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Binary Options Robot Excellent New Feature

Binary Options Robot Excellent New Feature

The best safe binary automated software, Binary Options Robot introduced a new feature on its dashboard concerning binary signals.

This interested feature is available for both traders novice and pro traders in South Africa.

New Way of Auto Trading with Binary Options Robot

As of now, South African traders will be able to accept or decline an offered signal of Binary Options Robot software.

Traders will  get a pop-up window each time trading signal occurs on financial market and will be provided with a choice whether to accept a trade or to cancel one.

With this option, there is no room for any mistakes, since trade button is marked either with green button to accept the trade or with red button to refuse it.

This novelty opens a new aspect of trading possibilities whereas traders in South Africa can have better control over their trading portfolio and improve their performance.

With this new signal feature implemented, binary auto trading experience gets a whole new trading dimension with reduced risk and better chance to profit from binary options.

Combined with this amazing and useful feature, South African traders have on disposal a variety of other trading instruments, such as Max Daily Trades and Daily Stop Loss. For VIP account holders, option to choose a strategy and select risk level and expiry time, still stands.



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