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Blockchain 2 Bank Robot Claims 93.7% Accuracy – Real or Fraud?

Blockchain 2 Bank Robot Claims 93.7% Accuracy – Real or Fraud?

If you had a system that could earn you $5,000 per day would you give it away all for free? Then, why would you fall for this new scam known as blockchain 2 bank that claims 93.7% winning accuracy and up to $5,000 daily returns? Stay away from this fake software and only invest in real robots like FXMasterBot.

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What is Blockchain 2 Bank?

Like several other fake crypto robots on the market, Blockchain 2 Bank is no exception. It promises riches by generating 93.7% accurate signals. If this was the case, everyone would be the next Bill Gates. Make no mistake, this is absolutely impossible since this is just another scam trying to steal your deposits.

South African traders should be very skeptical when a bogus software claims to be able to make them rich. Minimum investment with this auto-trading software is usually $250. This low amount is not enough for even the best software in the world to turn it into $5,000 in a single day.

Beware of fake testimonials from people who are simply paid actors or stolen random pics from the internet. As you can see below, Joseph J. is used as a fake testimonial for Blockchain 2 Bank app. You can see that the same person’s photo is used for several other places.

Moreover, any money deposited with this software will be transferred to unregulated and blacklisted brokers. As a result, initial investment will be lost and there is no way to get it back. Don’t be tempted by the fake testimonials shown above. The truth is that you will lose your funds by this fraudster.

Why should I stay away from Blockchain 2 Bank?

You are most probably sure that this is another scam by now but if there is even the slightest concern about it then keep reading. All we want to do is save you from frustration, lost money and time since there is no strategy or explanation given about the way this software is supposed to make you rich. A real auto-trading crypto software is based on technical indicators when generating trade alerts so that traders can choose profitable trades.

Except fake actors promoting this crypto robot, there are several affiliates promoting it too. Don’t believe any positive reviews you may find out there since all those people promoting it have only one aim, to make you deposit since they earn a commission every time you do.

One thing that doesn’t make any sense is how they manage to show lost trades with payout earnings. This is like saying that you will earn money even when you lose. There is not a single software or product in this world that would payout even when you make a wrong prediction. How is this even possible? Mot probably these fraudsters didn’t pay enough attention to their own false claims and they left the payout by mistake as you can see in the screenshot below.


It is pretty obvious by now that Blockchain 2 Bank is another crypto robot scam. Its only goal is to deceive people into thinking they can earn as much as $5,000 per day by simply following the free 93.7% accurate signals offered. Make sure you don’t become the next victim of scammers like Blockchain 2 Bank or any other pseudo winning software.

There is not a chance that these people want you to make any money. All they want is to take yours. South African traders should steer clear from fraudsters at all cost. If you want to invest in a real software try FXMasterBot which connects you to regulated brokers who offer a low minimum deposit.

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