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CapitalFMI Broker Review

  1. CapitalFMi broker is the one that only recently decided to leave its mark in the forex trading industry. On their website, they promote crypto trading, and also claim how when it comes to online trading, it’s all about psychology. Psychology can definitely influence your trading, but it is not the only factor that affects your trading results. This was the main reason why we decided to do this review.

    CapitalFMI is an unregulated and unlicensed broker, owned by Global ES Ltd, and operated by Sonartech OU. In our CapitalFMI review, we hope you will find out more about this forex broker, its accounts, trading features, customer support, educational program, and fees.

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    CapitalFMI Accounts

    With CapitalFMI you get four accounts to choose from. The more you deposit, the more special benefits you get. Some accounts carry a pricier tag, and we believe those are created for most advanced traders.

    Micro Account

    This account requires a $350 deposit. Traders get a 10% deposit bonus and can wait for seven days to have their withdrawal processed. They get 24/5 customer support and exclusive e-book as well as the daily market review.

    Standard Account

    This account is available only after a $10,000 minimum deposit, which is something not every trader can afford. This account has up to 50% bonus and all benefits of the Micro account. The main special benefit is a call with a personal account manager.

    Silver Account

    The minimum deposit for this account is $25,000. The withdrawals are processed within 5 days. Traders also get assigned a personal account manager. They can attend a monthly trading session, one session with analysts and get 2 daily trading signals.

    VIP Account

    The most expensive account costs $50,000. The bonus is custom made, and withdrawals are processed in 3 days. You get weekly trading sessions, 5 daily signals and weekly sessions with an analyst.

    One thing we noticed during this review is that account types with this broker cost more than with other brokers. Also, traders don’t get additional features as much as they get assistance from broker’s employees. Considering how there are brokers who have a minimum deposit of only $10, and give traders a fair chance to trade without interfering, we consider there are better choices out there.

    CapitalFMI Demo Account

    The demo account is the most useful feature a broker might have. IT allows traders to dive into the world of trading without any real risks. They trade real money and are learning about online trading in practice, rather than from e-books. However, CapitalFMI does not offer a demo account. This means that traders have to trade real money on a platform they have never seen before.

    We hope that this broker will add a demo account soon, as this is a popular feature among all types of traders. Beginners are using it to learn how to place a trade and how to adjust tools and features available, while more experienced traders rely on the demo to test their strategies and results of their analysis.

    CapitalFMI Software

    CapitalFMI offers trading with Active8 platform. The platform is suitable for all types of devices, no matter their operation system. Also, a trader can trade directly from the browser, use a desktop version or download a mobile app.

    Active8 trading platform has the following assets:

    • Cryptocurrencies
    • Commodities
    • Forex
    • Indices
    • Stocks

    After we registered with the broker, we were immediately redirected to the trading platform. We have to admit how we found it difficult to navigate. For example, all assets are categorized, but there is no complete asset list. Assets are only displayed in small tiles on the dashboard. To find the asset you want to trade, be ready to either use a search bar or scroll all the assets until you find the one you want to trade.

    When you find the asset you like, click it. A new part of the platform will open. On the right side, you will see a big chart with price movements, and on the left, you will find a little window where you place trades. There aren’t many useful tools you can do to conduct a proper analysis.

    During CapitalFMI review, we noticed how the Active8 platform offers a social trading feature called Masters and auto trading feature called Strategies. However, they all seemed to be inactive during the writing of this review and we didn’t manage to find instruction to activate it.

    CapitalFMI Mobile App

    CapitalFMI has a mobile app for Apple and Android phones, so make sure to download the right version. The mobile platform is free for all registered traders. By using a mobile app, you can easily trade no matter where you are. As you don’t have to hurry home to place a trade, trading becomes more convenient and part of your lifestyle.

    CapitalFMI Customer Support and Education

    CapitalFMi doesn’t have live chat support, but traders can contact the broker by using email ([email protected]) or phone. There are three phone numbers you can use:

    • Italy +39 0256568933
    • Estonia +372 6189556
    • United Kingdom +44 1904911140

    It would be amazing if this broker would offer some alternatives like Skype, or maybe even WhatsApp. They are easy to use even on the phone and leave a written trace which is always a plus for traders.

    The education section could use some work. For example, even after the registration was completed we didn’t get any additional materials, access to videos or even to the glossary. These pages on the website only have some introduction written which leads us to believe how we will get access once we register. Unfortunately, this didn’t happen.

    CapitalFMI Deposit and Withdrawal

    Deposits and withdrawals are crucial in trading. Deposit with this broker is $350 which is higher than the industry average. Minimum withdrawal depends on the method. With bank wire, it is $250 and with other methods, it is $100. There are brokers who allow minimum deposits of $10, and withdrawals start at $1, so this is really an expensive broker.

    Traders who want to withdraw have to count on some fees. All bank wire withdrawals are charged $50, and credit cards are charged $25 with an additional $10 for processing. E-wallets are charged with a $25 fee. In case you haven’t verified your account, count on a 10% fee. In case you didn’t manage to reach 200 turnover, you will have to pay 10% as well.

    CapitalFMI Bonus

    Traders who make a deposit can get at least a 10% bonus. Depending on the account it can also be custom made just for you. The required turnover is x25.

    Even though a bonus seems like a good opportunity, we encountered some unclear terms regarding when and how it can be added to your trading account. Please be sure to understand all the terms and conditions before you accept the bonus.

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