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Bitcoin Compass: Your Path to Riches or New Crypto Scam?

Bitcoin Compass: Your Path to Riches or New Crypto Scam?

Bitcoin Compass is a new crypto robot that, like many before it, promises way more than it actually delivers. In fact, it does not deliver anything but taking your money and our team is here to prove to you that Bitcoin Compass is a complete scam and that South African traders would do well to stay away from this new crypto-bot. Cases such as these are increasingly common nowadays, so it would be advisable to read our full review below and understand why you should stay away from programs like Bitcoin Compass. Don’t waste your time on yet another scam bot. Instead, choose to trade forex and cryptocurrencies with a truly professional robot like FXMasterBot! version 4 picture

What is Bitcoin Compass?

The entire premise of Bitcoin Compass is a crypto-bot that operates on following the Bitcoin bandwagon of millionaires. Simply put, they use Bitcoin’s rise in popularity to make South African traders feel left out and want to invest money, when in reality, this program has nothing to do with Bitcoin. Once you register, you will be automatically redirected to an unlicensed broker and lose your deposit. There is no software or trading signals on the other side. South African traders should do the research and choose a professional trading software instead. They should also make sure to only deposit with licensed companies.

3 Reasons That Prove Bitcoin Compass is a Scam  

1: Get-Rich-Quick Statements

An immediate tell that a trading company is scamming you is when they promise you large sums of money – fast. Phrases like “get rich now” or “become the next millionaire” are not only ridiculous, but entirely false. There is no magic machine out there that automatically generates thousands of dollars by merely a $250 deposit. In fact, no amount of deposit, no matter what they tell you, will start pouring money into your bank account. Trading entails risk and no one can really guarantee you any profits.

Bitcoin Compass is built on exactly this concept and unfortunately, people are falling for it and losing money every day. Not only do they claim you will become rich by simply depositing $250, but they confidently state you will be a millionaire the next day “without having to lift a finger”. Statements such as these are huge red flags and should never be trusted. You cannot make money with a trading software “without lifting a finger”. The best trading software helps you by providing you with reliable signals, but you will need to make the trades yourself.

Bitcoin Compass Crypto Bot

2: Fake Countdown

A classic pressure tactic to invest money fast used my many scam bots is the fake countdown. If you notice on the top of the Bitcoin Compass website, there is a 05:00 countdown from the moment you enter the site. Once you refresh the page though, this countdown simply restarts. This type of tactic builds pressure on South African users that they have to invest now otherwise they will miss out on this “massive opportunity” to becomes millionaires the next day. But of course, this is completely fake and misleading and simply wants South African users to make a decision fast without thinking too much whether or not this is a worthy investment.

version 3 picture

3: Fake Testimonials

If you still remain unconvinced that Bitcoin Compass is a huge scam, take a look at the testimonials on the website. These are supposedly real people who have used this “incredible, life-changing” software and made a fortune. Our team discovered these are completely fake testimonials using random names and pictures that were written by Bitcoin Compass themselves. You will notice the names of the “satisfied customers” are different on the English site compared to the Italian one and when looking up these people based on their pictures, they were found under entirely different names.

Bitcoin Compass Scam


As you have probably realized by now, our research found that Bitcoin Compass is yet another scam and South African traders should stay away and not invest any money with this company.

Instead, you should take a safer bet with FXMasterBot – a professional software that provides fast, automated signals to trade with the broker of YOUR choice!

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