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FXMasterBot review

  1. FXMasterBot

    FXMasterBot is a new product on the market that offers us binary options and forex trading. With the help of this software, traders can now trade forex and binary options without any download and with completely free software. This will greatly help all those traders using multiple trading software because they now have everything in one place.

    With different settings, tools, and features, FXMasterBot will bring your trading to a higher level. In this review, we will bring you closer and explain all the features and options that this software provides to make your decision a good one.

    Read our review and find out all that this software offers, from a demo account to customer support for each client.

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    FXMasterBot Account Features

    FXMasterBot is an advanced software in every sense of the word. Forget about trading with different software and multiple deposits with different websites. Here’s everything in one place, and we’ll show you how FXMasterBot works.

    To begin with, it’s important to note that FXMasterBot has different types of accounts you can use as an upgrade. To get you closer to the accuracy of this information, we’ve included all kinds of accounts that you can use:

    FXMasterBot Novice Account

    As the word itself says, this type of account is desirable for every beginner, however, it can also be used by professionals in this business. The minimum deposit for this account is $ 100 and you get it with 3 currency pairs and a chance to have 3 open trades at the same time, trading with multiple brokers and Leaderboard multiplier x1. It is recommended to anyone who wants to try the binary and forex trading and see how FXMasterBot performs.

    FXMasterBot Expert Account

    The next level you can use after you upgrade your Novice Account is Expert Account. The minimum deposit is $ 500 and the benefits of this account are: 9 currency pairs, get access to additional settings and Leaderboard multiplier x2.

    FXMasterBot Master Account

    As the name just says, this account is the most desirable option for every trader. If you deposit with two brokers with the amount of $ 500 each, traders will get all the services on which traders of binary options and forex dreams: VIP customer support agent, all advanced settings, all currency pairs and leaderboard multiplier x3.

    When writing this review, our team has noticed how much FXMasterBot is concerned about traders and that they have the full information at all times. For this reason, they have probably included the Demo account as a completely free offer that every user can try within 5 days.

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    FXMasterBot Demo Account

    Once you are registered on FXMasterBot, also completely free, you have the right to use the demo account. This demo account offers you all the features and features you can use on your real account. However, we must point out that this is a virtual money with which you can only test the software. This means that withdrawal of virtual money and ‘earnings’ is not enabled while testing this software.

    The list of different accounts and the use of demo account completely free, without any membership or fee, tells us that this will really be an interesting trading software for every trader.

    FXMasterBot Trading Software

    Many traders will be surprised to read what tools and features they can use with FXMasterBot. We decided to list a few and give you a more detailed explanation for some of them:

    • Compound Wins
    • Reverse Trading
    • Max Concurrent Trades
    • Daily Take Profit
    • Daily Stop Loss
    • Max Daily Trades

    Imagine a situation where you can trade in reverse of what the software itself recommends? With FXMasterBot that is possible. Use Reverse Trading option and you can fully create your trading interface and trade in the way you want it.

    Another interesting feature is Daily Take Profit. This is the amount you like to ‘take home’ and maybe invest with another broker from FXMasterBot list. For example, if you place your Daily Take Profit at $100 and you have $100 in winnings, FXMasterBot will stop placing new trades. This is an interesting feature that can limit the software to trade exactly as much as you like.

    The more upgraded account you have, the more settings with FXMasterBot will be available to you. However, at any time you can request more information through customer support agents and a popular FAQ page available to everyone on the site.

    How to trade Binary Options with FXMasterBot?

    Trading binary options with FXMasterBot software does not differ entirely from other software on the market. However, one important thing to note is manual and automated trading. If you opt for automated trading, the signals that the software proposes you will be traded with your approval. After that, the trade will be placed on the market and you will be able to track it in your active trades columns.

    With this option, FXMasterBot gives you the ability to relax and completely forget about manual trading.

    How to trade Forex with FXMasterBot?

    The two most important features that are directly linked to forex trading are Stop Loss and Take Profit. With the help of these settings, traders can decide at which point they want to stop trading and when they want to take advantage of a particular trade (Take Profit). For example, if you set your Stop Loss to $ 50 and Take Profit to $ 100, FXMasterBot will automatically stop trading when one of these features reaches the margin. FXMasterBot forex trading is very similar to manual trading, however, the software will set some features in the way it works best.

    How does the FXMasterBot Work?

    This software differs in many of the classic robots available to you on the market. The software itself is completely free, and the demo account allows free testing for each trader. Although FXMasterBot is completely free, you need to make a deposit with a broker available to your country to use it. FXMasterBot is actually a link between a broker and a trader, and the whole software is completely free with no additional fees.

    What is FXMasterBot Leaderboard?

    One more thing that surprised us by writing a review of FXMasterBot is the player’s leaderboard. With trading forex and binary options, and by collecting trading points, traders have the option to earn additional cash prizes on the market.

    Formula is simple as this: Trade volume x multiplier + (deposits-withdrawals)

    Let’s say that the trader deposited with two brokers $1000 and withdrawn 300$. If a trader has Master level account that means that multiplier is x3. Also, let’s say that trading volume for now with a trader is 200$.

    200×3 + (1000-300) = 600 + 700 = 1300

    With this kind of an account and trading volume, the trader will have 1300 points at this moment. However, the leaderboard is reset every month so all traders have an opportunity to trade and have fair chance to win additional prizes.

    FXMasterBot Support Information

    Customer support has always been the main information for most traders. However, we do not have all the robots, software, brokers with quality support like FXMasterBot and we are convinced in that by ourselves. We contacted customer support several times and asked different questions. Some of them were a bit harder, and some were very simple, however, we got specific and very precise answers. This tells us how FXMasterBot wants every trader to be provided with all information about the software.

    FXMasterBot Payment Methods

    As we already said, FXMasterBot is completely free. However, to use it, traders need to deposit with a specific broker available on their Dashboard. Minimum deposit with most brokers is $100 and deposit and withdrawal options are linked directly with a broker. The combination of payment methods is available when you click on your broker and decide to deposit money.

    FXMasterBot Review Verdict

    It seems that this software will bring major changes as far as the relationship with traders is concerned. It not only allows you to trade with binary options and forex but also allows you to do manual and automated trading. Customize your settings, features and tools and trade with this software at a completely different level than before!

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