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BestCoinBot – Trading Software or Just Another Scam?

BestCoinBot – Trading Software or Just Another Scam?

BestCoinBot is an automated trading robot which promises great profits. This broker opened its doors on January 11th, 2018 and South African traders can trade different cryptocurrencies while the robot is detecting the highest volatility in the markets for maximum profits.

According to the BestCoinBot website, their latest technology provides the specific set of tools for the trading, so your investment can only grow and therefore traders are making a great profit. There are no classic corporate information and phone numbers and that is what surprised us immediately.

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BestCoinBot Software

The first step to make an account with the BestCoinBot is to signup, which is absolutely free and can be done immediately on the website. Along the website in several places, this broker promises to all traders that it is easy to make $250-500 in a day while trading crypto.

This is one of the biggest indications that BestCoinBot is a complete scam scheme and traders need to be aware of it. We found an info that dozens of traders reported and sent different complaints about this bot, especially after they were not able to withdraw any money from the account.

Crypto results

How does BestBitcoinBot work?

It is really unrealistic to think that this bot will work all of the time and that you as a trader will profit from it on a daily basis. On BestBitcoinBot website traders cannot find any information about the algorithm, strategies and other important trading info. Also, as we already said, there is no information about the founder, company name, telephone number. This clearly shows what is this all about so we suggest you be careful if you even considered making a deposit with BestBitcoinBot.

As stated on their website, the minimum deposit for South African traders is $250 but the best investment is to do $1,000 immediately because there will be more room for a profit. In the end, BestBitcoinBot is an automated robot that will trade on your behalf at any moment it finds an opportunity at the market.

However, we suggest you keep your money safe. On their website, traders can see different testimonials with huge total profits, big return of investments (ROI) and unbelievable win rates. This clearly shows us that this scam robot system is created to take your money so don’t be easily cheated.

deposit options

BestBitcoinBot Demo Account

One of the clear signs that BestBitcoinBot software is a scam is a free demo account that traders can open at any time. To be honest with all our South Africa traders, this demo account is a worthless program and traders cannot use it properly. Everything is this system is flawed and created for people who will just deposit money. Our team found many mistakes on the demo account like amounts, trading times, trades placed, rigged winnings. This demo account is just a trick for all these traders who are not 100% sure in their decisions. We advise every trader from South Africa to check several times all the information provided on the website.

BestBitcoinBot Support

Unfortunately, there were no any information about the customer support team and the way you can contact them. As we already know, South African traders really like to have customer support agents available for them at any moment and helping them with creating an account and making a deposit. On the main website, you have an option to click on the little green bell on the right side of the corner and subscribe to all the notifications from the bot. Even though we did that, we didn’t get any info or trade recommendations at any moment.

BestBitcoinBot Verdict

After explaining the details of this software, I think it is clear what’s in front of you. This automated robot system is clearly a scam and we recommend not to invest any money in this or any other similar system.

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