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AionNext Broker Review

  1. Founded in 2010, AionNext is a UK based Forex and cryptocurrency broker offering trading in traditional FX and cryptocurrency pairs as well as CFDs. Notably, AionNext offers a secure Bitcoin exchange for buying and selling crypto assets as well as an innovative platform for strategic trading. The outstanding feature at AionNext is the High Frequency Trading (HFT) automated trading system that analyses the markets and generates trading signals. Customers with regular trading accounts and PAMM investment accounts at AionNext can subscribe to the HFT investment service, potentially enhancing profits.

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    AionNext Special Features

    With an initial deposit of $500, customers can open a trading account for a one- week test period at AionNext. At any time during the trial period, customers can decide to cancel the account, and will have their initial deposit returned to them, without any of the profits made during that time.

    AionNext Trading Account Types

    Customers can choose from four live cryptocurrency trading accounts each offering a different package of benefits. Importantly, access to the learning centre where training in Bitcoin trading is provided free of charge, and the amount of guidance received from experts at AionNext, is determined by the type of trading account. We were surprised to see that only customers with VIP accounts benefit from the Bitcoin trading sessions.

    AionNext Standard Account Features

    A minimum $5,000 initial deposit is needed to open an AionNext Standard account. Customers receive a trading training session with an expert and full access to the trading platform, where an additional training session is given about the features of the trading platform. With the Standard account, clients receive news and analysis about crypto markets and trading with 1:1 leverage. A two-week HFT trial is offered free as well as 24/5 support.

    AionNext Silver Account Features

    To open a Silver account at AionNext requires a first deposit of at least $15,000. Customers receive market news and analysis, can trade with leverage of 1:2 and receive trade ideas from the experts. Moreover, a general account manager is assigned to Silver account holders. Additionally, a training session in crypto trading is offered free together with a platform training session and a cryptocurrency eBook. 24/5 customer support is provided as well as a two-week trial with the HFT trading system.

    AionNext Gold Account Features

    To open a Gold account at AionNext requires a minimum first deposit of $25,000. Customers are assigned a dedicated account manager, a training session every week as well as a platform trading session. However, leverage for margin trading remains at 1:2 as with the Silver account. Clients receive an eBook explaining cryptocurrency trading, a two-week HFT trial and a training session explain HFT trading. 24/5 support is provided, and clients receive market news and analysis as well as trade ideas.

    AionNext VIP Account Features

    To open a VIP account with AionNext requires a $50,000 initial deposit. VIP account holders are assigned a dedicated account manager, a platform training session and training sessions twice weekly with an expert. Trade ideas, market news and analysis, as well as access to the education centre and video library are included in the VIP package. Importantly, VIP account customers get a weekly HFT session and full HFT training. Additional benefits include free withdrawals from AionNext, 24/5 support and leverage up to 1:3.

    AionNext PAMM Investment Accounts

    Customers with between $100,000 and $1 million can invest in a fully managed PAMM account at AionNext. There are four types to choose from, depending on the requirements of the customer. The PAMM accounts are managed by experts at AionNext and enable investors to potentially earn passive incomes without needing to trade by themselves. Notably, clients can decide on the level of risk strategy that should be used by managers. This means that customers with high risk appetites can request more ‘risky’ strategies and those with lower risk appetites can opt for less risky strategies. It must be understood that the riskiest strategies usually promise larger potential profits but may also lead to larger losses.

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    AionNext Trading Software Features

    Whilst the AionNext trading platform is concentrated on cryptocurrency trading, it does offer a broad range of tradeable products in traditional financial asset classes. These include currency pairs, indices, commodities and CFDs. Crypto CFDs are offered for multiple digital currencies including Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. Notably, traders in South Africa and elsewhere, can speculate on the price movements of cryptocurrencies against the USD without owning the cryptocurrencies. Subsequently, traders can profit from market volatility without investment money in buying physical crypto assets. The multi-functional trading platform is very easy to use and provides innovative charting analysis as well as futures trading.

    AionNext High Frequency Trading (HFT) Features

    The flagship HFT automated trading systems at AionNext are driven by a series of complex algorithms. It’s claimed that ‘Mega Computers’ run the sophisticated software, designed to analyse the cryptocurrency transactions made around the world. Based on the information collated by the mega computers, trading signals with an alleged 87% accuracy rate, are generated for the HFT automated trading systems at AionNext. Traders looking to the HFT trading systems, can rely on AionNext to provide expert guidance in developing potentially profitable automated trading strategies. Notably, HFT automated trading systems are not a new concept, but implemented by banks and other financial trading institutions around the world, to track financial markets and exchanges across the globe very rapidly. The high speeds of the HFT systems can assist traders to beat the trends developing across markets, earning them greater profits.

    Trading Fees and Commissions Charged by AionNext

    Clients with trading accounts at AionNext, pay a 1.5% commission, every three months, on the volume traded in the previous quarter. It’s worth noting that a substantial inactivity fee is charged after just one month on trading accounts. Moreover, customers are charged a management fee of 3.25% every 6 months, on money deposited into investment accounts at AionNext. A 1.5% commission is charged to customers buying and selling Bitcoin.

    AionNext Customer Support information

    Customers can access the customer support team 24/5 over the live chat helpline on the platform interface, by email and over a UK telephone number. The postal address of the company is given on the contact page as well as prepared contact form for convenient submittal to the support team. Customers in South Africa can send the message and request a free call back from the support team to avoid phone charges.

    AionNext Payment Methods

    Customers at AionNext can choose to fund their trading accounts with Bitcoin, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, or bank wire transfer. Customers living in the USA may deposit with ACH. Withdrawals are restricted to one per calendar month, which is very unusual and may not suit many traders. Moreover, the minimum amount that can be withdrawn is $100 and processing of withdrawals may take 5 business days, and 7 additional business days to deliver funds to clients’ accounts. Whilst withdrawals made to credit cards are commission free, bank wire transfers pay $25 to AionNext in addition to charges imposed by the banks.

    Time-Period Trading Commitments Imposed by AionNext

    Customers in South Africa and all over the globe, must bear in mind that investments made at AionNext are subject to varying minimum time-period commitments, before funds can be removed from the brokerage. The company claims that they are obliged to impose time limits on investments, as funds are traded in investment programs on global investment networks and cannot be removed before specified times.

    Bitcoin accounts that are fully managed by AionNext and require a minimum investment of $250,000 are blocked for one year. Nevertheless, after 4 months, customers can withdraw some profits. Managed accounts with only $50,000 of investment funds are blocked for one year, with no possibility of withdrawing profits in the intermediate time. Furthermore, investments in HFT accounts under the SemiAutoTrade program must wait for up to 6 months to withdraw funds.

    AionNext is owned and operated by Gold Hestia Ltd, Alexsandar Stamboliiski Blvd, Sofia, Bulgaria

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    Conclusion: We make it our mission to not recommend anything but the best – which, according to industry experts, is IQ Option, the top regulated broker for your country with a minimum deposit of ONLY $10! Between 74-89 % of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs

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