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CryptoCode Review

  1. CryptoCode

    CryptoCode is another auto trading software that appeared on the market recently, but it is focused mostly on cryptocurrencies trading. Considering how the cryptocurrencies are considered to be an innovation that will change the world of finances forever, we decided to review this trading software to see if it is really possible to use it for crypto auto trading. CryptoCode is free of charge, which was a pleasant surprise. This means that traders never have to pay any fees or memberships but can direct their money towards trading. Read our CryptoCode review and find out if this is the right auto trading software for you.

    CryptoCode Account Features

    CryptoCode review noticed how this software offers only one account type. This account type gives all traders equal opportunities when it comes to trading. There is no discrimination based on the deposited amount. You get the same start as everyone else, which is always a good thing.

    CryptoCode Registration Process

    The registration with CryptoCode is pretty easy and straightforward. Traders first have to fill out an online form available on the homepage. It contains only two fields. In the next step, you will be redirected to a full online form. This form requires more information, but none of it is private like credit card number or similar. It is only basic information like phone number and country of origin. You will also have to create a password. Make sure to create a password that is impossible to guess for even safer trading.

    CryptoCode Trading with Brokers

    CryptoCode is auto trading software, which means you will also need a broker to trade with. CryptoCode is using the trading algorithm not find the trades but the trades are ultimately executed with the broker. Most brokers require a minimum deposit in the amount of $250, while minimum trade is $25. This means that with the minimum deposit you can execute 10 trades on average. The brokers we encountered on CryptoCode interface have a solid reputation. As soon as they register, traders will be connected with a broker that is the best choice for their geolocation. This way, they won’t have to spend any time on finding the right broker.

    CryptoCode Trading Bonus

    CryptoCode is a software, and not a broker so they don’t offer any sort of bonus or special promotion. If you wish to enjoy such benefits, ask your broker, that you are using with CryptoCode, for possible promo package. All promotions and bonuses have special terms and conditions so make sure to read bonus policy before accepting any form of promo on your account.

    CryptoCode Software

    CryptoCode has a special algorithm that allows traders to take advantage of movements on crypto markets without any prior experience. The trading signals are delivered 24/7/365 and you never have to miss a trade again, simply because the trading service works 9 to 5. Another advantage of CryptoCode is the fact that it doesn’t require any additional downloads or special installations. Everything is web-based. All you need to do in order to trade is to open your favorite web browser, go to the website and log in with your credentials (username and password). You don’t have to worry about updating the platform or having enough storage space on your computer as everything is operated from the cloud.

    The trading overview is quite simple to use and easy to navigate, which means that traders of all levels of experience will be able to place trades easily. The main menu is positioned on the left side. There you will find trading history, list of opened trades, a place for depositing and signals. You can trade on the CryptoCode mobile platform as well. There is no special app involved, and you can access it from the browser. This makes crypto trading always easily accessible and in your pocket. You can trade on the beach or in the office while having a coffee break.

    CryptoCode Customer Support

    The easiest way to communicate with CryptoCode support is the live chat. It is available directly on the website and agents don’t take long to answer. Live chat is also known as the easiest and most convenient way to communicate with a crypto trading software as it is fast, directly and you get an almost immediate response. CryptoCode review also includes the part where we test the customer support. The agent responded fairly quickly, but only after we provided our name and email. This is a common practice among auto trading software. The answer we received made sense and the agent spoke fluent English which we always appreciate.

    The FAQ section available with CryptoCode is quite basic, and traders who want to learn more should talk to customer support. Traders also can’t use any special educational materials like videos or webinars. Considering how educational materials are usually offered by brokers and not software we suggest finding them at your broker’s website.

    The entire trading interface is available in English only.

    CryptoCode Deposit and Withdrawal

    CryptoCode is not a broker, and this means they can’t and won’t accept any form of financial payment. They are a free software that charges no fees or commissions. Also, you can’t ask CryptoCode for a withdrawal as it is processed by the broker and not by the software. The broker that is best for your geolocation will be connected with you as soon as you register so you don’t have to worry about that. You should make a deposit in the amount of $250 in order to trade.

    The minimum withdrawal is also determined by the broker. It can vary depending on your deposit, country and payment method. Sometimes, a broker may change you a small fee. Also, bear in mind that your bank may charge you a fee as well. Tis is a common thing in international financial transactions. You can choose among variety of methods for depositing and withdrawing with your broker.

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