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Binary Signals Trader
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Binary Signals Trader Software Review

  1. Binary Signals Trader

    Binary Signals Trader is a new and sophisticated signal provider for trading stocks and currencies.

    Launched in March 2017, Binary Signals Trader presents itself as a unique binary signal provider available on global financial market, including South Africa.

    With this signal provider, South Africans will have opportunity to explore trading platform and invest in currency pairs and stocks, just as professionals from Wall Street do it successfully.

    Binary Signals Trader is developed by Simon Russell, a skilled and professional trader with years of experience on binary options global market.

    Further in Binary Signals Trader signal provider review, our readers from South Africa can find out more about this lucrative and modern binary trading solution which trades on behalf the traders themselves.

    What is Binary Signals Trader?

    Binary Signals Trader is an unique signal provider which has been diligently created and designed by trading expert Simon Russell. This signal provider seems to be easy to use and fully adapted to professional traders as well as traders novice.

    Binary Signals Trader is a free binary signal provider, which requires no download.

    Available powerful elements which can lead to profit gain, according to our Binary Signals Trader review are:

    • Option to achievehigh returns
    • Get access to signals in real time
    • Simple to use
    • Adapted to inexperienced traders
    • Choice to invest in stocks and currencies

    The Story Behind Binary Signals Trader

    According to their site, story goes back in 2008, when global markets were hit by financial crisis and not many professionals managed to successfully pulled out from turbulent times.

    Simon Russell handled crisis well and despite difficult financial time, managed to participate on financial markets and invest in numerous available underlying assets, such as currencies and stocks. He decided to share his knowledge with people worldwide and developed this automated binary robot which is technically superbly equipped.

    Binary Signals Trader is developed having traders in mind into ensuring them simple and yet, enable them to make money from investing in binary options in automated way. Unlike other available binary robots on South African market, Binary Signals Trader is specialized in currency pairs and stocks.

    Main Binary Signals Trader Features

    Binary Signals Trader claims to offer exceptional win ratio in terms of successful trades. High returns can be achieved thanks to the excellent automated system which seems to be precise and able to accurately deliver trading signals based on current market situation, related to stocks and currencies.

    What we find to be very useful is the fact binary signals are created in real time, and that is what enables a trade to be profitable and a winning one.

    This trading system monitors different financial markets and gets an overview of how will a particular asset react in a specific time frame.

    Once signals are created, they are immediately send to this signal provider who then places a trade in a chosen stock or currency pair. Accuracy is crucial since delayed signals are of no use.

    Our Binary Signals Trader review shows how dashboard is user-friendly with very clear and simple features, which can be out of great assistance to registered South African traders who begin trading currencies and stocks with binary auto trading system.

    This is why it seems to us how Binary Signals Trader system is an useful and outstanding choice for inexperienced traders.

    On Binary Signals Trader dashboard, South Africans can select following trading features:

    • Strategy type: Correlation or High-Frequency trading
    • Expiry time: 60 s, 2 min, 5 min, 30 min and end of day
    • Risk level: low / medium / high

    Binary Signals Trader offers registered South African traders option to trade on Premium Account.

    Premium account enables traders access to a broader aspect of trading features, such as opportunity to control risk exposure of current trades, different times of expiry and additional strategies.

    Also, trading on Premium account is free of charge.

    In the trading area, traders can see an easy overview of all necessary fields for binary auto trading journey, such as Connected Brokers, Balance, Open Trades, Profit and Auto Trading button (option to choose on/off).

    On the right side, Preferences button can be found, under which South Africans can find a long list of Assets Preferences (currencies and stocks).

    The right side of the dashboard is reserved for trading signals, delivered in real time.

    In upper part of the dashboard, traders can choose different options which are available with this binary robot. Our Binary Signals Trader review revealed how it is possible to switch from auto trading to manual trading mode.

    Also, under Connected Brokers, traders can see a list of available brokers with this automated system, as well as track their open and closed trades under Positions tab.

    Why to Register with Binary Signals Trader Signal Provider?

    As we have stated in the beginning of Binary Signals Trader review, this robot seems as a really good choice for beginner traders in South Africa.

    Binary Signals Trader dashboard looks modern and has several options and trading characteristics to choose from.

    Therefore, it shouldn’t be a problem for newbies to try trading in order to make a profit, by using two strategies.

    Also, selection of risk level comes as important element since some trader prefer riskier trades with shorter expiry time, while others prefer trading with lower risk exposure.

    To trade stocks and currency pairs, there is no need to download anything. Entire trading process can be completely done from the browser, without necessity to download anything. Also, our South African readers can learn how signals from this robot are free.

    How to Contact Binary Signals Trader Signal Provider?

    Interested South African traders can contact Binary Signals Trader automated system via email or live chat. 

    What we find to be useful regarding this new binary robot is available Education, which include:

    • Tutorials – video which will guide traders how to use Binary Signals Trader signal provider and its features
    • FAQ – a long list of useful questions and answers that can help traders in the trading process and which might lead them to excellent trading results and money gain