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CopyOp Review

  1. CopyOp

    CopyOp Social Trading

    CopyOp is a social trading network, owned by Ouroboros Derivates Trading Ltd.

    Social trading comes as latest boom in binary options industry. Therefore, we decided to review CopyOp platform and see what do they offer to South African traders who want to experience binary options social trading.

    Below, in our CopyOp review, read more about this new phenomenon and how you can profit from CopyOp social network.

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    What is CopyOp?

    To begin with, let us introduce you to the term social trading. As a new way of trading binary options, social trading became very popular among traders. Trading is based on relying what professional traders do in the trading process. Traders are able to monitor, follow and copy trades, done by experienced binary traders.

    With CopyOp trading platform, South African traders have opportunity to explore this innovative platform and see how fun it is to trade. CopyOp platform is fully suitable for pro traders, as well as for inexperienced traders.

    It is important to mention trading on CopyOp enables traders to make decisions and invest in binary options without having previous trading knowledge.

    CopyOp is a social trading network by binary broker AnyOption.

    How to Register on CopyOp Platform?

    cpyop how to registerOur CopyOp review showed us that registration is very simple. Traders have to fill in required information, such as first and last name, phone number and email. It is also possible to signup with Facebook.

    Traders have to fill in required information, such as first and last name, phone number and email. It is also possible to signup with Facebook.

    Traders who are already account holders with AnyOption, can simply login in with their AnyOption account.

    Purpose of CopyOp

    Idea behind this social platform is to enable traders to connect their trading activity with other traders and all that in real time. South African traders can watch, follow and of course, copy trades done by pro traders with years of experience in binary options industry.

    Once traders set their preferences with CopyOp, trades will be executed automatically.

    This is especially important for new traders where they can benefit if they follow and copy trades by the professional traders. CopyOp provides a tool where it is possible to copy another trader and apply it in another trading account. The system will automatically place trades on your behalf, such as asset type, direction and level.

    You can, of course, choose preferred investment amount and numbers of trades to copy.

    What is Social Feed by CopyOp?

    CopyOp Social Feed is a display in real time and shows activities and overall status of other traders.

    Social Feed includes three main tabs: Feed, Hot and Explore.

    For example, in Feed, traders can be connected to Facebook and also, to monitor, follow and copy trades by pro traders. Hot tab enables traders to see the best trades and their traders, while in Explore, South African traders can discover interesting trading actions and powerful tools across the CopyOp platform.

    Just as you can follow other traders, others can also follow you and copy your trades. The more successful trader you become, you will appear on the Social Feed of other traders too. You can also benefit from this. Each time your trade is copied, you will receive a coin from CopyOp, where later on, these coins can be converted in real money.

    How Does CopyOp Platform Work?

    What we discovered in our CopyOp review is that they offer multilingual platform, available on English, German, Italian, Spanish and French.

    Registered traders can find Social Feed tab on the right side of platform. There are listed different trade types as well as asset types (stocks, currencies, commodities and indices).

    Once traders choose an asset, a window of trading chart will appear in the middle on platform. Here, traders can follow how asset price reacts and can even apply original trades, which other traders can also copy.

    On CopyOp social trading platform, South Africans first have to select if they want to place their own trades or they want to copy trades of other traders. If that is the case, they should click on Social button.

    This way, traders can have an overview of current situation in CopyOp social trading.

    CopyOp offers two possibilities on how traders can react. One is to copy the trade and second is to watch. If a trader wants to copy trade from other trades, he can easily make a new one.

    In case of monitoring trades, that trader can be added to a watch list where new trader will get notification each time the trader that is being watched, makes his move.

    How to deposit with CopyOp?

    copyop depositTo start trading binary options with CopyOp, it is required for traders to make a deposit. There are several available deposit methods. They include: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and several debit cards. 7

    They include: American Express, Visa, Mastercard and several debit cards. 

    Traders can also make a deposit via bank wire, however, traders should keep in mind that this is a slower method and can take up to 5 business days for money to be transferred on the trading account.

    Traders can begin copying other trades as soon as trading account is set and funds are available.

    CopyOp review shows that traders can deposit in USD, EUR and GBP.

    How to withdraw funds with CopyOp?

    To begin withdrawal process, traders are required to login on CopyOp account first. They should go under My Account tab and click Withdraw under Banking option.

    CopyOp review shows there is no minimum withdrawal amount.

    Also, traders have on disposal one free withdrawal per month. Each additional withdrawal in the same month will be charged with a fee of 30 USD / 25 EUR / 20 GBP.

    CopyOp Customer Support

    CopyOp pays a lot of attention into ensuring traders a high security level. Therefore, they use 128 bit SSL encryption.

    Our CopyOp review showed us how South African traders have on disposal to use several ways how to reach CopyOp customer support service. Traders can contact them via email [email protected] and web form.

    Also, it is important to mention how CopyOp has an excellent FAQs where traders can find all relevant information. They can find answers on queries regarding CopyOp platform, different features and how to deposit or withdraw funds.

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