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BetOnFinance Review

  1. This broker is closed for South Africa. 

    BetOnFinance is a unique internet trading platform which enables all interested South African traders a completely novel approach to financial trading.

    They are operated and managed by BetOnFinance Ltd.

    The main point of BetOnFinance is the possibility to bet on best or worst performing financial assets in a previously set time frame.

    BetOnFinance skilfully combines aspects of traditional horse betting with trading with stocks as the underlying asset.

    In doing so, traders on the South African market get to experience a completely new approach to trading.

    In our BetOnFinance review, we also discovered that they are regulated and further in this review, numerous interesting and helpful info will be provided about this innovative approach to online trading.

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    How to Use BetOnFinance – South Africa

    The first aspect of this unique online financial betting we inspected for our BetOnFinance review is the type of accounts they provide.

    As this different approach allows South African traders to combine the horse-betting style of financial trading this could be a welcome change from the usual form of online trading.

    Once South African traders finish the registration process which is done in 3 easy steps where South African traders have to provide their personal details as well as select the deposit currency (EUR, DKK, SEK).

    After that South African traders need to make a deposit and the lowest amount is just 10 € while the betting starts at just 1€.

    The BetOnFinance trading platform is modern, fun and easy to navigate.

    To initiate the betting process, South African traders need to decide how a selected stock will perform in a pre-defined time frame.

    Traders need to decide on the betting amount and place a bet. With BetOnFinance, South Africans have plenty of interesting betting options for a very diverse experience.

    Furthermore, with BetOnFinance South African bettors have the option between two betting accounts. One is a useful demo account and the second one is the real account used in the actual betting process.

    BetOnFinance Account Types

    With BetOnFinance, two accounts are available for all interested traders and each presents a unique set of possibilities.

    BetOnFinance Free Competitors Account

    This is basically the demo account for those South Africans who wish to test the platform first.

    The great thing is that this is a completely free account which has 5000 € so South African can test various available betting options.

    Those South African traders who register with the free demo account can use it as long as they have virtual funds on the account.

    BetOnFinance Real Play Account

    On the other hand, the real account is called the Real Play account, which provides South Africans with plenty of betting opportunities.

    We found in our BetOnFinance review, that traders may start the betting process with as little as 1€ which is ideal for beginners who do not wish to invest a huge amount of money before they gain some experience and knowledge.

    Another interesting possibility provided by BetOnFinance is that traders may bet against one another and not against the house.

    Once the financial markets close, those South African traders who made the right prediction shall share the winning pool.

    BetOnFinance Trading Software Benefits

    Our BetOnFinance review proved that traders are provided with two betting platforms, depending on the type of the account traders they have opted to use.

    It is great that both account types, the demo and the real account, actually function on two separate platforms which provides a clear overview of the betting portfolio.  

    BetOnFinance trading software benefits include the easy usage no matter which account is selected by South Africans. The proprietary platform is well-organized so traders can see a Game Selection as well as all listed options on the left side.

    South Africans can select the market, game type, game day and the time frame.

    In our BetOnFinance review, we also discovered further trading software benefits such as the features for loss limits and tools limits. Both can be utilised by South African traders to improve their chances when betting on the real account.

    At any rate, South Africans can adjust and personalise the preferences as they wish and it is simple enough to appeal to beginners but also to professionals.

    Keeping in mind the fast pace of the modern life, South African bettors can also use two trading interfaces – mobile and desktop. The busy bettors can take advantage of the mobile app and conduct their financial betting regardless of the location.

    No matter which interface South Africans choose, they will have at their disposal 30 stocks and time frames like a ½ day, One day, One week as well as One month.

    BetOnFinance Customer Support

    In our BetOnFinance review, we also inspected their customer support service. It would seem they have support in English and Danish.

    Another interesting peculiarity about this platform is that South African traders may use a simple online pop-up form for communication but, South Africans can also use Facebook.

    This is a contemporary and interesting approach which could be very interesting for those traders who prefer modern approach.

    Also, traders can learn more by using the Bet School which is presented as a variety of available articles on their website.

    There traders can find helpful info on finances and tips on how boost their skills when it comes to betting.

    This can be seen as an educational section which can help significantly.

    In that respect, the BetOnFinance platform is at once a place where South African traders can make profit but also improve their overall knowledge on finances.

    Aside from this, interested bettors in South Africa can also use the News tab which keeps supplying interesting and helpful info concerning stocks.

    There, South Africans can find daily updates focused specifically on stocks. Also, traders may also use the financial calendar.

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    BetOnFinance Banking Info

    Lastly, in our BetOnFinance review, we also looked at the banking information which can be of use to South African traders.

    Different types of payment methods are available for making deposits and withdrawals. South Africans can use MasterCard, Visa and Visa Electron.

    Also, traders will be asked to provide documents which will serve as the proof of identity. Additionally, it must be kept in mind that BetOnFinance will not approve a withdrawal over 2,300 euros without the documents which are necessary like the copy of the photo ID, utility bill or bank statement as a proof of the address.

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