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EthereumCode Review

  1. EthereumCode

    Ethereum code is a relatively new auto trading software based on cryptocurrencies trading. Considering how cryptos are the next big thing, it is completely understandable that we wanted to do an EthereumCode review. This crypto trading software, even though it is called EthereumCode, also offers auto trading with several other cryptocurrencies. It automatizes the entire trading process, thus making it more direct and approachable for the average trader who can skip several demanding tasks such as technical analysis and finding a solid broker. EthereumCode review will provide you a better overview over all aspects of trading with this software and decide whether or not it is the best trading software for you.

    EthereumCode Account Features

    EthereumCode is a crypto trading software that doesn’t offer a great variety of trading accounts. In fact, there is only one account type that is available for all traders, which is very common among software robots. All traders get the same treatment no matter how much they deposit or how advanced they are. Still, we would prefer a demo account as it would make EthereumCode more approachable for an average trader.

    EthereumCode demo account would be a great solution for all traders who never experienced crypto or automated trading before. The main purpose of a demo account is to allow the trader to do some research on the platform and see what trading looks like once you have the real trading account ready. It includes virtual funds so there is no risk for your money.

    EthereumCode Registration

    EthereumCode review noticed how this broker has a simple 2-step registration. First, on the home page, you must fill out a shorter version of the online registration form. Then, you are redirected to a page with a full form. The required information is pretty common – name, surname, email, phone number, and country from where you are coming from… Once you have your account ready, you can continue and trade by using the EthereumCode software.

    The entire registration process is pretty straightforward, so trader doesn’t have to worry about complicated approvals or account verifications.

    EthereumCode Trading Software

    EthereumCode is an automated trading software for cryptos that utilizes a special trading algorithm developed by IT experts. It is based on technology that finds the best trading opportunities for you. It has the ability to process data extremely fast, so you don’t have to worry about conducting analysis, as the algorithm does it faster than any human expert could.

    Even though algorithmic trading requires less effort it is still not a fairy godmother. Traders must be aware that there is real money involved and pay attention to their trades. The trading platform offers them two types of trading: manual and auto trading. You can trade manually but that means you have to place every single trade by hand, while in case of automated trading you activate the algorithm and let it do all the work. In case of manual trading, you have to visit the broker’s platform and there place the trade, while automated trading takes place on EthereumCode software platform.

    The entire trading interface is very simple and user-friendly. Even traders who are trying automated crypto trading shouldn’t have any difficulties navigating it. Everything you need is clearly marked on the dashboard so you won’t spend much time trying to figure out how and where to trade or find your trading history.

    During our EthereumCode review, we noticed how traders can use trading history to follow their progress. It is positioned in the history tab. Mobile trading is available only via browser, and not via an application. This is good, as you, once again, never have to download anything in order to trade with the software when you are on the go.

    EthereumCode Customer Support Information

    As it is quite common with auto trading software of all kinds, including crypto trading software like EthereumCode, the customer support is available mostly via live chat. In this EthereumCode review, we tested the live chat and the agent responded quickly. The answer provided satisfied our criteria.

    EthereumCode offers no additional literature or learning materials. Still, traders interested in learning can find such articles on our website or broker’s website.

    The trading platform is available in English.

    Ethereum Code Deposit and Withdrawal

    All financial transactions are done with a broker and not with the trading software. EthereumCode is no exception. They offer a variety of brokers to trade with and the software will connect you immediately to the one that is best and most popular in your country.

    The minimum deposit is usually $250, while minimum trade starts at $25. The minimum withdrawal may be affected by many things including:

    • The deposit and withdrawal method you are using
    • Your geolocation
    • Specific terms and conditions that apply (like bonus and promo rules)

    Make sure also to verify your trading account by sending the necessary documents to your broker. This step may seem obsolete, but it is of crucial importance for your safety and safety of your funds. That way, both you and the broker are sure no one will withdraw the money instead of you.

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