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BTC Robot Software Review

  1. In this article you will get the opportunity to read the full BTC Robot review. This software, that claims to be specialized in cryptocurrency trading, is heavily advertising trading with Bitcoin and Etehreum, two popular cryptos. The main premise of this auto trading software is that it allows traders to enter cryptocurrency trading before other traders.

    The main goal of BTC Robot review is to find out more information about all important aspects of trading with this software. For example, we will try to deliver more information on BTC Robot software, banking methods, and features that traders can use in the process of trading. We will try to find out whether or not his software offers a demo account, or has any specials promotions for new traders.

    Read BTC Robot review and make a decision whether or not this software is suitable for you and your trading style.

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    BTC Robot Features

    BTC Robot is an auto trading software that is not discovering a lot about its features and how to use it. Even though this is somewhat unusual, the robot still delivers three special account types (or plans). They range from $19.99 per month to $399.99 a year.

    Silver Plan

    Silver plan is described as most affordable one, and it really is affordable at $19.99 per month. This plan will allow you to trade with a single broker by using this robot.

    Gold Plan

    Gold Plan is described as the best buy account. IT costs twice as much as the Silver one – $39.99. Traders get a chance to trade with two brokers: FXChoice and one MT4 broker.


    Platinum Plan

    BTC Robot Platinum costs $399.99 per year, but it has to be a one-time payment. You can trade with three MT4 brokers of your choice, and get a special customer support that processes your requests quickly. Also, in the future Platinum traders will be the first ones to try Ethereum Robot that is yet to be developed.

    Considering there are many crptocurrency auto trading software that are free to use, it is somewhat unusual to see one that costs this much. These prices could be a bit too high for beginners, or simply traders who wish to minimize the costs of trading. For example, the broker this robot is strongly promoting – the FXChoice, requires $100 minimumum deposit. So the trader who decides to use the Gold monthly plan, must have at least $370 prepared: $19.99 for the auto trading software licence, and $100 for a deposit with FX choice and $250 (the usual amount) for a deposit with second broker. These amounts are no joke, and this can also mean how this software is more attractive for experienced traders and traders with significant funds at their disposal.

    Tip: Consider IQ Option instead – the best regulated broker for South African traders with a minimum deposit of only $10!

    BTC Robot Demo Account

    Considering how BTC Robot comes with a price, we were expecting to get at least a free demo in return. Unfortunately, that was not a case. There is no BTC Robot demo available, and traders will have to use the software immediately without any chance to practice and research the trading platform first. We are hoping how there is a chance this will change in the future, as it is really unusual not to have a free demo. Most free crypto trading software offer at least a quick glance of platform before joining.

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    BTC Robot Software

    BTC Robot is a crypto trading software that promises trading with Bitcoin and Ethereum. No other assets are mentioned, and it remains unclear whether or not traders will be able to diversify their portfolio further.

    BTC Robot also claims to offer automatization of trading for MT4 brokers. MT4 platform is one of the most reliable platforms on the market, when it comes to technical aspects. It never breaks, loads pretty quickly and offers plentiful of tools. However, it remains unclear who those MT4 brokers are. The bad news, that we simply must state how it is impossible to get an insight in how this crypto trading software works, as there is no video, tutorial, or demo account available.


    BTC Robot is auto trading software that requires downloading the software and installing it on your own computer. This can be a bit demanding for traders without technical knowledge, and it also limits the trading opportunities as you have to trade from a single device. Compared to other web-based crypto robots, this can be seen as a downside. Also, the crypto robot is not mentioning any mobile version for trading on the go, but many traders today give advantage to their phones over their computers.

    BTC Robot heavily promotes FX choice, a regulated forex brokers, but it is not known whether it includes other assets as well, or only cryptocurrencies. FX Choice is regulated by the IFSC.

    BTC Robot Customer Support

    BTC doesn’t have a live chat customer support that is often perceived as quick and easy mean of communication. Traders who want to talk to customer support can send an email to [email protected] Make sure to put all questions in one email, as it takes longer to get an answer than via live chat. Also, be focused and ask for detailed answers to avoid unnecessary follow up emails.

    Platinum traders get a special treatment. Their tickets have a priority and they get special one-on-one sessions. This is great news, as they are paying a significant amount. There is also no Q&A section which would be very useful for traders of all kinds.

    BTC Robot Banking

    BTC Robot is a cryptocurrency auto trading software that you have to pay in order to use it. The fee ranges from $19.99 per month to $399.99 per year. If you are interested in this robot, you can buy it by clicking the “Add to chart” button. This will redirect you to the page where the payment is made. The only available payment method is a credit card. There is an online form you have to fill out with your credit card data. Credit cards available are VISA and MasterCard. There are no online payments such as Skrill or PayPal available.

    BTC robot also promises free returns for 60 days, but we were unable to find refund policy or any terms and conditions related to it. When we tried to click the link that says “Refund policy” we were not taken to a relevant document.


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