressed to see that simple graphical objects on the platform show trader sentiment that day, for every instrument offered by CT Trade. Traders with little experience in financial trading, can track the market sentiment for each asset, giving them some guidance when making investment decisions. Moreover, traders can keep an eye on their open positions, in the ‘my positions’ box on the platform.

    Extra Features on the Basic Platform

    The CT Trade Basic platform offers some extra features on certain options. We found the ‘sell back’ tool especially useful, as it’s designed to stop losses or lock in profits before the expiry time chosen by the trader at the outset. Traders are given three seconds after pressing on the ‘Sell Back’ button, to close the trade, selling back the order at the amount of money shown in the payout box. Additionally, we found the ‘double up’ tool interesting, as it gives clients the opportunity to double an investment with just one click. Moreover, there is nothing complicated about using the Double Up tool, as the stake, expiry time and direction of the trade remain the same. For customers who like to hedge their investments, protecting them when markets go in the opposite direction to the one predicted, CT Trade provides a simple hedge feature. This allows traders in South Africa and around the world, to place a trade in the opposite direction, based on the current asset price and payout.

    CT Trade Forex Platform Features

    Customers in South Africa and elsewhere, interested in trading traditional FX and cryptocurrency pairs, can opt to use the dedicated CT Trade Forex platform. Notably, the platform has 25 traditional currency pairs and 10 major cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and Ripple. To help make informed investments on the platform, traders have access to a variety of tools, including candlestick charts and technical indicators. Additionally, to boost investment capital, leverage ratios of between 1:50 and 1:200 can be selected in the top right-hand corner of the platform. Conveniently, a ‘take profit’ button lets traders choose a level, where a trade is closed automatically before the expiry time. Moreover, in the bottom right-hand corner of the platform, the potential percentage payout for the investment is shown, along with the predicted potential return on investment.

    The Forex platform also enables the RSI and SMA trading indicators to be included on the price chart, giving more accurate predictions. Importantly, by using the relative strength indicator (RSI), traders can see the speed and size of directional price movements for any asset on the platform. Depending on the position of the RSI, Sell or Buy signals are shown on the platform, when the asset is overbought or oversold. We saw that when the RSI goes over 70% it usually means the asset is overbought and the asset price may fall soon. Whereas, when the RSI falls below 30%, it is usually signalling that the asset is undersold, and the price may rise soon.

    Traders can also refer to the SMA indicator that measures the ‘Simple Moving Average’. This indicator serves to remove price volatility and provide a clearer picture of price trends for each asset.

    CT Trade Customer Service

    CT Trade customer support is limited to email and a UK phone number shown on the dashboard of the CT Trade website. Nevertheless, all traders are assigned a personal account manager whose job is to deal with customers’ enquiries and problems. Customers in South Africa can choose the account manager and email support to avoid running up big phone bills.

    Further customer support is provided by CT Trade through comprehensive trading education integrated onto the platforms, as well as on the website itself. We were impressed with the video tutorials on the Basic trading platform and the Forex trading lessons in the education section, designed for novice and experienced traders.

    We saw as many as 20 video lessons about Forex trading, in the video-on-demand section at CT Trade, together with a simple, beginner’s trading course. Importantly, traders can learn about using trading tools on the platforms, about futures contracts, trading in stocks and commodities and also about the various trading strategies for social trading. Interesting E-Books are available for customers who like to read at their own pace, and test their understanding of each topic, with exercises at the end of each chapter.

    CT Trade Payment Methods

    Customers can fund their CT Trade trading accounts using a broad range of secure payment methods and currencies, including GBP, AUD, EUR and NOK. Payment methods include Visa, Mastercard and Maestro credit/debit cards, Swift bank wire transfer, as well as E-Wallets, WebMoney, Skrill, Neteller and Paypal. Customers in South Africa may be offered local payment methods at the time of registering the CT Trade account. Funds deposited in any other currency than the USD, are automatically converted at the rate used by the payment service provider.

    Deposits and withdrawals at CT trade are free of fees and commissions with one exception. Bank wire transfers pay a flat fee of $30 per transaction in addition to fees usually charged by the bank. It’s worth noting that whilst there is no limit on withdrawals from CT Trade, any active bonuses are immediately cancelled when a withdrawal request is made by a customer. Withdrawal requests take between 3 and 10 days to be processed and delivered to clients, depending on the payment method.

    Notably, CT Trade requires clients to validate all withdrawal requests, by providing a copy of a government issue identification such as a driving license or passport. Anybody wanting to cash out more than $1,000 needs to provide a copy of a utility bill or bank statement, showing the client’s name and address. The validation process protects customers from online fraud and ensures that they are not involved in money laundering activities.

    CT Trade is owned by CT Trade LP with an office address at 71-75 Shelton Street, London WC2H 9JQ, UK. Payments are provided by Valia Trade LP, 101, Rose Street South Lane, Edinburgh, UK.

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