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SimpleAutoTrading Robot Review

  1. SimpleAutoTrading

    Traders who read this SimpleAutoTrading review will find out more about a relatively new binary options trading software. SimpleAutoTrading is mentioning a great and unique binary trading experience, so make sure to read the review below in order to find out more.

    Considering that new binary software is appearing on the market every day, it is becoming increasingly difficult for traders to find a good one. Reviews like this can help them find out more and select a robot that suits them.

    One of the main features SimpleAutoTrading is accentuating is the fact that it is free, easy to use and has a great win rate that goes up to 83%. Win rate is always an important factor when it comes to selecting a binary trading robot.

    The registration with SimpleAutoTrading is easy and simple, but the best thing is what follows: automated binary trading platform that has plenty of useful features and settings.

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    Simple Auto Trading Registration

    The first step in trading with SimpleAutoTrading robot is registration. All you have to do id fill out the registration form. It is important to mention how SimpleAutoTrading is completely free. You never have to pay any fees to the binary software, and also don’t have to pay for the process of registration. Type all the requested data and you can start exploring the world of SimpleAutoTrading software.

    After the registration is completed, SimpleAutoTrading will provide you with a list of brokers that are available in your country. This way, you don’t have to do a research all by yourself, but can simply get all the info you need in one place. This also allows you to have a broker that is compatible with your trading software from the very first day. The effort for finding a broker that accepts your country is really minimized in this case.

    simple auto trading guide

    To start trading, you have to do a deposit with your binary broker. In most cases, the deposit is $250. This is the amount that will fully be invested in binary trading. As no fees apply, you can spend your money on trading! All it takes to trade with SimpleAutoTrading is 3 steps: register, deposit at least minimum amount, start trading and enjoy the process! Trading Tools and Indicators

    During SimpleAutoTrading review we found out that they included multiple indicators and tools that can help traders to customize their trading.

    SimpleAutoTrading is a robot that has three different systems that can be used during trading. In the text that follows find out more about every system.

    SimpleAutoTrading Classic System

    The classic system is oriented towards conservative traders who are reaching for sustainable and constant results and increase. It is often considered to be safer than other systems, but also less dynamic.

    SimpleAutoTrading Martingale system

    Martingale system is using the theory of the same name for a more dynamic trading approach. The trades are placed faster what makes this system more suitable to experienced traders.

    SimpleAutoTrading Fibonacci System

    Based on Fibonacci numbers, this system is using an old theory in a modern trading environment. It is designed for more precise trading.

    Trading Indicators on SimpleAutoTrading

    SimpleAutoTrading review has to mention an interesting and extensive set of indicators that have been added to the trading platform. Traders can activate them as they like, but before they decide to do so, they should find out more about every one of them.

    • Trend indicator – it is based on popular and strong trends that are about to show up in the financial markets. They are always related to a certain asset that can be traded.
    • CCI indicator – also known as commodity channel index, it is an indicator used during commodity trading. Sometimes, it can be used for currency trading, but most users prefer it for commodities.
    • RSI indicator – is a type of indicator that is based on gains and losses and momentum that certain asset price makes. It is often described as an oscillating indicator.
    • Stoch indicator – it is used to present expected movements in prices. It is frequently used by beginners.
    • Williams indicator – often combined with Stoch, it is used as additional checkpoint during the trading process
    • MACD indicator – this indicator is combining overbought and oversold assets to determine the move

    SimpleAutoTrading – Trading Platform

    Even though it is a relatively new software, SimpleAutoTrading gives traders a top-notch platform that can compete with some software that have been longer on the market. SimpleAutoTrading review showed how this platform contains all important elements, as well as nice and simple organization of them for easier navigation.

    Traders can enjoy all the regular elements about brokers, settings and customer support, but the main element is a big auto trading button. By activating the button, traders are activating auto trading as well.

    simple auto trading systems

    If they no longer want to auto trade, traders can simply turn off the button with a simple click of the mouse.

    SimpleAutoTrading Demo

    SimpleAutoTrading review team noticed that this binary software offers a demo account with $1,000 virtual funds. These funds can be used for practice trading and platform research. This amount is more than enough, as it provides realistic trading environment, and doesn’t create a false sense of safety. Of course, the SimpleAutoTrading demo is completely risk-free, as it is only simulation. Still, this amount is giving traders realistic expectations.

    Traders who opt for the demo account can expect everything they saw on the real trading platform. By combining different systems and indicators they can see what binary trading is all about.

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    SimpleAutoTrading review showed how this binary software delivers not only interesting platform but also many features that shouldn’t be taken for granted. An impressive list of systems, indicators, and addition of the demo account show that this robot should definitely be taken into consideration.

    Customer support that is available via live chat can give traders more information when they need it, and it is easily accessible. SimpleAutoTrading is a robot that offers great customization possibilities and provides them with a more in-depth approach towards automated binary options trading.